I was in my office for a couple of days this past week and didn’t feel like getting too dressed up. I knew I wanted to be casual but put together without wearing a dress or skirt so I decided on jeans for both days.

I love the Draped Plaid Top though, as I mentioned in the review, there is a little snap button on the inside in the back holding the drape together. Well, if you stretch or move your arms too far away from your body that snap will un-snap. It happened several times throughout the day. Though, the drape does not open enough to expose skin or bra I felt a little uncomfortable knowing my shirt was unbuttoned, at least until the 4th or 5th time it un-snapped. Then I was over it and left it alone. I still love the blouse but should have road-tested it at home before wearing it to work.

The belt is from J Crew and is Navy! You don’t know you need a navy colored belt until you see it. Originally I thought it was black, until I looked at the tag. I knew I’d wear it a lot so I bought it at FP. And these Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle jeans are amazing. The wash for Fall is Stardust and I will definitely be getting a pair. 
~ Draped Plaid Top, Anthropologie ~
~ Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle Jeans, Anthropologie ~
~ Terah Heels, Anthropologie {review} ~
End of the day Elevator Selfie
I wasn’t able to get a full shot of my next outfit by this is the Stylebook Look. The Linen Perfect Shirt is from last year, in Brilliant Blue. I thought the Cleo Loafers were perfect to finish this casual look. 

 ~ Linen Perfect Shirt in Crosshatch, J Crew ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jeans, Tory Burch ~
~ Cleo Fabric Loafers, J Crew {review} ~

Hope you have a Great Weekend!

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I realized I hadn’t worn this skirt in over a year, almost two! But I love it and won’t ever part with it (unless I grow out of it). I was also chomping at the bit to wear my new Sadie Metallic Slingbacks. Throw in a beautiful Spring sunny day and I have a pretty and comfortable outfit.

I added the Keating Boy Blazer in Linen since it was cool most of the morning and early afternoon. 
I wasn’t too much of a wrinkled mess by the evening for an event of The Boy’s.
~ Porcelain Paisley Pencil Skirt, J Crew (Ann Taylor, Joe Fresh, Kate Spade) ~
~ Sadie Metallic Slingback, Tory Burch ~
~ Ring, old Banana Republic (F21, Kate Spade) ~
~ Metallic Patent Belt, J Crew (J Crew, Express) ~

Have a Great Day!

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See my other recent reviews here and here. Be warned..lace, crochet and sheer. Oh My!

Crocheted Lace Tank, size Small, Haven Blue – This tank is not my style but seems to be popular. It comes in three colors. The other two are Heather Fog and Sweet Vanilla. I do like it with it paired with the Light Citron Lace-Stripe Skirt. The Small was a good fit and I wouldn’t size to my normal Medium. Overall, a pass for me.

Lace-Sleeve Sweatshirt, size Medium – Blech! Seriously, I think this is hideous. The CFS says they took organza from a wedding & party dress and put it on a sweatshirt. Do you know how quickly this lace will tear or snag? It’s why it’s on a wedding dress…because it’s only worn once. Well, twice, since you take pictures in it too. I’ve seen this layered with a button-down underneath and it doesn’t look any better. Sorry to bash it because it will appeal to some people but this is another item I wouldn’t buy on deep discount with a promo.

Metallic Linen V-Neck Sweater, Small -Now I really liked this sweater, even before I put it on. It’s very boxy and sheet but I like how it looked over the Silk Crepe Maxidress. It will require a cami underneath but for a night out this will be cute to wear, maybe with the Factory Coral Tweed Shorts. I have a some vacations in the next few months where this outfit will do nicely. There is a panel at the sleeve that is more sheer than the rest of the sweater. I guess to give it some contrast? It’s supposed to be relaxed so size down.

Perfect Shirt in Crosshatch Linen, size 6, Lemon Pulp – I have several colors of the Perfect Shirt in Linen in various sizes as well (6, 8, 8P). This fits fine in a 6 but I probably should have taken my normal size 8. It’s not that bad except for my problem areas (shoulders/arms). The Lemon Pulp is pretty bright but love that this will punch up any white, navy or black bottom this Summer.

Merino Silk-Panel Sweater in Windowpane Floral, size Small – I like the Silk-Panel sweaters because they are easy to throw on over a pair of jeans and heels and go. I feel comfortable but still chic in them. This one is called Heather Dove and look like a very light Pewter. I’m on the fence about this one though. I’m not sure I like the color against my skin-tone. It will hang out in my closet until I make my final decision.

Linen Cubist Print Tee, Small – I ordered this as a ride-along and love the colors in it. It doesn’t look too bad with the Collection Pyramid Brocade Short either. The only thing is I thought I ordered a Medium so I’ll have to be careful when washing this to make sure it doesn’t shrink.

Sorry I’m a bit of hater for this last roll-out. I wasn’t really feeling any of the Lace/Crochet/Seersucker items that showed up. And I have to add Sweatshirts to my “Go Away Already” list. That list includes exposed zippers, dropped shoulder seams and 5+ inch heels. Certain trends just need to run it’s course and go away. You know, like acid washed jeans, neon everything, rubber bracelets and claw bangs.

Hope you enjoyed these reviews. I have some Factory reviews coming up next.

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