I didn’t want to just grab random clothes to try on at Ann Taylor. I tried to take items into the fitting room at Ann Taylor that were things I would actually wear or consider wearing. The skirt below is not only what I might wear to the office but also something Husband would like.

~ Lacy Cap Sleeve Blouse, Dark Ruby, Small ~
This looked flowy on the hanger so I brought a Small with me to the fitting room. It fits loose, even in the Small, though I wouldn’t size down to a Medium. The lace detail at the neckline extends around the back. The smaller lace detail down the front is see-through so I would consider a cami underneath, especially if wearing this to the office. The material is 100% Polyester and the care states to hand-wash and lay flat to dry. My guess is because of the lace detail at the neckline, and still a pain to do, especially with Poly.
~ Etched Rosette Full Skirt, size 6 ~

I really didn’t expect this to fit in the size 6 as the waist looked tiny. But I was able to fully zip it up and it wasn’t tight or uncomfortable once I had it on. The length, at 22 1/2 inches, hits me below the knee. The Petite length is 20 1/2 inches so I think the Petite Medium would be just the right length and fit for me.

The rosette is a nice pattern though, with the lace mixed in, seems like too much is going on. I do like that the other color on the ivory background is gray. You could go from light to dark gray on top to pair with the skirt.

~ Lace Tee, Warm Twilight, Medium ~
I didn’t like this blouse on the hanger but wanted to try on a few things that might go with jeans so I took it with me to the fitting room. Once I had it on though, I really liked it. The color is very nice and I like the nude underlay. The Black top has a black underlay.

I thought this fit me really well in the Medium and not snug anywhere. I also like that it gives a little shape in the waist. I could definitely wear this for anything, day or night. I like how I still looked put together, even in my jeans.

~ Paisley Top, Small ~
This fits exactly like the Paisley Mosaic Flare Dress so the Small is pretty snug in the sleeves on me and tight across the chest. The sleeves are a little longer, hitting at the elbow, on this top. They are short-sleeve on the dress. The length also looks cropped and it did hit me at the waistband on my jeans. And, of course, it’s 100% Polyester.
~ Tipped City Shorts, White, size 8 ~
I’m always looking for dressier shorts and these were great. They are cotton with some stretch and tipped in what looks like Navy Blue at the waist and side-seam. The inseam is 4 inches and also comes in Dark Sky which is Navy. The material is pique’ cotton so not a smooth feel but it still looks nice. The size 8 is the best fit, as is most shorts on me.
I ended up not making it back to the store to get the Lace Tee or Lace Shift Dress. I’m still trying to clear out some items in my closet so I have a better idea of what I’d like to replace things with. I’m also trying to stay away from Polyester, if at all possible.

Did you find anything from the Ann Taylor Friends & Family event? Or, are you waiting for the Labor Day sales instead?

This post could also be titled “Nothing fits!” I’ve been really busy travelling for work and trying to get hired on that I haven’t had any time for blogging, shopping or relaxing in general. I have so many Que Bella’s to post but I have to start with what I wore Wednesday.

This is what I ended up wearing, taking the picture at the end of the day, with bags under my eyes and a crooked belt. I have my lovely Lace Tee from J Crew along with the Ann Taylor Lace Pencil Skirt from a few years ago. This has been sitting in my closest since I purchased it. Because it was a crochet lace I couldn’t figure out how to wear it but when I kept going through my closet purges I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. I finally had enough and ripped the tags off and put it on. Of course, that was after I found out that nothing fit me.
J Crew Leather Belt
J Crew Sydney Patent Sandals
J Crew Flower Lattice Necklace
I was originally going to wear my sweet Gathering Breeze Dress (aka Tim Gunn Dress) from Anthropologie. I had a dark pink cardigan and my Ann Taylor Porcini Pumps ready to be paired up with this dress. But when I put it on and started walking around it slipped down enough to make me say “WTH!” It didn’t fit! I have apparently toned up enough that I don’t have the boobage to hold up this dress. Yay for losing weight and toning up. Boo Hoo Hoo for my most favorite dress not fitting. 
“OK. Fine.” I said to myself and went back upstairs to my closet and picked out another dress. This time it was the Bike Lane Dress from Anthropologie. And one I haven’t worn. I now had a blue cardigan and the JC Sydney sandals ready to wear with this dress. I put it on and “Mother Effer!” It didn’t fit. It was too loose in the bust and waist. Now I have to take another dress to get altered. 
Up the stairs I went and grabbed the Crochet Lace Pencil Skirt. I added the J Crew Cotton-Linen Striped Shirt, JC Necklace and Sydney Patent sandals. I even took an outfit pic. So I finally finish getting ready and walk out the door when two buttons pop open. “Son-of-a-b****!” This is seriously not my day to get dressed. 
By this time I was ready to toss my whole closet out but I was now running late so I grabbed the Lace Tee, tucked it in and went on my way. But, my clothing calamity didn’t end there. The belt ended up being too small and I kept having to tuck my shirt back into the back of the skirt every time I stood up. 
Needless to say, I’m wearing shorts and a tee today. But really, Yay for losing weight and toning up. I just hope I can salvage my dresses.
Have a Great Evening! Like I said I have quite a few outfits to post and am happy to have a long weekend so be on the look-out. 

