I headed over to J Crew to get out of the house this afternoon to check out their new arrivals from last week. A few cute things but kind of “meh” overall.

Impressionist Pencil Skirt – I was so happy this was in my store. I loved it as soon as I saw it online. Overall the length is slightly shorter than most of J Crew pencil skirts. J Crew says it’s a shorter length at 21 inches.

Size 4 – A little tight and shows the pooch a little more than I prefer. The length on this was right in the middle of the knee. (I’m 5’2”.)
Size 6 – Better fit and my usual size in JC pencil skirts. The length was just below the knee. Normally the size 6 is about two inches below the knee.
Paper Poplin Shirt in Bronzed Avocado
Size 6 – These shirts and the perfect shirts are always a little tight for me in the shoulders and arms.
Much better fit of the size 6 in the skirt, don’t you think?
Size 8 of the shirt. It’s a little looser through the body but the fit is better in the shoulders and arms. I love the color and it goes well with this skirt. I’m thinking of these two with the tee below and my studded brown belt. Shoes??? Hmmm…
Size M – Such a great lightweight sweater. It comes in Sand Dune as well.
This shirt is not online. This is a navy and cream/beige striped shirt, not navy and white. 
The receipt says Navy Sailot Stripe Boatneck. Style #26977, $59.50
I think a Small might give a little better fit. I’ll probably check out the other store this weekend to see if they have that size to exchange. The neon pink detail, though mostly hidden, is cute.
Another in-store only tee from what I can tell. Charms and Kitsch Tee, Style #26398, $29.50
I tried on the Small in-store but brought home the Medium. This is the J Crew tee I like. It doesn’t look like a kindergarten class got a-hold of the paint. It has a few little sequins on it but not overkill. The small was a little snug, especially in the shoulders on me, so I’m glad I was able to get my normal, non-vanity size (I think).
Rose Vines Shorts – 
I think these were an in-store item only. I love the print and it’s so much more vibrant than the Perfect shirt. 
Size 8 – I bought these shorts at the other JC store a few weeks ago on sale for $39.99. When I went two weeks ago to my normal store I returned it for some other items. I just happened to check the sale section and there they were but marked down to $19.99. So they are mine…again.
Have a great evening!

…was NOT a success. It was the most painful thing we’ve done together in a long time, maybe ever! I remember a time when we used to go shopping together and he would find clothes for me to try on that he liked or thought would look cute on me. Now, if I can even get in the dressing room before he’s at the front door of the store waiting that is a feat.

Which is what happened Saturday.

We walked in to J Crew and I did my usual walk-around starting at the front. That is where the tunic dress was hanging. I also did not recognize a single SA. That kind of scared me and I don’t really know why. I don’t know any other SAs at any other stores and I’m perfectly fine shopping there. Anyway, Husband and The Boy went to the back to the men’s section. I saw there was a 6 in the dress and knew it would probably fit but wanted to wait to grab it and try it on until I did my full walk-around of the store. By the time I got to the middle of the store, Husband and The Boy were waiting by the front door. Huh? Seriously? That’s all I kept thinking. So I took that as my cue to leave with them. I never even tried on the tunic!!! I was sad.

As soon as I had a free moment I called the store and had them hold the dress for me. It was the only size 6 and there wasn’t an 8 or a 4 left so I knew it would sell out if I didn’t have the SA put it aside for me. Later, I called back and purchased it over the phone and had them ship it to me.

What an ordeal. I won’t take husband with me or go with him when he suggests it. I’m much better shopping alone. Even The Boy is a much better companion. He hates shopping but at least he indulges me and waits patiently.

Soooo, I went back to the store yesterday and walk-around again. Thankfully, some of my favorite SAs were there. Whew! Also, my dress hadn’t been shipped out yet so I was able to try it on. Love it! Although I will need a little cami underneath it. I also grabbed the Watercolor Lily Short and the Milliner Hat Tee. The print on the Watercolor Lily Short is also the same print on the Waterfloral Pastiche Cardigan, Wool Floral Scarf in Cotton Candy, Chiffon Papillon Waterfloral Pastiche Blouse (in the latest catalog, Style #24445, $178), Lone Patterned Ballet Flat in Cotton Candy, Waterfloral Pastiche Perfect Shirt, Waterfloral Pastiche Delphinia Gown, AND Watercolor Pencil Skirt in Cotton Candy (Style #35096, $110, Petite #24777, $110). They really like this pattern. There’s also a CrewCuts dress. If you like this pattern you have many options to purchase.

OK…So I got the shorts.

And the Milliner Hat Tee, for $19.50 thank-you-very-much.
And brought my little tunic dress home with me too

I have to say I did very well with this set of arrivals. I did not over do it and go crazy buying everything I liked and wanted (pencil skirts please). I’m in the middle of a huge process of cleaning out my closet and have lots of stuff on ebay right now so once that’s all done I’ll decide if I need anything else.

