This image below inspired my next outfit. I loved the simplicity of it. 
The Cashmere Tee in short-sleeves was perfect for the cool evening. I have these in many colors, in both short and long-sleeves. I have the basic colors – black, navy, grey, white – and then a few saturated colors in dark green, red, and bright pink. I wear my basic colors a lot in the Winter, usually layering them over button-downs or under a blazer. Add a necklace, though I didn’t here, and I’m ready to go for the day or night. 

I swapped out the printed jeans for my white jeans. I have never worn white jeans or skirts in the Fall or Winter. I’ve worn Ivory or Winter White but not a true White. I would like to try to incorporate these into my Fall wardrobe, if not the Winter too, but I’ll only wear these when the weather is nice. 
~ Collection Cashmere Tee, Heather Grey, J Crew  ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jeans, Tory Burch ~
~ Newbury Nubuck Bootie, Rag & Bone ~

We went to a restaurant we frequent weekly and sit at the bar so I didn’t want to over-accessorize. I could have used a belt at a minimum though. The bartender made a pumpkin spice shot that didn’t look like it was going to be tasty when he was making it but turned out to be really really good. I was pleasantly surprised. 

Can you believe it’s November? My calendar is filling up quickly so I hope to have several Que Bella’s for you this month.

What are you thoughts on wearing true white bottoms during the Fall and Winter? Do you stick to the “No white after Labor Day” fashion rule?

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My search for booties originally started with finding a pair of Blue Booties, in leather or suede. I don’t know why I want blue other than maybe because I haven’t seen them on anyone and they will go well with my Fall clothes. I stopped by Nordstrom because they almost always have what I’m looking for. I didn’t find any but that may have been because I was distracted by these.

~ Newbury Newbuck Booties, Gray, size 7 1/2 ~
I was originally worried when I tried these on that the heel would be too high and uncomfortable but instead the heel was very manageable. The interior is all leather. I tried on a size 7 in the Newbury in Canvas and found them to be a little too snug, even more so with a trouser sock. The 7 1/2 gave me just a little more room to wear a trouser or thin sock.

The J Crew Factory Quinn Booties in Rustic Gray are on the right. You can see how much more of a blue undertone the gray takes. 
These are such a splurge but so gorgeous and I know I will wear them every chance I get. I have found when I buy something that’s a little more on the pricey side, I want to get that cost-per-wear down as fast as I can. Quality not quantity, right?

What has been your latest splurge? 

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