I’ve been searching for this guy for a couple of years.  I found his Crewlet sister back in 2009. I couldn’t believe my luck when I did a search on ebay and found him!

Upon closer inspection of the original, he also has a bow, just not pink. But I love him anyway.
Now, if I could just find these.
Miu Miu Naplak Spectator Bootie

Um…yeah. When I get sick I am only capable of doing 100% of what I need to instead of my normal 175% so the blog was neglected. Sorry about that.

But I’m feeling much better and have a ladies lunch today. I’ve mentioned it before (here) and it’s just a way for us to get to know each other. I haven’t been since they got me a bit tipsy at the Christmas lunch. Good thing we were in the neighborhood and not far from my house. But I haven’t been only because I’ve been really busy. I actually have a call scheduled at the same time but that’s what the mute button is for, right?

Here’s what I’m wearing today. I’m so happy with this skirt and the print in general. Also, I’m finally wearing my Charms & Kitsch tee.

Tee & Skirt: J Crew
Shoes: Miu Miu Gladiator Sandals
I was also able to find the Wildcat Ombre Pencil Skirt in my store (size 6). Yay! I tried on the Oak Tweed Pencil Skirt but passed for now. It’s pretty but I have the Contrast Pencil Skirt I have yet to wear and they are the same color family. I tried on the 6 which was a little snug but o.k. and the 8, which fit a lot better.
Have a great day everyone!

I need your help. I have a wedding shower to attend this weekend in my hometown. I don’t want to wear something too nice/dressy because I certainly don’t want to outshine the bride-to-be. I have narrowed it down to three outfits, and, apparently all J Crew. (Yes, I have other clothes…I think.)

Here’s the Polyvore.

Here are the IRLs. First up, Tunique Dress with gladiator sandals.

Second A- Vintage Zebra Blakely Dress with Burnished Leather Belt and gladiator sandals

Second B – Vintage Zebra Blakely Dress with Flowerette Sash and nude heels

Third – White Shirt with Linen Sinclair skirt, Flowerette Sash and Nude peep-toe pumps

Which Outfit Should I Wear?


First, don’t forget to sign up for my Giveaway in this post.

It’s SHOES-DAY and today we have Gladiator Flat Sandals. I own a pair of Miu Miu in Gold, a pair of Enzo Angiolini in Yellow and a pair of Nike Free Gladiator in Silver.

Husband HATES these!

I think the Miu Miu’s can be worn with more outfits because they are gold as opposed to the yellow Enzo’s. And the Nike’s, well, I’ve only worn them once. But they are so cool (to me).
Let’s get to it.
Price Point – up to $50

Price Point – $50-100
Price Point – $100-500

Price Point – $500 and up

Happy Shopping!

It feels like I have been waiting on this dress FOR-EVAH! But it arrived today and I immediately put it on to make sure it fit. I tried on the black in the store but you never know.

Here it is with some gladiator flats, almost like the styling in the magazine, with the exception of the brown belt.

Here it it with my new ON wedges.
I love this dress!