I’m exhausted but here are a couple of outfits I wore while in training this week. I also stopped by the J Crew Factory Store so I’ll have a few pics up later.

J Crew Saturday Sweater, S – Marled Bluegrass
Gap Essential Jeans, 6
J Crew Penelope Peep-Toe – Gray, Blue, Yellow

I was lucky enough to snag this dress off ebay and absolutely love it! I wore a little navy cami underneath and was originally going to wear my navy heels but the TOMS felt right with the dress.

Have a great evening!

I literally ran in to J Crew on Thursday to grab a birthday present for my mom and glanced at all the new arrivals for Spring. I was able to immediately find a great pearl necklace for her with a stone design attached. I wish I had taken a pic. Here are a few things I found.

Ripple Stripe Pencil Skirt – Black – Sz 6
Fits TTS

Vintage Slub Striped Tee –  Sz M
Normally I wear a Medium in JC Tees but I am exchanging this for a Small. It seems to run a little big. See it on Ema here and AppGal here.

Candy Plaid Perfect Shirt – Green Moss – Size 8
Such a pretty green plaid. I always get an 8 due to the perfect shirts being a little snug in the shoulders and arms for me.

Metal Herringbone Schoolboy Blazer (on receipt) – Sz 6
Fits TTS

Close-up of the material/pattern (w/o flash)
And today’s OOTD…
Sweater: JC Cashmere V-Neck
Shirt: JC Candy Plaid Perfect Shirt (from above)
Jeans: JC Ankle Stretch Toothpick in Cherish Wash – This is the lighter wash of the Ankle Stretch Toothpick. 
Shoes – GAP City Flat in Patent Olive Green! New colors in patent are so cute! I have several colors and can wear with a 7 or 7 1/2 without issue. 

Have a great evening! I have some pics from Anthro try-ons I am just trying to find the time to get them organized.

It’s been awhile. I’m still here but I just couldn’t do the remix any longer for a few reasons. I have to say it is an amazing challenge but I should have been a bit more thoughtful in my selections. Also, the weather changed significantly on Thanksgiving Day. And, I am just not much of an accessorizer, which is a major part of this challenge. I have lots of them – scarves, rings, necklaces, but I rarely wear them. Maybe if shoes were not included but used as an accessory I could have stuck with it.

BUT…to you other remixers out there – keep it going. I love seeing your outfits!

Here are days 12, 13 & 14 as promised last week.

And here’s today’s outfit. I thought I’d pick a different setting for my pics today so I grabbed the tri-pod and went out to my front yard.

Sweater, Skirt, Belt, Tights: All J Crew
Boots: Steve Madden

And I had an audience. All does, no bucks.

Have a great day everyone. I am enjoying our cooler temps and happy to finally be able to wear my sweaters, tights and boots!

I’m still here and still remixing. I have had a busy week but have been trying to stay loyal to the remix. I did make a change/swap. Someone turned on the A/C in South Texas so I wasn’t well prepared with any long-sleeved casual wear (i.e.-tees).

Day 7…So I traded out the J Crew Fox Tee for a J Crew Perfect Fit Tee in Navy. We had a front blow through and it was a bit chilly.

Tee: J Crew Perfect Fit Tee
Boots: Steve Madden Inragee
Day 8…Office Visit
Sweater: JC Cashmere Cody
Jeans: GAP Curvy
Belt: JC
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pump in Porcini (similar here)
Necklace: JC

Day 9…Office Visit (I didn’t feel comfortable in this outfit. I was very self-conscious about these pants/my legs/butt.)

Shirt: JC Factory Perfect Shirt
Pants: JC Bi-stretch Wool Minnie
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Necklace: JC Factory Pearls

Day 10…I forgot to take a picture but it was nothing to write about. It was the JC Imperial Tee with my Gap Boyfriend Jeans and my Wicked Good slippers. I just wanted comfort.

Day 11…Ladies Luncheon

Sweater: JC Cashmere Cody
Boots: Steve Madden Inragee
Tights & Belt: JC

I have 6 items have I yet to wear in my remix.

Have great day!

I organized my closet so that all of my remix pieces are right in front of me when I go to pick something out. While doing this I saw all the things that would go great with some of my remix pieces. Only 25 days to go.

Here’s Day 4 & 5…My days really are super-casual.

Top: J Crew Silk Tiered Cami
Jeans: J Crew Ankle Matchstick
Shoes: Steve Madden Trouser

Check me out…getting a little brave and adding an accessory.

J Crew Necklace

I was in my workout clothes for most of the day until I finally showered (I know “ewww” and “TMI”).

Blouse: J Crew Chiffon Cecelia Cami
Jeans: GAP Destructed Boyfriend
Shoes: GAP City Flat

Coming up…A possible family date day/night tomorrow.

Fitness: I’m still doing my best to be BFF’s with Jillian. I did Level 1 on Monday and switched it up to Level 2 on Tuesday. I like that level a lot more so I’m sticking with it for a while. I think Level 1 wasn’t as challenging and those stupid jumping jacks…ugh…hate them. I now have Husband using the DVD too! He realized his workout didn’t include cardio. I had a bad food day Wednesday and last night. I had a Coke…and Chik-Fil-A. I haven’t had a Coke in 3 weeks. It tasted salty. Odd, huh? I’ll be on the scale on Sunday and we’ll see what’s happened after 2 weeks. I am feeling better and I can see a little difference in my belly.

How are you doing?