I’m not seeing a whole lot of reviews for some of these items online, so if you’re looking at them, here are my thoughts and pics.

~ Collection Gingham Cardigan in Gauzy Cotton, Small ~

I couldn’t decide between the Tippi Sweater in Blue-Emerald Gingham or this Collection Cardigan. I should have chosen the Tippi sweater. I did not like this cardigan at all. It is over-sized so take a size down from your normal size. But that wasn’t the problem. The gauzy cotton material was…blech! I don’t have a word to describe it but I didn’t like the look or feel of the material. It was gauzy, maybe a little thicker than medical gauze. I think it may have been that this is not 100% Cotton but is blended with nylon. I like the gingham and I like the length but other than that, it was immediately returned.


~ Tippi Sweater, Berry Melange, Medium Petite ~

I’ve finally found my real Tippi size, Medium Petite. That size has the arms at 3/4 length and the overall length is a little shorter than the Medium I’ve been wearing. The color is very pretty IRL, with hints of blue/purple throughout. The Tippi Sweater and Tippi Sweater with Ruffles are both 20% off with code NEWCLOTHES.


~ Gazebo Pant in Market Stripe, size 8 ~

I have been stalking these ever since they showed up on the website. They sold out pretty quick, especially in my size. I wasn’t able to catch them again until they were on sale with a great promo. I haven’t worn them yet but they are really nice pants. A great linen with an almost chambray stripe look to them. I’m really happy I was able to finally snag them on a pop-back.


~ Sloan Gingham Leather D’Orsay Flats, size 6 1/2 ~

The flats are just adorable. I originally thought they were printed canvas, silk or cotton but they are printed leather. The colors are similar to the Tippi. I wear a 6 1/2 in the Sloan and these are no different in sizing, even with the all leather outer and inner lining. They did crease almost immediately, just from trying them on and walking around for a short time. I always put the little tissue back after wearing my shoes to smooth things like that out. If you prefer, there’s also the heel.






~ Mixed Gingham Sandal with Ankle Straps, size 7 ~

I really debated whether or not to get these fun looking shoes. I was very leery about the ankle strap and how to get them to stay tied without cutting off circulation to my feet. I’m so glad I decided to order them. They are really fun sandals and the colors all pop. The size 7 was perfect, making these TTS. I tied them with a bow slightly to the side and love the way it looks. Even though I have plenty of white bottoms to wear with these, I’m looking at a few white dresses to wear with them too.







Here are a few 40-60% off sale picks with code NEWCLOTHES.

I think I am pretty much done with shopping Spring and Summer sale items. What about you?

Some shoes to peruse for your Sunday Shopping today.

~ Sadie Flats in Snakeskin Printed Leather, size 7 ~

I was eyeing both these snakeskin flats and the Elsie pump. I like that the traditional snakeskin colors are broken up with contrasting colors at the heel and toe. These are TTS with my normal size 7 fitting well.

SadieFlats_Snakeskin 1

SadieFlats_Snakeskin 2

SadieFlats_Snakeskin 3

Here are a few other shoes I found in-store.

~ Collection Colette D’Orsay Pumps in Leopard Calf-Hair ~


~ Collection Sadie Loafers in Leopard Calf Hair ~


~ Gemma Cap-Toe Flats ~

I like these but even though I haven’t seen them IRL, I want the Kiki Cap-Toe Flats.

Gemma Cap-Toe Flats

~ Gemma Suede Flats with Contrast Trim, Brilliant Purple ~

Gemma Suede Flats

~ Slingback Flats in Satin, Navy ~


~ Slingback Flats in Snakeskin ~

Check out the gold glitter heel on these.



Have you tried any of the new shoes at J.Crew?

I almost forgot about the cutest item in the whole rollout! I pre-ordered the Tippi Sweater in Bee Embellishment but my store also had it so I was able to try it on before I received it.

~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Chambray, size 6 ~
~ Sammi Pant in Polka Dot, size 30 ~
~ Sadie Flats in Snakeskin Printed Leather, size 7 ~


~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Chambray, size 6 ~

I can’t decide between this popover shirt which is one of my favorite styles or the chambray shirtdress. I think I might get a little more use out of the shirt, since I also have the Off-the-shoulder Dress in Chambray. The size 6 fit but was a snug on the sides of the chest. I think I would stay with the 6 though as the 8 would be completely shapeless and baggy.


~ Sammi Pant in Polka Dot, size 30 ~

I was not a fan of the Teddie pants and was hoping these might be a little more to my liking. The polka dot are unique and are easily wearable now (if it wasn’t so darn hot), as well as into the Fall. The size 30 was too big, especially in the front. They also seemed to have excess and bagginess below the butt, in back. That disrupted the flow of the pant leg. The rise is higher on these, which I like, but not in this size.


~ Tippi Sweater in Bee Embellishment, Medium ~
~ Sammi Pant in Polka Dot, size 29 ~
~ Sadie Flats in Snakeskin Printed Leather, size 7 ~

I was very excited to see this sweater IRL. The embellishment is up near the shoulder with three little jeweled bees. This a little thin and will require a cami underneath though you might be able to get away with just a nude bra. Medium is my normal Tippi size and this fit well. I’ve since tried a Petite Medium in the Tippi Sweater and the hemline is a little shorter and the sleeve is more 3/4-length. I’ll consider the petite sizing in Tippi’s going forward since the that is how it should really fit. I cannot wait until cooler weather to wear this sweater!



