To kick off October here’s a quick little post about some Halloween items I was able to find at the Pottery Barn Outlet. They had a lot of items available for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorating. My PB Outlet is such a large store and carries items from every store in the William Sonoma family – PB Retail/Baby/Kids/Teens, West Elm and Williams Sonoma. Husband and I usually spend a few hours in there looking at everything and have found quite a few items for our house, both past and present.

The front of the store was set up to show off all of the Halloween and Fall items for decorating. Of course, pumpkins were everywhere including these Grout & Mercury Pumpkins and Antique Mercury Glass Pumpkins. There were a lot of luminaries and candle holders including some similar to these Owls.

Here are a few IRLs from some items in the outlet. I really liked the Spider, which was on promo at the time for $34.97.
These Pumpkins would be perfect to extend through Thanksgiving.
I was a little creeped out by the Crow Pillow. But that just means it’s perfect for putting out for Halloween.
There was only this Mummy Pillow in-store but online has a Luminary and a Wine Bag.
Currently, the Pottery Barn retail store has up to 40% off all Halloween items. The PB Outlet has an extra 25% off Kids Halloween items. I saw a lot of costumes and fun decor for kids at the store.
If you find yourself lucky enough to have a Pottery Barn Outlet near you it’s worth stopping by!

Husband and I have 90% of our furniture from Pottery Barn. We are very lucky to have an outlet where we have made all of our purchases; from the bedroom to the living room to the dining room and even our double-chaise lounge outside. They all came from the outlet. And some items are still being sold in the retail stores.

We painted out living and bedrooms last year and, at Target, I found a Duvet Cover for our older Pottery Barn Quilt. I chose navy and like the color with the wall paint which is a blue gray. But the duvet is a bit more masculine than I want now and so this time I’ve decided to splurge a little on a new patterned quilt. Or maybe a new duvet.

The Pia Medallion Quilt is my favorite. I can find the Silk Channel Quilt at the outlet. They’ve been carrying the older seasons for years. Have you ever touched one? They are so heavenly. I also need two more dining room chairs. Those we’ve been on the lookout for at the outlet each time we go.

Our patio and pool renovation is almost done. YAY! The Brittany Planters should make a nice contrast to the terra cotta-ish stain we are doing. Now to just find some AudreyBella-hardy plants. Because the sun and deer are no match for killing a plant when I’m around.

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Lastly, I would love to have a Lavender Wreath hanging in the kitchen. And I need a new way to store my jewelry. Something that’s open and I can see everything at a glance without digging around. The Antique Silver Trays should do the trick. I know I’ve seen the McKenna Leather boxes at the outlet. I hope I can find the trays there as well. 

We’ve been so lucky all these years with finding what we want, or what we didn’t know we wanted, at the PB outlet. We even found our Christmas stockings for a song at the outlet. It cost me more to monogram them but so very worth it. They carry every brand in the outlet from PB Kids to PB Tees as well as Williams-Sonoma and West Elm. You can spend hours in the store (and we have!). It’s definitely worth a stop, in-and-of-itself when you are in the area.

Have a Great Day!

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I am a huge fan of Pottery Barn. Husband is too! It’s the one store we both like to shop at. Having lived so close to their stores and outlet, we have a lot of our furniture and decor from there so I receive all of their catalogs. I usually briefly scan them to see if there is anything of interest and then toss them into the recycling bin.

Today, when skimming through the magazine a cool-looking jewelry bust caught my eye. Then something on it intrigued me even more.

Just a lovely dresssing table set-up.

Decorative Bust

A closer look…and what do you see?
J Crew Flowerette Sash
J Crew 4-Strand Pearl Necklace
J Crew Crystal Coletto Necklace

Vintage Jewelry Stand

J Crew Crystal Colleto Necklace
other random J Crew Jewelry (some were/are in-store only)
Even more J Crew jewelry

Now I really want that bust.