There were several things I purchased this year I really liked and enjoyed wearing (all J Crew pencil skirts) but my most favorite purchase was the J Crew Bisbee Satchel in Summer Hyacinth.

I have used it daily since I bought it. I changed it out at the beginning of December for the J Crew Campo bag I have and the Buena Notte bag but will be back to the Bisbee again this week. I have brought the CPW down to $1 a day, just through November. It transitioned well into Spring, Summer and Fall and is just a great bag.

I love it and it was my most favorite purchase all year.

I’ve been struggling with what I really want to buy during this 30% off promo at J Crew. I have been lusting over the Wool Origami Sheath Dress since it first popped up online.

But I have also been eyeing the Heidi Dress in Prince of Wales Wool. The two-tone really intrigued me. Online says it’s catalog and online only but my store had it along with the Wool Flannel.

So I decided to go to the store to try on the Heidi Dress. There are some new SAs and Personal Shoppers and there’s one girl who is so helpful. Each time I’ve been in and given her something to start a fitting room I find several outfits when I arrive, accessories included. Most of the time I’m not interested in the extra stuff due to time constraints and they are just not my style but I really appreciate the effort.

Anyway, I tried on the Heidi in a 6 and 8. The 6 was a perfect fit and the 8 was a little looser but still a good fit. The PS also brought me the Super 120s Petale’ Dress in Black. It was $49.99 in-store, plus the 30% off. I tried the 6 and it fit great. I didn’t even bother with the 8. It’s a shift dress with and I had the PS bring a belt. It totally change the shape of the dress. I loved it.

So here are the IRLs of the two dresses along with a few other things I bought online last week with the 25% off.

Heidi Dress

Super 120s Petale Dress
Petale’ Dress belted
Double-Serge Stripe Pencil Skirt
Size 8 – Fits perfectly…I normally wear a 6 in JC Pencil Skirts. That size was sold out so I got the 8 and I’m glad I did. A 6 would have been returned.
Worn with JC Black Cashmere Tee
Flannery Peep-Toe Mary Janes
The material, it’s like a quilt, which I’m not a big fan of, but this skirt is lovely.
And…Merry Christmas to me.
Buena Notte Bag – There were two in-store, returns, and it is gorgeous. Sammy, the cat, ruined my dressy black clutch. I think this will do nicely as a great substitute.

I hope the pics helped if you’re still deciding on any items.

Have a great evening.

I thought this was such a cute skirt when I saw it online. I even tried it on in the store and bought it but I have realized I do not like the gathering on the left side. It makes the skirt feel even shorter than it already is.

This is a Size 8. I tried on the 6 but wanted it to sit on my hips.

I am sure this will look great with leggings or tights but since I have the Cypress Plaid Skirt, this one is going back.

And a little boring. And I have a confession.

I broke the shopping ban that’s part of the remix. I’m still trying to stay true to the rest of the remix but when I put on one of the items (usually a top and usually a tee) I see a cardigan or skirt that would go well with it I almost cave and break the remix.

So here’s what I broke the ban on. J Crew, of course. I couldn’t stay away from the extra 30% off. I just went in to do some returns and came out with this.

I have no will power but it was too good of a deal to pass up. It was in-store on sale for $159.99. There’s still a size 8 in the camel at that price. I wish that color would have fit. (J Crew La Cantera, San Antonio, TX if you’re interested.) Then it was 30% off on top of that. I quickly did the math. I’m not stupid, maybe crazy and have no will-power. A fantastic gorgeous coat for $125 (w/tax) that I will wear only a handful of times a year but it’s a classic. Ugh, if only it had been in the camel in a 6.

And then…yes there’s more…I went in again to do another return (stupid 30 day return policy) and The Boy had grease on his shirt (!?!?!) from lunch. He actually asked if he could go find another shirt to buy, WHILE IN J CREW. WITH URBAN OUTFITTERS ACROSS THE ROAD!!! I was so proud of my guy. He found a black Jaspe polo all my himself. And it was only $14.99.

I have days 12, 13, 14 outfits coming up.

Here’s a cute little skirt that seems to only be in-stores at J Crew right now. As soon as I saw it on Ema I knew I needed to try it on.

I’m wearing a size 6 with this. I don’t think an 8 would have given me any more length due to the thick elastic waist band. This style/cut is similar to the Tie-Dye Wednesday skirt. I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this skirt, especially with tights and flat boots.

Worn with J Crew Denim Perfect Shirt
Size: 6
Style #: 32456
Color: RED

As I type we have a cool front blowing in. Yesterday was 90 degrees! and today will be in the 70s. Is Fall finally in South Texas? I sure hope so.

Have a great day!