~ Sammi Pant in Polka Dot, size 29 ~

The size 29 was a much better fit, though still a little baggy in front. The leg line is not baggy in this size. I think my best fit would be a Petite 29, which would make them cropped, as they should be. But the polka dot are not offered in Petite so this size will work. And I don’t mind that they are not cropped. I don’t want to have them altered as it might mess up the little flare kick at the bottom.


I brought the Sammie Pant in Polka Dot home with me. I’m happy with the size and already have a few outfits planned around them. And the bee sweater will be front and center in my closet waiting for that first cool breeze.

The print of the month is the Brushstroke that also includes a dress. I like all the vibrant colors in the print and should pair with a lot of solid colors.

~ Ruffle-Neck Top in Ponte, Ivory, Medium ~
~ Double-Pleated Midi Skirt in Brushstroke, size 6 ~


~ Ruffle-Neck Top in Ponte, Ivory, Medium ~

I had high hopes for this top due to the ruffle collar but I did not like the fit at all. I would stay with your normal size but it felt really snug on top and then it loosened up on bottom. There’s a little button in back that I had a hard time closing. This ponte top is getting good reviews online but they seem to be coming from those who wear smaller sizes. I’m glad it is flattering to some.


~ Double-Pleated Midi Skirt in Brushstroke, size 6 ~

I gotta love my VPS who thinks I’m smaller than I really am. I was able to zip up this size 6 skirt but would feel way more comfortable in the size 8. It’s already really long on me so the right size would probably lengthen the skirt some more. The Tall size 8 might actually be a true maxi skirt for me. Because of the flat waistband, the pleats don’t seem to add any fullness to the skirt.


~ Tie-Neck Secretary Top in Retro Chainlink, size 6 ~
~ Sailor Skirt in Ponte, Navy, size 6 ~
~ Sadie Flats in Snakeskin Printed Leather, size 7 ~

This ponte skirt was really cute IRL. I took a size 6 in the Ponte Pants and the skirt was a nice fit in the size 6. The length isn’t too bad on me but I wish it came in Petite sizing so I could have a little shorter length. At the $80 price it’s worth it to me to have it hemmed to my liking. The sailor-style buttons in front are for show. There is a zipper in back.


~ Tie-Neck Secretary Top in Retro Chainlink, size 6 ~

I loved this top. I thought I would need a size 8 but the 6 fit very well. I will probably end up getting this top next time I’m in-store. I know I’ll wear it throughout the Fall. I liked the entire outfit, including the Sadie Snakeskin Flats. The top also goes with my new Kate Spade cross-body bag.


Have you tried the Sailor Skirt in Ponte? I love my Ponte Pants and that they have a skirt option available now.

~ Jackie Cardigan in Herringbone, Medium ~

The Jackie is cotton but a little thicker due to the herringbone weave. It feels textured. I like the contrasting ringer neck and sleeve hem. This is TTS with my normal Medium fitting just fine, even with a layered tee. I do wish this was in Navy though I have wish-listed this gray.


~ New York Destination Art Tee, Medium ~

I didn’t mind buying these full-price since I know I’ll wear them the rest of the Summer and layered under cardis and blazers in the Fall. They’ll get enough wear to bring the CPW down. I wasn’t going to get the NY Tee but there’s a Doxie on it. This specific tee I tried did seem a little snug in the arms, probably due to the ringer detail but the others were TTS.


~ Paris Destination Art Tee, Medium ~


~ Venice Destination Art Tee, Medium ~


~ Rome Destination Art Tee, Medium ~


~ Cropped Wide-Leg Pant in Linen-Cotton, Ecru, size 8 ~
~ Sloan Gingham Leather D’Orsay Flats, size 6 1/2 ~

These run small in the hips. The fly is button-front and you can see how it pulls, not laying flat at all. I like the width of the leg. The hem isn’t all the way to the ground so I would need to have them hemmed to cropped length. I don’t even think a size 10 would fit well across the hips. There’s too much pulling on the 8. The pant is a linen-cotton blend and doesn’t wrinkle as quickly as 100% linen pants. The Sloan flats are popping back occasionally. They’ll be a great little punch of color in the Fall. If you prefer, there’s also the Elsie D’Orsay Heel.


~ Rayner Chino, Blue, size 8 ~

I can’t tell if this color and the pink sold out or were taken off the site. But these were in-store and I was able to finally try the Rayner Chinos. I was really hoping I would like them but I am not a fan. As much as I love wide-leg pants these are ill-fitting from the waist to the start of the inseam. Basically the rise feels too long. When I sit down it bunches. This doesn’t give me high hopes for the jean. I do like the fit of the leg, where the rise ends to the hem. The 25-inch inseam is the perfect pant length on me.


I’m super sad about the Rayner Chinos. I am hoping the Rayner jean doesn’t fit like the chino. I tried them in petite and they were really tight so I need to try my normal jean size of 29.

What do you think of the Destination Art Tees?