“…get your adverbs here.” OK…so maybe not adverbs but that’s what I hear in my head when I see these pants. The J Crew Bright Dahlia Lolli Pants are amazing IMO and perfect for this holiday season if you are looking for an alternative to a dress or skirt.

I saw these in-store and on a new SA and she looked fab. I went ahead and tried them on and really liked them but didn’t get them. Little did I know these pants were all the buzz on the inter-webs and then I saw them on Debye, where she looked FAB in them.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them and was waiting at the store when it opened the next day. I ran straight to my “Lolli’s” and tried them on once more for good measure. As Debye said, they are very lightweight, unlined and the color is TDF!

I tried on an 8, and only because they didn’t have a 6, which I know now would have been snug on me. The 8 sits on my hips and the length is the perfect ankle length. I am debating on whether or not to get them hemmed so they are more cropped like they are meant to be (27 inch inseam).

They are sold out online but I’ve seem pop-backs daily. Have an SA or your personal shopper do a WWFIFY because my store did have some smaller sizes available as of Friday.

I was able to immediately wear these this weekend to our neighborhood holiday party. It’s basically our ladies luncheon but we get to bring our husbands. I was afraid Husband would make a comment about the color and not like them but he only mentioned the shoes I was going to wear. I was going to wear them with my Flannery Platform Peep-Toes but he said they were too “flashy” for the crowd we would be in and I had to agree with him. I opted instead for some small wedge Cole Haan’s which were perfect since I stood most of the evening.

Here’s my dinner outfit from the night before. Notice the sweater color? And I did wear my Flannery’s that night.

Anyone done shopping yet? I am almost done. Just a few little gift cards to get and another present for Husband. He’s trying to spoil his Christmas so I’m looking for something he’s not expecting. He figured out on Amazon that he can look at what was purchased from his wish list. He doesn’t know who bought what but just like a kid to “shake the box” and “inspect the packages”.

Have a great evening!

Here’s today’s outfit. I almost wore boots again but remembered I had these Frye Mary Jane’s. This is the first time I’ve worn the skirt even though I’ve had it for over a month.

Tee: J Crew Lace Tee in Cobblestone
Cardigan: J Crew Jackie in Burnished Olive
Skirt: J Crew Donegal Tweed Atlee
Socks: J Crew
Shoes: Frye

It’s been awhile. I’m still here but I just couldn’t do the remix any longer for a few reasons. I have to say it is an amazing challenge but I should have been a bit more thoughtful in my selections. Also, the weather changed significantly on Thanksgiving Day. And, I am just not much of an accessorizer, which is a major part of this challenge. I have lots of them – scarves, rings, necklaces, but I rarely wear them. Maybe if shoes were not included but used as an accessory I could have stuck with it.

BUT…to you other remixers out there – keep it going. I love seeing your outfits!

Here are days 12, 13 & 14 as promised last week.

And here’s today’s outfit. I thought I’d pick a different setting for my pics today so I grabbed the tri-pod and went out to my front yard.

Sweater, Skirt, Belt, Tights: All J Crew
Boots: Steve Madden

And I had an audience. All does, no bucks.

Have a great day everyone. I am enjoying our cooler temps and happy to finally be able to wear my sweaters, tights and boots!