I wanted to get the pictures up of these two dresses in case anyone is looking at these or on the fence about purchasing them. I was able to get both with the last 30% off.

First up is the Sequin Fete’ Dress. Slastena wears is so very well here (scroll down). This runs TTS and I am wearing a 6. Currently there are a 6, 8 and 10 left online for $99.99, down from $275.

Next up is the Lace Blouson Dress in Black. DaniBP just blogged about it today. I ordered a 6, since that was the same as the Striped Blouson I purchased a few weeks ago. I could probably size up to an 8 for a looser fit but I’m going to think about it for another day or two. It’s currently on sale for $110, down from $158. Right now, all sizes are currently available in both colors and in petite sizing as well. I love how this can be casual with sandals like the online pic or you can dress it up with heels and a sparkle-y necklace/jewelry.

Hope these pictures help!
Have a great day!

I went by J Crew, for what now seems like my weekly visit, to scope out the new arrivals of Summer II. I received a call from my PS and the store did get the Linen Swoon Skirt so I told her to pull the size 8 in hopes that it would fit better than the 6.

Linen Swoon Skirt – 8 – This is still sitting at my belly-button but not as tight. I wasn’t about to size to a 10 so I returned my original purchase. I’m sure this skirt will work for someone but unfortunately that person is not me.

Floral Peasant Blouse, #44121, Indigo, Size 6 – Very Anthro-esque. This was very loose and blouse-y.

Accordion Dress in Super 120s, $250, #36525, Warm Buff (also comes in Dark Heather Grey), 4 – This is such a beautiful dress. I was drawn to it on the website and this was a return to the store. The 4 was a great fit and the 6 would be too loose. This is so light weight and I love the pleating on this. I don’t need any formal work pieces but if this hits sale I may get the dark color.

Mirabel Pencil Skirt, $128, #42825, Faded Black Sand, 6 – You know me and JC pencil skirts are besties but since I have the dress in this color I decided to pass on the skirt.
Silk Blythe Blouse, $98, #37871, Poppy, 6 – A lovely silk blouse and the poppy color has a little bit of a pink tone to it. It’s not red red but more of a pinkish red in person. I know it looks more coral/salmon in my photos.

Back of Mirabel Pencil Skirt

Rumi Dress, $118, #42820, Poppy, 6 – Personally, this is not my style but is a cute dress with a built in belt but the sleeves were giving me fits as well and the low v-neckline.

Cece Suede Ballet Flats, $128, #46198, Wild Berry, 7 – Totally love this color and was happy to find it in store. The Sapphire color is just as stunning in person as it is online.

FAVORITE TRY-ON OF THE DAY (maybe even year!)
Stripe Blouson Dress, $148, #42822, Black (also Azalea/Pink), 6 – You know how “they” say horizontal stripes make you look wider. “They” are so wrong. I am very used to the mirrors at my B&M store and they do not give off an illusion (or delusion) of making you look slimmer. This dress is so pretty and silky and slimming. I didn’t want to take it off.

Featherweight Cotton Cardigan, $62, #41103, Moroccan Yellow, M – My PS had this paired with the black Mirabel Dress in my dressing room but I like it with the Blouson Dress. It has lovely tortoise buttons and is super-lightweight and comes in 12 other colors.

There were lots of other new items in store but I only had a little time to try on things that interested me.

Have a great day!

All these bright colors this Spring/Summer are really appealing to me. I “swooned” (hee hee) over this skirt in the Casablanca Blue when I first saw it online. I kept it in my shopping cart for about a week before pulling the trigger. I had to see it IRL and couldn’t wait for my store to get this lovely blue.

It arrived Monday and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I ordered the size 6 and am currently wearing it at my belly button, which is not good. I have no room and tucking in the tee I was wearing didn’t help with the breathing situation. Because I am wearing it so high on my waist it looks to be shorter on me than it really should be. I would have to size to an 8 for a better fit and length.

This has a back zip and the bow on the side is faux. There is pleating all around the waist but I don’t think it gives it any excess volume, especially if you’re a “hippy” girl like me.

The name is the “Linen Swoon Skirt” but this is not 100% linen. This is a linen/cotton blend and does feel more thick cotton-y than linen, IMO, almost like a twill.

I’m on the fence with this one. I need to try the 8 to be sure and possibly see it in the black as well.

I know I’m a little late but I was finally able to head to Target to see the new Calypso collection. There was plenty of items and sizes in all departments in the Target I went to, including the cute little elephant teapots in both colors. I really wanted them but have no use for them and don’t have knick-knacks around the house or kitchen.

Also plenty of Miss Trish sandals…

Then I headed over to J Crew. I really wanted to get the Olive Linen Perfect Shirt since it wasn’t online. While there I found the Modern Red color as well. Loving this color right now and only one size 6 left so I bought that too.

Both Size 6 (flash)

(no flash)
On me, paired with Plaid shorts #45063

I also found the Silk Serenade Dress in Deep Lagoon, marked down to $29.99 from $138, while online it is still $69.99. For that price, the Spicy Guava also tempted me, but alas, it wasn’t in my size. I’ll add another tank underneath for the summer and a cardigan for the fall/winter.

Size 6

They were gathering up items that hadn’t been selling to send to other stores. One of those was the Seersucker Pencil Skirt. The SA looked in his stack for a 6 and I brought it home with me. The rest were on their way to one of the New York stores.

Lastly, I was intrigued by the Silk Henley Top when I saw it online. It’s currently on sale for $59.50 online and in-stores. I regret not getting the Popsicle Pink in the Retro Shell so I tried this on in a 6 (I think). After seeing the Chic Chauffeur in the Melon Spice I may have to go back and get that color too. I have been looking for more dressy-casual tops to wear in the summer other than my embellished tees. And I like that the sleeves are not quite sleeveless, with a little coverage over my shoulders.

Silk Henley Top, 6
Seersucker Pencil Skirt, 6
Have a Great day!

This is such a cute dress. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect white dress for a while now. I purchased the Carly Ruffle Dress last year in white but have never worn it. I guess I really couldn’t get past the layered ruffles. But this dress, well, it’s definitely going to be worn.

The receipt says it’s the Channing Embroidered Bib Dress. The style number is also different, 51534 vs 42781 for the Mirabel Dress and 42968 for the Siesta Dress. They are all the same style and cut – empire waist, shirred A-line skirt, cap-like sleeves. The Mirabel Dress comes in Muslin Poppy and Faded Black Sand and is $148.

The Siesta Dress color is White Indigo and is like a lightweight seersucker. I’ve tried this one on before but I guess I failed to post the pic. The Siesta has neon yellow embroidered at the sleeves. I tried this on in a 6 and the fit was good. I still had a little room in the waist and the shoulders nor bust weren’t snug. Because of this I would say it fits TTS. It is $138.

Tried on with a neon yellow belt.
I saw the Mirabel over the weekend online. I ordered the black because I couldn’t get over the style and embroidered design. I was just walking by the dresses in-store today when I saw this white one. I knew it had to be the same dress, just a different colorway so I tried it on to make sure the size 6 I ordered was the right size. I chatted up the online PS to get measurements but forgot to write them down to give to you. This dress fits the same as the Siesta so it is TTS. I added the Jade green belt for a little color. Love it! (This is $148 as well.)

Now I can’t wait until my black dress gets here. And, um, yeah…anyone want a White Ruffled Carly Dress, Size 6, $65 shipped?