Throughout my latest reviews I’ve been wearing the Gemma Glitter Flat. I haven’t been looking for new shoes lately but these sparkling beauties caught my eye.

I felt these fit TTS to just slightly loose. I don’t think they’ll fall off but they felt a little like they were already stretched out. They feel wide but I don’t think I could size to a 6 1/2 as the length fit fine.
Though the name states “glitter” these are made with metallic silver and gold thread. I thinks that’s much better than actual glitter as you won’t be leaving a trail of sparkles wherever you go.

Before I found my Kate Spade Blair Heels I was looking for a sparkly dressier flat. I couldn’t find one I liked but three years later, the Gemma Glitter Flats are the flats I was looking for.

These were included in the 25% off SALETREAT promo so my store honored the discount for these.

Happy Shoes-Day!

Next up are the Ryder Pants with some top options. They are feeling the love in the reviews. Let’s take a look at how they do in this review.

~ Leopard Sweatshirt ~
~ Leopard Sweatshirt, Medium, #E4458, $69.50 ~
This looks like it could be a retail only item, at least for now. My VPS saw it as boxes were being unpacked and gave me one to try on. She originally thought it was Crewcuts but it’s for Women. The Medium fit well, with the sleeves being a little bunchy. There’s also a drop-shoulder seam but it wasn’t annoying. If you wanted something more slouchy than the Tippi Leopard Sweater then this is what you need. There’s also a Collection Cashmere Sweater that is similar to this sweatshirt.

Now, I do think of Gigi (WWGGD) on items like this and wonder if I can find something similar at Forever 21 or H&M. At this time, I don’t see anything but I could see this at either store as well as it going to the Factory next year.

~ Lightweight Jackie Cardigan in Wool, Academic Green, Medium ~
I hadn’t paid attention to this cardigan when it first came out but my VPS put this in the fitting room and I immediately noticed the gold buttons. I thought it was a nice touch especially since the cotton Jackie Cardigan buttons break and fall off all the time. I see to be in the minority on the gold buttons though as most reviewers don’t like them.

This Wool Jackie fits TTS and I like this color. I do have a Cashmere Cardigan I purchased from a sale last year that is the same color. But it’s nice to know I like the Wool Jackie and will look to it if I need another wool cardigan.

I have a Jenna V-Neck Cardigan in Black (Gigi Review) and the similarity between these two is the gold buttons. I’d rather have gold buttons than cheap plastic ones that break apart after the first wash, sometimes before that. At least they won’t break and I can sew it back on.

This was high on my list to see in person and possibly purchase and it didn’t disappoint. I love the print and colors of it IRL. The size 6 fit well on me. There’s no pulling across the chest, which is what I look at when trying on sleeveless tops.

And, I did confirm the material is 100% Silk. All I’m wearing these days are my silk tops.

Ryder Pant, Bittersweet Chocolate, size 8 ~
I have no need for more pants but wanted to try these on since they went well a few things I brought into the fitting room. The size 8 fit well but you can see that the length will need to be hemmed for me. I tucked the right leg (your left view) under and the other is bunched. These have plenty of stretch to them and though they will probably get looser with wear, I wouldn’t size to a 6, maybe an 8 Petite. And the Bittersweet Chocolate is a very nice color IRL.

I had not read the reviews before trying these on and one of the main complaints is the folding and creasing at the hips and the knees. You can see it’s pretty pronounced on me in both places. Other reviewers are stating that these are not holding up well after a few washes (machine wash). They are pilling and is seems the elastane used for the stretch is starting to show up like hair on the pants. These are currently at a 58% recommendation and I have to agree with the reviews, particularly on the crease and folds. I don’t even have the pockets open so I’m sure that will add to the issue. Maybe I need to try the 8 Petite but I’ll pass on these instead.

All of these items are included in the SALETREAT promo of 25% off. The in-store promo of 25% was for all tops – shirts, sweaters, tees, etc. – so the sweatshirt is included in that. I did purchase the Sleeveless Drapey Popover Shirt since it does fit into what I’m wearing now.

What are your thoughts on the Ryder Pant? Anyone else feel the same way as most of the reviewers?

Here’s the second option I tried on of the Violet Poppy print, the A-Line Mini Skirt. I reviewed the Patio Pant in that print here.

~ Sleeveless Drapey Shirt, Ivory, size 8 ~
~ Gemma Glitter Flat, size 7 ~
I’ve tried this on several times and the size 6 fits much better. I keep thinking I don’t have a need for this shirt but then during casual days I feel like I need another solid top or two.

~ Relaxed Wool Turtleneck Sweater with Ribbed Trim, Small, Bright Orchid ~

I need to adjust this sweater a little better but I like the fit of the Small, even with the drop-shoulder seam. I tried to capture the true color but the online image seems to be pretty accurate. It goes very well with this skirt.
~ A-Line Mini Skirt in Violet Poppy, size 8 ~

I wear an 8 in mini skirts and this fit well. I felt this skirt was a bit high-waisted as the top hit above my natural waistline. The length still hit just above the knee. There are some subtle colors in the poppy to pull and wear on top including yellow ad green.
I’m such a super fan of this print and have plans to wear it with the Gemma Glitter Flats and my Bronson Booties from a few years ago.
All the Violet Poppy options…

I found several colors to wear with the Violet Poppy print. The Wool Blazer in Olive Green is a little questionable but might work.

I bought the skirt over the Patio Pants, since I wear skirts more but now I’m questioning my purchase. It seems ridiculous for someone who’s daily wear is jeans, flats, and a top to buy a skirt and pant in the same print but it’s really in my head.

What do you think of the Violet Poppy print? What colors would you pick to wear on top? Do you think I made the right decision in getting the Skirt over the Pants?

“I don’t need another pair of pants. I don’t need another pair of pants.” That was my mantra as I fell in love with the Patio Pant in Violet Poppy.

~ Tippi Sweater, Lemon Zest, Medium ~
This was one of the styling ideas my store had set out for the First Look event. I would not have paired this color with the pants but after a little closer look at the print, there is a subtle yellow-green color in the print.

I like the fit of the Medium, especially since I layered the Boy Shirt underneath. That fit TTS as well in my normal size 8. The Lemon Zest color is bright and I debated on whether or not to buy it. After my VPS and I talked about all the sweater colors I have already, I decided to wait on getting this color. I could probably find this cheaper somewhere else, especially since I may only wear it with these pants. We’ll see.

~ Patio Pant in Violet Poppy, size 8 ~
~ Gemma Glitter Flat ~

I tried on both the size 6 and 8. Since this is Polyester with no stretch the pant has no give. Because of that the size 6 was too tight. That makes me suspect the 8 Petite might not fit as well as I would prefer. The size 8 is a nice fit with the length about 1 1/2 inches above the floor on my 5’2″ frame. I would rather buy the size 8 and have them hemmed to be cropped instead of sizing to the Petite. But I like the length as is on these though they might look a little odd with heels instead of flats. Did I mention they are lined?

So, who’s a Seinfeld fan? Remember the episode where George bought a suit at a great price and it turned out the pants rustled when he walked? Yeah, these are George’s pants. Not as exaggerated but the Poly material makes a little noise when you walk. I probably wouldn’t hear the end of it from Husband.

All the Violet Poppy options…

I don’t need another pair of pants but these are so lovely. It’s the print really so I’ll have a review of the A-Line Mini Skirt in Violet Poppy tomorrow, along with several color-styling options.

Happy Shopping!