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I was very interested in this shirt seeing it on the hanger. It’s pretty wrinkled and was put out without steaming, which it definitely needs. There was an SA who was doing that but none in my size were ready. This fit well. The arm length is a little long in the size 8 but it always is. That’s me and not the shirt. This did feel very comfortable on. I was expecting a little scratchiness but there’s none. 
As you can see, from my black bra, this is also very sheer. I know the model wearing this is fair-skinned so it looks less sheer on her. It’s too sheer for my skin-tone and a cami defeats the purpose of it being lightweight. This states it is machine wash so that a good plus. I don’t know if it can be put in a dryer but I’m guessing it can’t. You’ll need to give it a good steaming as well. I really suggest you try this shirt on if you can to see how you will like the sheerness. 
~ Double-Stripe Pencil Skirt, Black Natural, size 6 ~
I was so excited to see this pencil skirt. I haven’t been very interested in them in quite a while. I have gotten rid of most in my closet except for those special ones, including the Delfine Pencil Skirt. That skirt is a Linen Blend while this one is a Cotton/Poly blend. It’s one of my favorite skirts and I’m glad to now see the same pattern in both black and pink. 

I am a size 6 in JC pencil skirts and this one just fit. A little Spanx (or weight loss) will smooth this out. This does not come in Petite sizing and the length is 25 inches on the regular skirt. If it had come in a Petite I would have definitely put this on my wishlist. There’s also a Dress in the same print and colors.

So, YAY for the skirt and a pass on the shirt for me. I would hate to have to layer the shirt under a cardigan since it is nice. It would look cute as a cover-up over a bathing suit (sale purchase of course). 
What do you think of these two items? Are you a fan of the Lightweight Camp Shirt? 

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This morning I am sharing the new Skorts J Crew has brought to us.

~ Shadow Stripe Top, Safari, size 8 ~
This top comes in an array of colors but beware as this is partially see-through .You can probably get away with not wearing a cami underneath in the darker colors if you go with a nude bra but the white and pink/Blossom will need something under. You can see my black bra showing under the Safari color. The size 8 is my normal size for this style of shirt – short-sleeve & boxy. There is an exposed zipper in back. Overall, this is a pass. I want a full-coverage shirt for $98. 

You can kind of see it here but the stripes in front are vertical and the stripes in back are diagonal. Go to the online image for a better look. I do like the color of the Safari. That’s a plus. The Blossom/Pink looks really pretty IRL as well.

~ Metallic Linen Crossover Short, Gold Tobacco, size 8 ~
I liked the color of these shorts and, on the hanger, thought I would like the style of them. Once I tried them on I thought I looked like a gladiator. The size 8 fits fine but I didn’t notice the puffing out on the hips until I saw the pictures. 

I like the material and I like the color. The color on the online image is a lot lighter. The color you see here is the true color, almost coppery. I didn’t look at the tag but online says these are “spot clean”. Not sure what you would do if they got a stain on them.

If you are interested in the style but not this color, these also come in solid Linen. After trying these on, as much as I like the color, I am going to pass on them. I can’t seem to get into the Skorts. The only plus for them is they are a 3-inch inseam. Any longer and I don’t think they would look as cute. 
How do you feel about Skorts coming back? 

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It’s a little odd seeing April New Arrivals before mid-March; almost like seeing Christmas items in July. But that is what rolled out today at J Crew. To tease us that Spring is almost here, there’s a new pretty floral print, the Aquatic Floral. One of the Store Managers said there will be a new floral print each month. So far there has been the Retro Floral, Firework Floral, Graphic Peony Floral prints so that seems about right. I stopped by my store’s “First Look Event” in the evening and was disappointed in the planning and execution of it all but I’ll talk about that in a bit.

This one was really pretty in person. The aqua with the yellow and white was very Spring-like. The size 6 fit well on me so take your normal size. This has hidden buttons up the front and is a pull-over style. It definitely pops with white bottoms. I also liked it with the black Lace Trim Short. This shirt style comes in Solid colors and Pin Dot, neither of which I saw in my store. 

