~ Minnie Pants in Twill, Navy, size 6 & 8 Petite ~

I only have one pair of Minnie Pants right now, in the Medallion Print. Before I realized I had two pairs of Navy pants (not including jeans) I wanted to try the Minnie’s in Navy. The first two pics are of the size 6 which fit very well and are full-length on me.
I ordered a size 8 Petite in the Navy online and those are little tighter but I love the length. I love the fit of the size 6 and the length of the 8 Petite. If I want that length in the 6 it will cost me $12 and a trip across town. I decided to return the 8 Petite and wait it out on the size 6 Minnie or size 8 Winnie Pant.
~ 83 Football Tee, Small ~
My VPS gave me this on a whim and though it’s really cute I decided to pass on it. It was the only one left in the store so it is pretty popular. The size Small was a nice fit and the material is super-comfortable and cozy. 
Andie Chino, Deep Garnet, size 8 ~
I used my Andie Chino’s quite a bit last year and couldn’t wait to see the Deep Garnet from this year. None of the Summer colors appealed to me. The fit is the same as last year’s Andie and the color is gorgeous and will mix well in my closet. I love them with the Vans Classic Slip-On in Wool Pinstripe
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So here’s what I purchased last week from the new fall arrivals at J Crew.

The Frances cami in Deep Rose & Dark Slate, the Evening Primrose Cardi and the Stretch Twill Minnie pant.

I’m taking the pant back. It’s supposed to be a “vintage-inspired cropped leg” but is regular length for me. After bringing it home I don’t like having my “flaws” exposed. And without Spanx underneath that could very well happen. It fits well without Spanx but this is not for me. I’ll stick with the straight leg or wide leg pant.

I also purchased two necklaces, one of which is online – The Shimmering Teardrop necklace and the Glass Barrel & Chain Necklace.

The “teardrop” was a lot larger than I expected – 1 1/2 inches.

I purchased the following from my Factory Store trip. (I have no i-dea what the original names were.)

Black “Fireball” necklace

Black Crystal Chain necklace

Black Ribbon Pearl necklace

Here they are all together.

And minus the Crystal chain but with the Teardrop necklace.

I didn’t get any of the blazers. I really did like both but in the end, it’s still to hot to even consider jackets. The sweater was the closest I could do. And I did NOT LIKE the Merino Chiffon sweater. It’s just a mess. It also looks like it could easily come undone from looking at the stitching on the inside. There’s no backing to hold it together a little more.

The Textured Jersey Boatneck tee fit a bit snug in the chest. I tried on a Medium. A large would have been too long and may have looked like a tunic. The Cotton Tuxedo shirt was cute but meh…I have a white one from the Gap and a navy from Express that I never wear. So I’ll just stick with those 2 that I don’t wear and not add to it. I did see the Crinkle Cotton Perfect Shirt in Navy and Pale Wisteria but none in my size.

I also ordered the Wool Pencil Skirt from the red phone and should receive that tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what it looks like. I hope I’m not disappointed.

Yay! Not only are the J Crew Fall arrivals now in store but I received my rewards card today too!

Below are pictures…I’ll post better ones of the purchases later and add more comments but I wanted to get these out here.

Silk Frances Cami-Deep Rose Sz 6 (a little snug around the arms for me, got an 8)
Stretch Twill Minnie Pant – Black Sz 8 (very bunchy around the crotch and ankles & too big in waist, got a 6)

Merino Wool Evening Primrose Sweater – Burnished Olive Sz M (not online, think only B&M)
Wearing over Frances Cami


With Velvet Eden Blazer – Iris Sz 8

Stretch Wool Schoolboy Blazer -Heather Carbon, Sz 6 (I think)
with Frances Cami

with Slub Cotton Imperial Tee (purchased but I’ll have a better pic later) & Evening Primrose Sweater

Silk Frances Cami – Dark Slate, Sz 8 (fits me much better)
w/Merino (?) Chiffon detail sweater, Sz M

Close-up of Sweater, in a light purple

Textured Jersey Boatneck Painter Tee – Mars (?) This is more orange than red. Sz M (I didn’t like the fit on me at all.)

Cotton tuxedo shirt

w/Ecole blazer
What I wore…Olive Slub Twisted V-Neck, Deco Dots mini, leather belt, leopard flip-flops.

I’ll post better pics of what I purchased along with prices later this evening.