Just when I think I can quit J Crew, or cut back at least, they roll-out some things I really want. Quite a bit made it to my wishlist from Tuesday’s roll-out. The freaking gingham and so many items to choose. Just so cute, but is it too cute for me? I’ll have to try some on in-store to find out. Since I’m still adding to my wishlist at J Crew, let’s first take a look at what I’ve purchased.

Notice a theme? I’m purchasing for my trip. We’re off to Tokyo, Singapore and then Thailand! I’m really excited since I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t go on “they boys trip” two years ago. And, though we have a pool, I’ve been patiently waiting for my next beach trip.

The Silk Cap-Sleeve Top in Midnight Bloom was too pretty to pass up. I’m hoping the color isn’t too sheer for my skin-tone. One thing I really did need were some good basic shorts. I have always loved the Summerweight Lightweight Bermuda Shorts and mine were fading after 6 years of constant wear (2009 versions) so I bought navy, white, and khaki. I also wanted a nice gray pair of shorts and ordered the 4-inch Chino Short in Storm Grey.

I also need a good cover-up that’s also lightweight. I think the Lightweight Linen Tunic in Hydrangea White will do nicely. Having ordered and return these cover-up tunics in the past, I ordered a Small. I think I could use an XS but we will see when it arrives next week. After ordering the Heathered Wool-Cashmere Blend Scarf I worried it might be too warm for the beach. It will be fine for Tokyo since it’s Spring-like weather and not humid. I may look to add this scarf from the Factory store.

The Plaid Espadrille is just darling. I love love the print originally wanting to get the Sloan Flat, then trying to figure out how to wear the Elsie or these sandals regularly. Unfortunately, the Knotted Slide is not my style of shoe.

And I finally bought those darn Betty Sunglasses. I just could not stop thinking about them. I hope I like them as much as I’ve been thinking I will.

Do you also notice a color story? I’m trying to stick with shades of blue with a little grey and white thrown in so they’ll all mix and match well.

Happy Shopping!

I haven’t even shared my picks from the last J Crew roll-out and another, with lots and lots of Gingham, has arrived today. The only item I ordered from the last roll-out was the Midnight Floral Necklace. It looked so pretty online I knew I had to see it in person. I waited for a promo code before ordering.


The stones are stunning in Navy Blue and the additional clusters of flowers and cascading stones add to the statement style of this necklace. It will go with everything adding a little more oomph to your outfit.


But, I have to agree with the 3-star review it received. The quality is lacking. I couldn’t put my finger on it until I wore a Factory necklace I have. The “noise” of this necklace sounds cheap and plastic, a little like Factory jewelry. The brass sounds hollow, or maybe not even brass at all. It is a little lighter than I expected, probably due to the lesser quality materials used.


It’s so disappointing and I’m on the fence about keeping it. I would love to but knowing the materials sound like they were skimped on, even if only to my ears, will bother me when I wear it. It’s certainly a piece you could find at Bauble Bar for less than $100. I’d probably rather buy an ebay or Etsy knock-off knowing I am getting what I paid for. This is not worth the $150 or the 25% off I used.

There are also matching earrings. These are currently 25% off with promo code SHOPNOW. I don’t wear earrings and if they sound like the necklace I know I’ll get annoyed hearing the cheapness so close to my ears.

Has anyone tried this necklace? Please tell me what you think of it.

Up next is the matching skirt to the Tweed Jacket I reviewed yesterday.

~ Multicolored Tweed Skirt, size 8 ~

The size fit well and I still like the blue tweed. I’m not a fan of the dark navy waistband though. You know I love a good mini but the length seem shorter to me than most of the mini skirts in the past. Also, the back has an exposed zip. Thought we were going to be done with that J. Crew?


~ Perfect Shirt in Onyx Dot, size 8 ~

The size 8 fit fine but the shirt seems just a little see-through. Of course, it’s white so I’m sure that’s why. It’s not thick like an Oxford. The dots are black. I am not a huge fan of this dotted shirt because Ann Taylor has a version that’s Embroidered Navy Dot.  I did buy that a few weeks ago and I see I have failed to review it so I’ll have that for you tomorrow. Today, everything at Ann Taylor site is currently 50% off with code PRETTY50


~ Tweed Jacket w/Zippers, size 8 ~
~ Perfect Shirt in Onyx Dot, size 8 ~
~ Multicolored Tweed Skirt, size 8 ~
~ Elsie Leopard Pumps, size 7 ~

If you want to match the jacket with the skirt it’s a good look. There’s the dress too.


I am off to a wedding shower and am loving our gorgeous day! I’ll be wearing my new AT Shirtdress, that’s also 50% off today.

I have a quick review of the Tipped Jackie for you this morning.

~ Tipped Lightweight Wool Jackie Cardigan, Graphite Navy Snow, Medium ~

I liked this Tipped Jackie. Even in the brighter Persimmon color. I don’t know about the Shell though, as you see in a bit below. The Medium fit fine though the Jackie’s seem to be getting smaller and smaller each year. Is it just me? Probably my “winter coat”. If I didn’t already have the Fine-Striped Merino Cardigan, this probably would have come home with me. It’s a good layering piece with some visual interest.



~ Tipped Lightweight Wool Jackie Shell, Graphite Navy Snow, Medium ~

I put this shell on and immediately knew I would need a Large. It’s very ill-fitting on me. It’s snug everywhere and the length, though it looks fine, is short. Any movement resulted in the shell riding up past the top of my jeans. The material is pretty thin as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Persimmon color was a little see-through. I’ll spare you the side view ’cause it ain’t purdy.


I’ll be back later with a review on the Tweed Mini Skirt and Perfect Shirt in Onyx Dot.

I was excited to finally stop in to the J Crew store to see the new arrivals and was a little disappointed. I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the new arrivals compared to the online release, for two reasons. One, the store did not receive the Chateau Trench Coat (which I just noticed today states “online only”); and two, there were no sunglasses. After touting about them online and sending emails about them you would think J Crew shipping would be caught up with J Crew Marketing and get those in-stores upon online release. Maybe not full stock but at least a few pair should have been sent to every store. I asked. My store didn’t receive any but “shipments come each week”.

Despite my disappointment I did muster up some energy to try on some items.

~ Tweed Jacket w/Zippers, size 8 ~

I don’t really go for jackets like these. I feel too matronly (or my mom) in them. But I surprised myself and really liked this one. The size 8 fit very well so I don’t feel the need to size to my normal 10 Petite that I wear in blazers. The length stopped just skimming the top of my jeans. The sleeve length is perfect too. No alterations are needed this time.



So, I didn’t like it zipped up on me. There’s all kinds of pulling across the chest though I can assure you it wasn’t tight at all. I would keep this unzipped. You can barely see it but there are zippers at the arms as well.


This pretty blue tweed would go with lots in my closet.


Nice interior detail with the sown-in lining and seersucker piping along with a pocket on the inside.


~ Sleeveless Top in Deco Floral, size 6 ~

It looks like the floral of the month is Deco Floral. This Factory blouse looks a little similar, though not in Silk like the retail blouse. I usually go for a 6 in these drapey/sleeveless tops and it fit just fine. I wasn’t into the floral print or the colors so though the material is 100% Silk, it’s a pass for me.



Both the tweed and Deco Floral are offered in several styles.

I’ve added the Tweed Jacket to my wishlist to 1) see if I still like it in a few weeks and 2) see if I can snag it on sale.

What do you think of the Tweed Jacket?