I am a huge fan of the latest J Crew roll-out. The Punk Floral pattern has me obsessed. The Swoop Dress is probably my favorite with the Bikini, Skirt and Blouse close behind.

Swoop Dress in Punk Floral, 6 – I ordered this dress immediately in a size 8, as I knew it would sell out and wasn’t sure if my store would have any left by the time I got there a few days later. When I did stop in my PS held a 6 for me. I am happy she did as that is the better size for me. The 8 is too big throughout.

Swoop Top in Punk Floral, 8 & No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Navy/White Stripe, 6 – My Store Manager suggested I try this on backwards. I loved the look so much I forgot to take a picture! The back is held together by a tiny amount of thread and with this blouse being pull-over that will come apart quickly. I would add a little snap button to the back, a Cami and reverse the top. When I finally turned it around I was a little disappointed. I really liked it on backwards. The Pencil Skirt was a good fit but I don’t need another pencil skirt.
Pleated Short in Seersucker, 8 & Embroidered Eyelet Tank, S – My favorite short style and in Seersucker…Yes Please! The tank is lovely and comfortable. I don’t know why I didn’t try it until now. It will go with quite a bit in my closet. The Small fit well. I’m sure the Medium might have been a touch looser but probably would have worked too.
Double-Crepe Skirt, 6 – A cute skirt but I am just not interested in a Poly blend skirt. It gets hot enough here in South Texas, I don’t need anything I wear helping that heat. Make it in Cotton, Linen or Silk and you have my interest.

Unknown Cotton Dress in Geometric Print, 8 – This is not online and it also came in a solid blue color, similar to the Regal Blue offered in the Linen dress below. I couldn’t even zip the 6 past my rib cage. The 8 fits well in the waist but is loose on top and possible too poofy on bottom. This is a very sturdy cotton and I believe it is lined. It has pockets so that’s a plus.

Linen Cap-Sleeve Dress, 8 – Cap-sleeve goes over the shoulder just slightly, right? This is a sleeveless dress. It fit well from the chest down but not above. The shirring made the dress too loose above the chest to the shoulders. 
Indigo Dot Short, 6 – I was not expecting to like these shorts but the linen-cotton blend makes them very comfortable. I was also able to size down to a 6 in these.
Perfect Shirt in Cross-hatch Linen, 8 & Postcard Mini in Textured Stripe, 8 – Did I really need another Linen button-down? No, of course not. But, I wear these all summer long with shorts, skirts, a bathing suit cover-up so it was a no-brainer to purchase. Now the mini surprised me. It’s cute and bright and right up my alley for summer. I’ll wait for a sale on this one.
Postage Stamp Mini in Embroidered Neon Floral, 8 – This is another skirt I was not expecting to love. It’s super-bright but it goes well with the Linen shirt. The online image color is toned down a lot. Other than the Swoop dress, this was the one other item I didn’t want to take off. The only deterrent about this skit is that it is lined in Poly and the lining is sown into the hem so replacing it would be cumbersome.

I have a few more items arriving today so I hope to get those images and reviews up later. I was able to order the Silk-Wool Punk Floral Skirt, the Cece Suede in Pomegranate, the Swoop Dress in Tropical Guava and the Cafe’ Trouser in Petite, based off Well Fed Fred’s review. Later this weekend I have a review/SmAcKdOwN a la Gigi of the Classic Enamel Link Bracelet in White and one (of the many) I found on Etsy, for $50 less!

Have a Great Day! Talk to you Soon!

I did my weekly stop by J Crew Sunday, mainly because I couldn’t get the Striped Maxi Skirt out of my head. They had a full stock of them in all sizes. As I was looking around I also found the Maxi Skirt in a solid purple (TGR, #76784, $69.50). I am wearing a size Small here and it fits the same as the Striped skirt. My PS said it also comes in solid Gray.

There was also a new dress my PS wanted me to try. It comes in this dark mustard color, HCH-Heather Chartreuse?, #72122, $138, and a navy. The Size 6 was really snug on the top. The bottom portion hit about two inches below the knee. I’m also wearing the Drea Pumps in Leopard in a size 6 1/2. They are on sale for $139.99. I tried a size 7 in the Neon Peach and they run about a 1/2 size too big for me. Most of my shoes in JC are 7 so this does not fit TTS for me. That’s good to know when the rest of the colors go on sale. The size 8 in the dress fit better in the top but was a bit longer. It does have pockets.

Size 6

Size 8

A favorite of mine from last summer is back. I have this in Navy, Modern Red, and Olive Green from last year and wore them at least once a week. The Linen Perfect Shirt, this time in Festival Green (#42841, $79.50). I’m wearing a size 6 here which is the same size I took last year.  I saw Navy, Modern Red, and White in store for this year. This is a great color and I know I’ll get much wear out of it this year. I hope it will come in some sort of Bright Blue.

What do you think of the new Linen Shirt and Maxi Skirt colors?