The Isabelle’s are my favorite Factory shoe. The 3-inch heel height is very manageable and the insole is surprisingly well cushioned. I was waiting and hoping to see if the Green Lattice print would be made in the Isabelle but so far it’s not. But the latest offering of the Isabelle are very gorgeous, especially IRL. I always take a size 7 in the Isabelle. Though you’ll see a little gaping at the heel, I’ve found that the size 6 1/2 is too snug at the front of the foot though it fits in the length. I ordered both the Raffia and the Navy/Ivory stripe soon after they showed up online. See the pics below.

The Raffia is a similar pattern as the Isabelle in Ikat. I have no idea what I will wear them with yet but I love these. They are completely different from anything I have both in pattern and material. 
~ Isabelle Printed Bow Pumps, Navy/Ivory , size 7 ~
I have these in the Red/Navy stripe from last Summer and though I’ve only worn them a handful of times, still love them. I was excited to see they came in a Navy/Ivory stripe though, oddly, my box says Black/Ivory. 
I absolutely love both pair. I am trying to make outfits with them now so they don’t just sit in my closet and look pretty. 

Have you seen or tried either of these Isabelle Pumps?

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I waited two days before wearing these Isabelle Bow Pumps even though I was going crazy knowing I had them. Thank the weather for that. But Thursday was a beautiful day and required these shoes to be worn.

Keating Boy Blazer in Linen, J Crew Factory ~
~ White Denim Jeans, Express (J CrewGAP) ~
Isabelle Printed Bow Pumps, J Crew Factory ~
So far, for Week 2 I’ve learned that I need a new pair of white jeans. I bought these from Express waaaaay back in 2006 when I still a skinny-minnie and could wear low-rise jeans. Jump to my almost 42-year-old self and mid-rise jeans are high on my radar. As soon as I find a new pair of white jeans that are 1) mid-rise but not mom jeans, 2) thick enough that you can’t see through them, 3) just skinny enough and 4) ankle length I will find a new home for these. I’m glad I stuck with this week’s remix even with the weather challenge. 
Have a Great Weekend!

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Shoes-day #2!

The J Crew Factory Isabelle Printed Bow Pumps sold out pretty quickly upon arrival to the website but is now back in full stock, though Final Sale.

I ordered my normal size 7 and they are a perfect fit. I think these will work nicely into my Capsule Remixes, especially during Black and White week. 
They have a man-made sole and lining but the lining is padded very well. These are definitely a keeper. 
Have a Great Evening!

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