I’m into Week 3 and am starting to get the hang of this. Like I said on my post about the Stylebook App, this remix makes it very easy to get dressed every day and pick something out for a last minute date night.

This week, I’m pulling in my Lace-Stripe Skirt in Light Citron. I also have a graduation party to attend on Saturday so I’ve added the Talia Poplin Shirtdress. I am also finding I really LOVE my Tory Burch items. They’ve held up well to washing and wearing so far. And surprisingly, Husband likes that dress! I figured the print would be too much for him to handle.

~ Lidia Polo, Tory Burch ~
~ Lace-Front Tank, J Crew Factory ~
~ Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt, J Crew (Factory) ~
~ Lace-Stripe Skirt, J Crew ~
~ Mia Slim Boot, Tory Burch ~
~ Talia Poplin Shirtdress, Tory Burch ~
~ Lace Espadrille, Valentino (Stuart Weitzman, Jennifer Lopez) ~
~ Amalie Sandals, Tory Burch ~
Have a Great Day!

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I hadn’t worn these pants yet which is why I included them in my first week of this capsule remix. Green and Navy is one of my favorite combos and the pops of bright yellow work so well with both colors. My big boy Gus was in my spot (probably more like I was in his) so he decided to stay in the picture. He is such a good dog, but getting slower each year. He gets these bursts of energy that are so fun to watch. And every day, two to three times a day, he patrols our fenceline. You never know what critter has come into the yard.

One good thing about working from home is that if I like something I wore, I can wear it again two days later. No one has seen me, and, if they have, they won’t see me the second day. Husband and The Boy are oblivious to what I wear as well.

Lidia Linen Polo, Tory Burch ~
Hampton Pant in Emerald Medallion, Banana Republic ~
~ Belt, J Crew (old) ~
Seville Wedge Espadrilles, J Crew ~

Have a Great Day!

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The next 5 weeks are going to be super busy. To make at least getting dressed a no-brainer I’ve decided to do a mini-Remix each week. This will accomplish a few things. First, I only have 6-7 items to wear for the week. Second, I will force myself to include my new purchases from the last few weeks, bringing down the Cost-per-wear. Lastly, it will help me decide what else I need to purge from my closet.

With the help of my Stylebook App, I have created Looks for each week. In those Looks, I’ve pulled 6-7 items, not including shoes. I will try to use the same 2-3 pairs of shoes for the week. I even have a Black & White week set up with only one t-shirt included! I tend to buy Navy over Black clothing so that week will be interesting. The other thing is I’ve tried to incorporate something I’ll wear for the special event of that week. This way, I’m not deviating from my original choices.

Here are the items for this week. I would call this my Blue & White with a pop of color week.

without shoes
with the shoes
~ Puff-Sleeve Blazer, J Crew ~
~ Zora Tee, Tory Burch ~
~ Lidia Linen Polo, Tory Burch ~
~ Silk Gingham Sleeveless Top, J Crew (Velvet, Mango) ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Audra Sandals, Tory Burch ~
~ Gilda Skirt, Kate Spade (Tommy Bahama, J Crew) ~
~ Hampton Pant in Emerald Medallion, Banana Republic ~
And here is today’s look, the first day for this week. I purchased the Lidia Linen Polo during the Tory Burch Friends & Family. I just love the ruffle at the collar and button-placket! I could honestly wear these jeans every single day. I really really need to get another pair!
~ Lidia Linen Polo, Tory Burch ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Seville Wedge Espadrilles, J Crew ~
And a sneak peek for the next few weeks. Depending on how I feel this is going I may modify it some.
Mother’s Day

Black & White Week
College Grad Party
The Boy’s Grad Party
I’m excited to try this out, having been inspired recently by ABC. She just puts together outfits so well in her capsules (scroll down on the right-hand side of her page).
Have a Great Day!

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Just a little outfit post from my Vegas Vacation. Each time I go the experience is a little different whether it’s different restaurants, always a different hotel, different shows, etc. This time we stayed in two hotels, the Flamingo and then moved to the Mandarin Oriental. The latter is a beautiful, albeit pricey, hotel. If I could afford it I would stay there each time. There’s something to be said about not having a casino in the same hotel you are staying. The pool was gorgeous and everyone has a padded lounge chair. No stalking or reserving any like the other hotels. There was nothing wrong with our room at the Flamingo. We stayed in the remodeled “Go Rooms” and it’s perfect for a quick stay.

This was Travel Day 1. The Silk Crepe Maxidress was perfect. I am always chilly on planes and the Metallic V-Neck Sweater was just enough to keep me warm. One drawback to the sweater though. It almost caused me to get a pat-down by TSA due to the metallic threading in the sweater. I was about to go on my way and the TSA Agent said, “Hold on. I may have to check your sweater.” I was like “Say what?” Luckily I passed on through. I used my Amalie Sandals more than I thought I would. They were very comfortable all day. I usually like to take a small purse, like a cross-body for trips but I loved carrying the Kerrington Tote around. The interior zipped pouch kept my phone and wallet secure.

