Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence. Work has been, well, work. So much that I needed to make an office trip Wednesday. I haven’t been in to my office since the end of April so I was due to go in for a day. Going in meant two things. 1)..Wearing a new item, particularly one of my new pencil skirts; and 2) Stopping by the J’Crewlet, where dina found some goodies I had to see in person.

So the first part will be taken care of below. I will post later today or tomorrow the outlet finds.

Here’s the Polyvore.

And how I wore it.

(I don’t have the bag but I saw it IRL and it is gorgeous!)

I am so happy with this outfit, except for one thing. The tank had a rouge ribbon that stuck straight out in the most inappropriate place. AND, it was right where it could be covered by the cardi, or not. So I need to do a little stitching to lay that sucker back down.

Have a great day!

All day I felt like a 50s housewife in this dress. I kept thinking I should meet my husband at the door with a martini in-hand. But that’s not me!

I love that this dress has pockets. It has a little belt as well. If I had left the house I might have changed it to a patent black belt.

Dress: J Crew Factory Store Claudine Dress in Balustrade Print
Shoes: J Crew Caribe

Shoes and toes match the dress.

Have a great day!

I found the J Crew Caribe Espadrille on ebay in navy last month and love them. In Target a few weeks ago I found the Merona Essie Espadrille and noticed they were familiar-looking. I was wearing the Caribe’s and did a quick comparison in the store and they are almost exact.

J Crew Caribe is a size 7.
Merona Essie is a size 6. 
The Essie in a 7 for me was way too big while the 7 in the Caribe is a perfect fit.
The way the ribbon lays is the same pattern. 
The Caribe has a suede insole while the Essie is soft and suede-like.
The heel height is the same. 
The sole is slightly different. The Caribe is all rubber while the Essie is a rubber and canvas.
I don’t know all the colors the Caribe came in but my guess is at least navy and black and possibly red.
The Essie comes in Black, Red, and Gold, in-store and online.
At $19.99 the Essie is a great deal and wears the same as the Caribe, which is no longer available (other than ebay and the JCA Exchange). 
Happy Shopping!