We had a chilly but sunny Thanksgiving and I’ve been waiting to wear my Leather Pocket Mini-Dress from Madewell. I paired it with a Light Gray Tissue Turtleneck Tee from a few years ago since my Black color looked dingy. I added Black Assets Leggings and my lovely Harper Leather Boots. I was comfortable all day and had plenty of room to hide the Thanksgiving Food Baby.

The Boy and I goofing around. 
Friday evening we went out as a family to celebrate Husband’s birthday. He had been sick all week, including his birthday and even missed out on Thanksgiving. I have on my J Crew Sample Cashmere Pants, a Cashmere Tee in Olive, Martina Wedges I purchased from a JCA, and my jumping-on-the-bandwagon/better-late-than-never Lexington Blazer in Ivory. I have been slowly finding the Lexington Blazers in the solid and tipped and I think I now have every color I want. I have also been able to find two Wool Oxford Blazers that are gorgeous! I wish these two would come back. I added my Dorado Necklace at the last minute and it paired wonderfully with the outfit.

I did stop at the J Crew Factory store on my way home on Thanksgiving since it opened at 6 p.m.!! It wasn’t busy at all since everyone was at Kate Spade and Coach on that side of the mall. I didn’t venture out on Black Friday as there are just too many people out-and-about. Unfortunately, one of those people was in a little bit of a hurry and pulled out in front of The Boy. He wasn’t hurt, Thank The Lord! but the truck his grand-father gave him is a total loss. We are sad only because the truck is sentimental to us but we know dad was looking down on his Grandson that day to keep him safe.

Even though I’m one of the first in line when there’s a sale or new arrivals, in the end it’s all just stuff. Nothing is more important than the time we have here on Earth with our loved ones. And, now, because The Boy has no vehicle, I get to dust off that black Chauffeur Hat and spend a little more time during the day with him than I normally would. Woo Hoo!! Which is great for me (and him but he won’t admit it) because he’ll be off to College in 6 months and then I’ll be really sad! (J Crew better have a great Fall 2014 to cheer me up!)

Have a Great Evening!

My first retail stop of my day after getting a blow out at Dry Bar was Madewell. I was really excited as I have never been to one and just have the Western Jean Shirt I found at the outlet. Other than that one shirt I didn’t have any idea as to how sizing would run. Being a sister company under the J Crew brand I thought things might run smaller than J Crew so I am very happy to have been able to try on different items to gauge sizing.

I found the Western Jean Shirt again, this time in Gravel. I tried on a Medium, since that was the same as the outlet find, and the fit was perfect. I love the ease of wearing this shirt and the snap-buttons make this so easy to put on.

The Berry Plaid Boyshirt is sold out on Madewell.com but you can find it on ShopBob. This shirt feels soft and very comfortable on. I’m wearing a Medium and wouldn’t size up. The darker red you see is more Cranberry or even Maroon. It paired (very bottom of post) very well with my Factory Clare Cardigan in Cabernet.

I loved the over-sized look of the Viewpoint Sweater. I have on a Small in the first two pics and an Extra Small in the third pic below. As you can see, I’ve also layered this sweater and it is still really over-sized. Since my normal Madewell size seems to be a Medium I would size down two sizes and get the XS. It is currently included in the 25% Off All Sweaters promo, through 11/11.

My favorite item was the Striped Pleat Skirt. I have on a size 8 in the first pic and a size 6 in the 2nd and 3rd pics. The 8 was loose and the 6 was perfect in the waist. The length was not too short for me and this has pockets!

Image was lightened some so you can see the contrasting navy/black stripes.

Another skirt I liked was the Structured Pleat Skirt. The website says this is a “Midlength Mini” and “24 inches long”. I am wearing an 8 and could size to a 6. You can see the length is just below the knee on me. The Striped Skirt above is more fun to wear and that’s the one I chose.

Lastly, the Leather Pocket Mini-Dress was an item I saw online before I left and really wanted to try on. I have on a Medium in the first two images and a Small in the second two. The length on the Medium was great but the fit was loose through the chest, waist and hips.


The fit of the Small felt much better. The length came up about an inch in the Small but I will be wearing leggings and tights under this dress.

I purchased the shirts and the tunic as I was limited on space in my bag. At the time, I knew Madewell was having 40% off sale items but the store had a limited sale section. When I was back at the hotel I looked online and saw the Striped Pleat Skirt was on sale, and included in the 40% off so I quickly ordered it along with the Linen Los Angeles Tee, to qualify for free shipping. And now the cozy sweater is on sale so I’ll have to decide whether to buy now or wait for a sale or pass altogether. 
I also fell in lust with the Barnwood Boot in Golden Spinach. It looks gray but has a shade of green in it. And go see ShOperaRach, who also has some Madewell items reviewed. 
Have a Great Day!