I had my cross-body bag, jewelry boxes and my Keating Boy Blazer in Chambray all tucked in my Tote bag.

I am in love with the Chrome Green color of the Factory Scalloped Shift Dress. I wore this the first night out with the Grande Crystal Drops Necklace and Martina Metallic Wedges. Husband and I went to the Mandarin Bar to celebrate our anniversary.

Day 2 had Husband finishing up a poker tournament and me on my own for a little while. My London Blouse with white Pleated Shorts and Amalie Sandals were perfect for the morning and afternoon. I chose these shorts instead of the Bermudas since they were a little dressier.

I kept the London Blouse on and changed into the Fluted Skirt in Double-Crepe. My Cleo Metallic Loafers and Kate Spade Clutch helped polish me up for the evening.

And this was the show Husband picked for that night. If you are ever in Vegas, a fan of Prince or not, you MUST MUST go see this show! It was simply amazing, complete with Morris Day, Jerome & the Time, and all the requisite banter. I would definitely go see this show again and again.

We moved hotels on Day 3 and I wore my new purchase from the Tory Burch store, the Mia Slim Boot Jean with the matching-in-color Lidia Polo and my Cece Ballet Flats. I loved this outfit. Husband thought the jeans were a little wacky but he lived with it.

We spent most of the afternoon at the pool and when we came back to our room a little treat was waiting for us.

On the flight home, I wore the Silk Crepe Maxidress in Brilliant Blueberry and topped it with the Jackie Cardigan in Black.

One thing that was really annoying this time were all the “get a free show but sit in this time-share/not time-share meeting for a few hours”. This is the first time I’ve experienced this in Vegas. It was truly annoying as the people dressed similar to the hotel employees so asking a question may have gotten you a spiel. Some were also really really agressive. This did not happen at the Mandarin. I hated to be rude but it was really bad to be on the lookout for them and take a long walk around them.
Other than that, we had a great time and a wonderful anniversary.
Have a Great Day!

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I was holding this post until next week but the 25% Off Friends & Fans Event has started today (through Monday, April 28).

I took some time to head to the Forum Shops at Caesar’s while Husband was playing in a poker tournament. I was able to stop in to Tory Burch and try on a couple of more items from the Summer 2014 Collection. The Talia Shirtdress is part of the Collection as are the Sadie Slingbacks.

I have been lusting over the Mia Slim Boot Denim and finally decided to try them on. They are the same print as the Talia Shirtdress, which I am such a fan of. I took a size 29, my normal jean size. It does stretch some so stay with your normal denim size. It is cropped, for me just at the ankle, and has a slight boot flare.


There are so many color options to choose from in this print. I’m now looking for a lavender-colored top, preferably in linen, to pair with these jeans.

I love the Lidia Polo Shirts. The ruffle at the collar and placket make it much more feminine. This is the Linen version and fits just fine in my normal size Medium. 

The Zora Tee was another top I was excited to try on. It fits well through the body and shoulders in a Medium but the arms are a little snug. This is also Linen and has a contrasting all navy back.

The Amanda Tee is on sale and is similar to J Crew’s Cut-out Floral Sweatshirt. I do prefer this tee over the sweatshirt. Again, size Medium fits well.

The SA I worked with suggested I try the Linda Top with the Mia Slim Boot. The online model has her arms to the side so you don’t see the swing at the bottom. The lace overlay in the green is pretty but it’s the back that really makes this top.

But sadly, even with the beautiful back I couldn’t buy this top. The arms were too tight in the size 8 and once the back was hooked and buttoned it rode a little high on my neck. 

The Jessa Top is a beautiful silk blouse with a Queen Anne’s lace print (also one of the flower’s growing at Tory’s home). I have on a size 8 and that fits perfectly. There’s a matching (and pricey) maxi skirt and pants  (Those are not included in the promo since they are on pre-order).

The Valerie Dress is a crepe jersey of the same Queen Anne’s lace print and has a beautiful low-cut back. It is very comfortable on but a little long for my taste, hitting below the knee in a size Medium. 
Lastly, is the Kaylin Dress in Mesh Stripe. This is a beautiful shift dress with a built-in jeweled neckline and also comes in white. I have on a size 8 here but also tried the 6 which fit much better.  

So pretty…if only I had a few places and events to wear this dress.

My Kerrington Tote in the Sunhats print was perfect for travelling and even for walking around shopping my first day in Vegas.
I took my Lidia Polo in Leaf Green as well and wore it one day with the Mia Slim Boot. 

See my other Tory Burch reviews.
Talia Poplin Shirtdress
Sadie Slingback Pumps
Nori Wedge Sandal
Audra Sandal
Thora Flip-Flops
Aberra Tee
Alexa Cropped Skinny
Alexa Cropped Skinny in Red and London Blouse (favorite!!!)

Use code FRIENDLY online. If you are near a store they will apply it automatically. This promo includes U.S. & Canada stores and Outlets.

Happy Shopping!!

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