~ Slouchy Boardwalk Pant, White, size 6 ~
These are a Tencel/Linen blend pant with a partial elastic waist. They feel a little like linen but I’m assuming the Tencel will help it wrinkle less. The size 6 fit well but then I tried on the size 8, below, and that fit just as well; maybe just a little bit looser. I liked the fit and feel of these but not sure about the elastic waist. In the 6, I still have to un-hook, un-button and un-zip to get them off. I can slide them over my hips in the size 8. You can see the 28-inch inseam goes all the way to the floor with some bunching at the ankle on me. 
~ Slouchy Boardwalk Pant, Quartz Grey, size 8 ~
I thought the color would be Mint-something but instead are Quartz Grey. They look minty. The Aquatic Floral print looks good with it too. The pockets do lay a little flatter in the size 8. 
Wearing with the Marlow Mules in Seashore Beige.
Now, about the “First Look” “event”…I have no idea what VPS were on hand to help me. My VPS nor the other VPS I know were there. I have no idea who the other ones are but no one was identified as one. I wasn’t offered a “snack” until I was leaving. Not sure if they were there in the beginning. The only thing to identify it was an event was a large “First Look, New Arrivals” sign at the front of the store. 
I understand there are budget constraints and such but don’t send an email inviting me to come to the store and then fall flat on it. It was a beautiful evening to get out and the weather was pretty mild. I would open the doors. Add balloons at the front entry. Snacks should be in the middle of the store with water bottles. I have no idea where they were. Finally, there was no promo like there has been in the past at these “events”. Usually there’s a “Spend $150, get 20% off” or something like that. If there was a promo like that I was not informed. Shirts were 25% off but that only included button-downs and not the Sleeveless Silk Shell or any others like it. Shorts may have been on promo but only certain ones.
The weather has been so crappy lately and yesterday evening was one of the nicer ones. There were so many people out and about but unless you walked in the store and saw the sign at the front, you would have no idea an event was going on. I was just disappointed completely which carried over to the try-ons and eventual non-purchase of anything. They need to take a few leads from Anthropologie or Madewell. Those events are just so much more entertaining. 
I liked the new stuff but not enough to pay full-price for any of them. Only one item, which I’ll review later in the week, is warranted enough for a full-price purchase for me. I am afraid it will sell out so I’ve already ordered it. If it lasts to a promo then I’ll re-order or try to get a PA with my VPS. 

So, what do you think of the new Aquatic Floral print? What about the new arrivals? Anything you have to have now?

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Wow! It looks like a lot of the January roll-out has been added to sale, including my favorite skinny pants, the Slim Cargo Pant. I wore them the other night for a short Happy Hour and dinner with Husband he said I looked great in them! I hadn’t washed them yet and they were pretty baggy on me. I re-ordered the Grey, but in a size 4, as well as the Navy. These were not marked Final Sale on my order so they could be returned if the dressing room size 4 fit was a fluke.

I have been desperately waiting for the Cashmere Sweatpants to go on sale. I have worn my Grey pants all Winter and ordered them in Heather Acorn this time. Of course, had I paid attention, I would have noticed the Heather Mineral. How pretty are those?

I returned the Sleeveless Beaded Zip Top and have no urge to purchase it on sale. I just couldn’t get past the zippers on the side, knowing that trend is fading fast. It’s a shame because I really loved the beaded front. I also ordered the Cece Ballet Flat in Metallic Silver. I have a few different styles of Silver/Metallic flats but the Ceces are always my go-to shoe.

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It also looks like most, if not all, of the Firework Floral items are now on sale.

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During the previous 25% off promo, I ordered the Crepe Maxi Dress in Ruby. I love the two Silk Crepe Maxidresses I have from last year, in Black and Brilliant Blueberry, especially when I found the perfect slip for them. I also happened to catch the Reese Pant in Graphic Peony on promo yesterday for $79.50 plus the % off so I ordered the Petite 8 to see if the length might be a little shorter. I really liked them, even with the lining. I keep thinking of wearing them with metallic shoes and a white linen top or chambray top. Bonus that they were not Final Sale.

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Are you going to shop this sale or wait for a further mark-downs?

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My VPS made me try on this track pant. I wasn’t a fan of them on the hanger and only a little less when I tried them on. They are cute and apparently there’s a mens’ version of this pant too. But, I think they best on someone with slim hips and thighs. I avoid “tapers at the leg” because of the ice-cream-cone look. As far as fit, I went with a size 6 and that fit well. There wasn’t any pulling at the hips and the waist has a drawstring so no issues there. The ankle is elastic but you can’t tell so much on me as the length is at the floor. 
I was very interested in these Chambray Pants when they came out online. The Chambray is very lightweight and will make a great pant for Summer. I did notice when putting them on that they were tight on my calf when I flexed. “That’s odd”, is what I thought to myself. They fit well in the size 6 but felt a little tight when I moved around. 

I decided to sit down to see how they fit since they felt snug upon movement. Sure enough, the cotton-linen-denim material is not very stretchy and really tight on my thighs and calves. This means I would have to size up to an 8 and have them tailored in the length. The elastic hem already hits the floor so I would need to decide if I wanted to salvage that or just crop it off. And since I already have the Chambray pant from the Factory from last year, it would look like I had two pairs, though slightly different in color. I was really disappointed these didn’t fit overall. And they do not come in Petite sizing either. I do suggest taking your true size in pants unless you have more athletic legs, then you may want to size up.

I was very interested in the print and texture of the pant but there was only a size 6 to try on. I definitely need an 8 in these since I couldn’t even button them. I might even Petite 10 because they are pretty slim. Overall a pass for me. Try these on if you can and probably size up one. 
I loved the Midi Skirt in this print but knew it wouldn’t work for me due to the length so I was very happy to see this also came in a short. I originally thought the eyelet border was navy but it’s actually black. The background of the eyelet is pink. I haven’t wavered from a size 8 in shorts for several years now and that is still the case with these shorts. I really liked the short and can see why the Midi Skirt is getting great reviews online.
Of everything I tried on, I bought the Punched-Out Eyelet Short. It’s the one thing I know I’ll wear through the Spring and Summer. 

Have you tried on any of these items? What do you think about the fit of the Cuffed Lightweight Pant in Chambray?

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