I apologize. I had full intentions on posting right after the Fashion Show but sometimes you get in a rut. To pick up from the Anthropologie Fashion I have some try-ons.

The store was pretty busy, of course, after the Fashion Show so I quickly walked the store to find some things to try on.

~ Embroidered Shorts, size 8 ~
I think these are by Elevenses but I didn’t grab a pic of the inside tag. These are high-waisted and look to have about a 4 to 5-inch inseam. I liked the fit of these on until I started moving around. The waist kept shifting and the hem/inseam of the shorts kept riding up. I don’t want to have to fidget with my shorts all day. Though I loved the embroidery and colors of the shorts they are a pass. (As soon as I found out what these are I’ll update with a link.)
Pretty pops of neon pink throughout.
I loved these linen pants. I think it was not only the color but the embroidery along the side. Though they are crops the size 29 hit me right at the floor. These are a relaxed fit and though I might be able to fit into a 28, I like the relaxed look of the 29s. If I were to get these, I’d have to probably get them hemmed to be cropped. There is a button holding up the hem so that would have to go, along with the strap. Usually you see this on shirts. 
I saw Ivory and Wine in-store and there is also Green showing up online. They Grey is my favorite color of the four.
Lynden Chambray Tank, White, Medium ~

Online there is only the light denim color but I did find White in-store. I wanted something neutral to try on with the bottoms I grabbed and chose this tank. It’s not really a favorite of mine. The fit is ok but it just kind of hung there. It definitely needs a cardigan or pretty jewelry to liven it up. The Medium is a good fit but I think I could size to a Small to deal with the gaping at the arms.

~ Maeve Fluttered Maya Blouse, Neutral Motif, size 8 ~
I love the look of the flowy-ness of this blouse. It comes in both solids and several print options. The size 8 fit well but I think I could size down to a Petite or a size 6. I do like how the flutter-sleeve covers my upper arms but overall, I think I can do better. I have added it to my wishlist hoping to catch it on sale.

And what I wore to the Fashion Show. The Nimbin Peasant Blouse was in the 2013 Fashion Show and it was the one item I bought that day. I’ve worn it several times but have never posted a Que Bella. The shorts are the J Crew Pleated Structured Short from a few years ago. {Factory} The shoes are from Anthropologie last year, the Terah Heels. They are perfect for transitioning into Spring with an open-toe but not fully a sandal.

Have a Great Day! I have a lot of goodies to review over the next few days! Hope you come back by!

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I have such a hard time finding pants I really like, that need little-to-no alterations. I have the Andie Chinos but only wear the tuxedo stripe pair. But I think I may have just found an amazing pair this season.

~ Slim Cargo Pant, Coal Grey, size 6 ~
I love the color of the Coal Grey color. They make you look so slim as well. The size 6 was a great fit and that was the size I bought. Unfortunately, they stretched out some in the hips so they sagged some. They don’t have belt loops so the sagging is there to stay until they are washed. They did not stretch so much in the thighs so they won’t fall off, at least. 

~ Slim Cargo Pant, Classic Green, size 4 ~
Over the weekend, I tried on the size 4 and they were a much better fit than the 6. I know they will still stretch out but not as much. Just so you’re keeping up, I am down two sizes in these pants from my normal size 8. They really will stretch out. Definitely go down one size but maybe even two. If you have the chance to try them on in store, do it. They will start to stretch when you try them on. Walk around. Sit down. Squat. Just to be sure the size you have on really fits. 

I loved these pants so much I’ve already worn them. I also purchased the Indigo Gauze Popover shirt (review soon) and it looks great with the pants. This was taken in the morning and you can see how they are already bunching some in the front.

Have you tried the Slim Cargo Pant yet? I definitely recommend these. You will feel great in them!

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We have been experiencing some wondrous Spring-like weather since the weekend. While some of you are covered in snow, we hit the low 80s on Tuesday. Don’t worry, we’ll be cold and rainy again by the weekend. 
Since it’s been gorgeous outside, I wanted to take advantage and wear my new Tory Burch Lou Tee. I wasn’t expecting to put this on until March. It pairs so well with last year’s Factory Keating Boy Blazer in Chambray (Land’s End). And to think I almost put it in the “for sale” pile. This tee needs no jewelry since it’s embellished at the neckline and hem. 
I chose my Cleos (Factory Cara) over my Metallic Martinas and my trusty Cropped Skinny Jeans. I will definitely re-create this look but with white jeans and sandals once it gets warmer.
This is one of my favorite looks this year! 

Have a Great Day!

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It’s Restaurant Week and Husband and I try to take advantage of it, especially when there’s a set menu. Sometimes I just like to have a small choice of what to order but only because I want to try everything on the bigger menu. 
Fancy Pants are always nice to have around for an impromptu date night. They are so easy to pair with Cashmere Tees or Tippi Sweaters. I just so happened to have the matching shoes to the pants, my beautiful Etta’s. 
~ Other Fancy Pant Options: Lemonade PrintMedallion Floral, Dutch Floral ~
Sadly, they are now only 3-4 hour shoes. If  I’m mostly sitting that is. Add standing in there and it’s 2 hours, tops. The height, at 4 inches, is really too tall for me to handle now. I’m a 3-inch heel or lower kind of gal now. But aren’t they GORGEOUS!
I love that the Blue Tee works well with the Pants. I added my Black Lexington Blazer and some bracelets from J Crew and C.Wonder to finish the look. It’s always fun to wear those dressier items that linger in your closet. 

Have a Great Day!

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I was immediately inspired by this store styling but it took me a little while to re-create it since it’s been a little chilly to wear skirts. The sweater used is the Tippi Sweater in an Heather Olive. Any color sweater will do especially a bright blue or purple (for me at least). Instead of the white Perfect Shirt I layered the Ruffled Rhinestone Top under the Cashmere Tee in Jalepeno from years ago. 
I am so glad I bought the Pleated Lattice Skirt in black when I did. It sold out in a size 8 pretty quick in-store but it is still available in all sizes online. I bought the size 6 instead though it pulls just a teeny bit across the hips. I figure I will wear tops over the skirt and no one will notice. The reason I bought it so quickly and early is because the 30% off all items was still going on. (This was before Christmas.) I’d have to pay full-price if I ordered it online. 
I am in love with how the burgundy tights and Everly T-Strap heels worked so well with the whole color scheme of the outfit. I added my Black Lexington Blazer (one, two) and the Ensign Necklace from Madewell to finish the look. 

This was my outfit for the office today and I am very happy with how my version of the J Crew Store Styling turned out.

Have a Great Evening!

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