Two days in a row is pretty good for me right now. I’ll be so glad when the weekend is here. I will be completely vegging out.

Here’s today’s outfit.

Blouse: Liberty of London for Target
Skirt: J Crew Indigo Skirt
Belt: J Crew Burnished Leather Belt
Shoes: Ann Marino (TJ Maxx)

This weekend was perfectly gorgeous weather. I got my first soccer sun of the season (and year). My shoulders and chest turned a little red but are tanning nicely.

This what I wore to The Boy’s soccer game.

Dress: Converse One Star from Target
Belt/Sash: Liberty of London for Target Jeffs Leaf Blue Scarf
Shoes: J Crew Caribe Espadrilles in Navy
I wasn’t going to wear a belt at all with this dress. Then I saw the scarf that I was about to return to the store and the idea just hit me to make it a belt with this dress. I love it! The dress is super comfy and casual and I have it in navy as well (navy top and bottom).
(BTW-There is still A LOT of LoL at my area Targets. Every size and item. Not too many LoL lovers in Central Texas.)

Here’s what I decided on for the shower, with your help, of course! 

Dress: J Crew Blakely Dress in Vintage Zebra
Cami: The Limited
Belt: J Crew Burnished Leather Belt
Shoes: Nine West Velas in Natural Reptile
OMG! I love these shoes! I saw these in the Beige Leather on Shopping the Closet in a post by Eleanor and knew I needed to get them. When I got to NW I saw the animal print and loved it and they were 25% off! Wheeee!
The shower went well considering the girls throwing it had never done one before. They didn’t realize that, as hostesses, they need to be serving and checking on the guests, NOT the other way around. I had my cousin finally set them straight and the bride was none the wiser. I bought her something from her Target registry but threw in a little J Crew jewelry as a little something just for her. Again, it was another beautiful day and I took my Pearl Jackie just in case but never needed it.
And here’s my SUPER CASUAL outfit for today.
Tee: Hand-Cut Flower Art Tee
Skirt: Black Blossom Nico Skirt
Flip-Flops: GAP from years ago
Today is another beautiful day. I’m loving it and may try to even out this tank top tan later today.
Have a great day!

Sorry I haven’t been posting. My week got a little better, then it got worse. My poor sweet little Bella is having back surgery today. She has a ruptured disc and has been in so much pain. She stayed at the vet hospital last night and will be there over the weekend. She looked so sad when we left her yesterday. But when she comes home she’ll get lots of “mommy-loving” while she recuperates. I may even let Husband make bacon as a treat for her.

Here she is with her “brother” Gus.

The sun is coming out today so here’s an OOTD using my Watercolor Potpourri mini from J Crew.

An option with wedges…
Here’s what I wore for St. Patrick’s Day. Husband and The Boy both wore green on their boxers, not realizing it until later and after they got pinched. I told them if you couldn’t see it that it didn’t count.
I think most people who purchased this top from the Liberty of London for Target wore it on Wednesday.
I didn’t put this back on but this is the top part of what I wore to the office on Tuesday. I love the Burnished Olive Jackie with the Rose Vines Shirt. I think it looks great together.
Have a great weekend. Husband says he’s taking me shopping today. I haven’t been to J Crew to see the New Arrivals so he’s in for a treat/surprise/shock to see me in action.

So I jumped on the bloggy band-wagon and checked out the new Liberty of London collection at Target. First, there are still a lot of items available at my area Targets. I guess Texas/South Texas doesn’t get the whole preppy print vibe.

It was a lot of fun going around the store finding the LoL items. Once I realized a butterfly was hanging over the collection around the store I would head straight there. Ooooh, butterfly…ooooh, butterfly – I did this in the two stores I went to.

Originally, I had purchased the The Tunic Swim Cover-up in Multi-color Royal but I returned it along with the Silk Tie in Cars Cream. I bought that for The Boy but he didn’t like it.

I wasn’t sure about the Ruffle Neck Top in Turquoise Isis so I passed in the first store but bought it in the second store yesterday.

I also purchased the Double-Strap Dress in Mauverina. I tried on the 4, which fit like a glove, and the 8, which was a looser fit but good. I really need the 6 in this dress so I’ll keep it and keep looking.

I bought the tie in Glen Jade Navy for The Boy. Hope he likes it better than the cars.
I bought the Men’s Floral Shirt in Navy in a Small for me. I really liked the print of it. 
I found this cute little bag in the Children’s section.

I also bought one of each of the Set of 3 Mini-Journals.
And I also purchased two candles, after having broke one of them in the store…in front of a sales associate. I was mortified. The candle just slipped right out of the top sleeve and out of my hands.

There were still lots of bowls, teapots, piggy banks, plates, cups, trays, linens (I loved the linens!), clothing, accessories in the two stores I went to. I’m sure that is the same for all of them here in my area. I am pretty happy with my purchases and know I’ll get a lot of use out of the mini-journals. I’m going to wear the Ruffle Neck Shirt today, since it is green and will be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. If I have the time I’ll take an IRL.
Enjoy your LoL goodies!!!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!