I had a few last minute things to do yesterday before out Christmas started today We’ll be busy the rest of the weekend starting in about two hours so I’m happy to steal myself a little time before the cooking and gifting and unwrapping and cleaning of it all.

It’s been a little gloomy the last few days with cloudy skies and a little rain today. Compared to the 80 degrees we had Monday and Tuesday, I don’t think I mind the rain and clouds. At least it makes you think the weather is cooler outside.

Here’s what I wore to get some cash, candy for bags, presents for the pets and then to the movies to see True Grit.

All items J Crew
Shoes: Tretorn Flannel for J Crew
And hmmm? Could these be holding J Crew “bling”?

The movie was pretty good. I actually saw the original the night before on TV. Both movies followed the book so there were a lot of similar lines/one-liners. The new version is more from Maddy’s experience than Rooster’s, which is more like the book. I do like Matt Damon’s LeBoeuf better than Glen Campbell’s and the new Maddy. I won’t compare “The Duke” to “The Dude” – that almost seems sacrilegious. My recommendation – Go see it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Have a great day! Take a little time for yourself before starting the preparing and celebrating.