Summer and the warm, wait, who am I kidding…HOT weather is on it’s way to Central Texas and so that means shorts and tees and tank tops. I won’t need my little cardigans and long-sleeved shirts for too much longer. For example, it’s supposed to be 80 today!!!

I’ve also decided I’m going to try and wait until some of the things I really like go on sale at J Crew. I’m getting pretty P.O’d that clothes I’ve purchased go on sale less than a month later. I figured out your little game JC and we’re about to PLAY! (Jackies excluded because she’s my new love and you can never have just one.)

Enjoy your day and sorry for not doing a Shoes-day post. I’ll get back to that next week. I have a dress/clothing dilemma I need help with so I’ll post that in a day or two. I have to go to a wedding shower for a family member but don’t want to OVER-DRESS. Even if I wear a distinct piece of jewelry that may be a bit much. I’ll explain all later.

Also, Miss Bella is doing fine and came home yesterday. She does have to live in a cage (OMG!!! HOW AWFUL!!!) but has adjusted well. Nursing a dog back to health is hard and is making momma really sad at times. Here she is in her cage and on mommy’s lap.

And sorry for the lengthy post. If I posted more I wouldn’t be so chatty, huh?
Again, have a great day and hopefully it’s sunshine-y where you are!

I’m going to “try” to do a weekly post on Tuesdays of shoes I own as well as current alternatives at different price points. Let me know your thoughts.

First up is a shoe I get compliments on EVERY time I wear them. I love these and stalked them until they came back in my size on the Neiman Marcus website. They are by Christian Louboutin (my favorite FAVORITE shoe designer). He comes out with some of the most beautiful shoes and, sometimes, sky-high heels (5+ inches).

Christian Louboutin Zipper Ballerina Flat in Cranberry

This shoe has so much going on but it makes it that much more interesting. Theres the lace, the zipper detail, the spikes at the toe and the cranberry color.
This shoe is now sold out but there is a similar style in black.
There is also a heel. I saw this first but the heel is way too high for me.
I found some styles the had one of the elements of my shoe but not with all (lace, studs, zipper detail, color).
Let’s get started.
Price Point up to $50

PP: $50-100

PP: $100-500

PP: $500+

Happy Shopping!

 I first saw this purse in my store about two weeks ago. I immediately loved the color. So gorgeous for Spring and Summer. I thought about that purse and “visited” it three days in a row last week. I would grab it and walk around the store with it and then put it back every time. One day it even matched my outfit and I still put it back. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it and the color.

On Friday I went into the store again and told the SA “I’m getting this purse today.” She was so relieved. (I think she was just tired of seeing me for the third day in a row.) I have not transferred my stuff from my Mini Campo bag yet. I ordered a Drop-In Bag Organizer from The Plaid Purse in the Pink Camo and so I’m waiting on that.

Bisbee Satchel – Summer Hyacinth – 23175 – $268.00, This also comes in Tawny Brown and Jalapeno. There is also a tote but not in the Summer Hyacinth color.

Description from J Crew: An all-season classic to take you from work to the weekend. We took the softest tumbled leather we could find to craft this striking satchel, so it has the slouchy chic, ultra-comfy feel of your favorite well-worn leather bag. Wear it satchel style, carry it by the top handles or wear it across the body with the extra-long detachable shoulder strap. (With the drapey styling of the leather, we think it’s particularly stunning worn messenger style.) You’ll love the roomy construction, abundant pockets and pliant, downtown styling. A perfect bag for toting to the office or for weekend escapes, with places for your flip-flops, sunblock, cell and more.


The leather is so soft and the color, well, WOW! Totally love it. It has a side flap pocket, a side zip pocket and zips at the top. The interior is a cotton twill lining with a zip pocket and a cell phone pocket (these seem to come standard in most handbags now-a-days). It does not have a “hard” bottom so it will look very slouchy.

Here is the J Crew Mini Campo I own for comparison.  

I pre-ordered this thinking my B&M wouldn’t have it. I really wanted to see it in person. Yesterday I was able to visit the store to see the new arrivals. They didn’t have the Blakely dress in the Zebra print but in the black and the fit was fantastic! I can’t wait to get mine in the Zebra print.

Anyway, right when I walked in was the skirt. I grabbed it to try on, even though it has a thick elastic band. I like the print on it. That’s it.

Tie-Dyed Wednesday Skirt – $78

That elastic band does not look good on me. Even though I tried pulling it down to sit lower on my hips it just didn’t look right. I’m sure it will look great on someone out there and I’d love to see it. I ended up calling and cancelling my pre-order. I’d love to see this in a scarf.

Oh, and I call dibs on this jacket and scarf from White House Black Market. Stay away people…let me get it first! ;o)

Sassy Slub Jacket – $158


Floral Cheetah Print Wrap – $58

Have a great day!