Unlike many of you, who switch out your closet to flow with the weather changes in your area, I have to be prepared for daily changes in weather.

For example, I wore the gorgeous Cashmere Bateau Sweater in Stripe on Thursday with my GAP Essential Jeans and Bronson Suede Booties in Black. I added the Velvet Schoolboy Blazer in Black for the evening.

These jeans have been my favorite for a long time and they have held up well.

The Velvet Schoolboy Blazer from last year for a little nip in the air.

On Friday, I was at the opposite end of the thermometer so I grabbed my Cap Sleeve Column Dress and Kate Spade Kiki’s to run errands and hit the salon. There are still a few of these dresses left and at a great price too. I really love the Column Dress that Bailey 44 seems to do every season. I’m glad they started making a knee length version too.

Speaking of “Kiki”…


Today, we’re hitting warm temps again so a mini skirt and tee will do nicely for the day. This is an embellished Loft tee with the Surf Tweed Charter Skirt and Bright Dahlia/Wild Berry color accents with the Belt and Cece Suede Flats.

A little trim and lovely highlights from my Friday salon visit.

I am lucky enough to have a larger closet to keep everything out all year. I only store away the Cashmere and heavier knit sweaters in March but they are easily accessible in the closet if needed for a nippy Spring day.
Have a Great Day!

GAP had a 30% off sale a few weeks ago, which is where I picked up the Dotted Wrap Dress. I also added the Chambray Shirtdress to my bag.  It came in a red chambray as well so be on the look-out for it in store. 

I have on a Size Medium and it fits TTS for me. That’s the size I usually get in GAP clothing unless the reviews (Ahem…J Crew) state otherwise. I added a J Crew belt from a few years ago and my Brass Tacks Wedges from Anthropologie. The belt has some studding going around the back so it goes well with the wedges. I met some friends for dinner and a wonderful outdoor pizza restaurant near my house. It was perfect for the breezy weather we had that day.
I must say that I imagined two specific bloggers in this dress. DaniBP, who can rock a frock like no one else and AppGal, who would look darling in this dress while educating our youth. 
Unfortunately, both colors of this dress are sold-out online but I have seen these popback and also in stores so check or call your local GAP.
Have a Great Day!

Here are a few OOTDs from last week. This first outfit I loved! I’ve had this belt for years and love it. It can be reversed so the multi-buckles are at the back. The skirt was so comfortable to wear and the weather was nice enough to be cozy but not too warm. Unfortunately, this skirt had a big issue. After I took it off, I noticed the seam where the waistband meets the skirt had come unraveled. There was at least a 5 inch hole in the skirt! The seam was stitched with the same merino wool it’s made out of and apparently any slight tugging or pulling on it made it come undone. I had to return it. If any of you have this skirt just be aware of the stitching. I don’t need anything falling apart for $128. And it’s too bad because I was eyeing the black skirt as well.

J Crew Silkspun Sweater
J Crew Merino Pleated Skirt
Corso Como Boots
Anthropologie Belt

One of my favorite shirts from J Crew. I have it in the Almond color as well. It runs big so I was able to size to a small in this. The purple is gorgeous IRL. And of course, my Cece Ballet Flats don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into. They will be my work-horse flats for most of the Fall and Winter. I’m glad I have multiples!

J Crew Silk and Sequins Scoopneck
GAP Curvy Jeans
J Crew Cece Ballet Flats

I wore this to a wedding shower on Saturday. The Bride-to-Be was gorgeous in a Shoshanna dress. My fashionable NYC prima wore the Nanette Lepore Cafe Sheath Dress (see on Chloe here) (LOVE!!!) for her engagement pictures. The Blouson Dress is a favorite dress style of mine. I have the lace in both colors as well as the stripe in black. The Royal Paisley does not disappoint. I was excited to see I have so many cardigan and sweater options for it, including this Jackie in Buttercup…perfect match!

J Crew Jackie in Buttercup
J Crew Blouson Dress in Royal Paisley
Cole Haan Mary Janes

No OOTDs so far for this week. Husband has been home ruining my daily groove but I’ll give him a pass. He’s been sick for 7!!! weeks and now has shingles. Poor hubby. Luckily I’ve had chicken pox and The Boy has been vaccinated for them. But there is no kissing going on ’round here right now. I’m too busy to be sick. Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I’m busy every weekend starting now but I love this time of year.

Have a Great evening! I’ll be back with more reviews this week from that crazy 25% off sale. I am certainly shopped out. Luckily I’m not into all the Black Friday shopping. I go, but only to be my mom’s chauffeur. I can do a curb-side drop-off and then find a parking spot in BFE and not have anyone complain about how far they have to walk. I also run packages back to the car so our hands are not full of bags. And now that I’m old enough and have my “own” money, I can go eat anytime I want. My brother and I would starve for hours begging to go eat while she was in a zone shopping. Of course, I’m exaggerating…only slightly. Those marathon shopping trips my mom took us on is probably why I like to shop alone. Fun times.

Do you ever pair the same print together and wear them at the same time? I have done that for the past two days.
Exhibit A

Cardigan: J Crew Factory Vintage Zebra Stripe Cardigan
Skirt: J Crew Factory Vintage Zebra Stripe Mini
Tank: J Crew Perfect Fit Flower Tank in Gray
TOMS Glitter Shoes

Exhibit B

Cardigan: J Crew Factory Evening Primrose Cardigan
Skirt: J Crew Factory Evening Primrose Belle Skirt
Tank: J Crew Perfect Fit Flower Tank in Burnished Olive
GAP City Flat in Purple

But I’m not alone in this. J Crew has matched the same print together as well. The first time I saw this image I thought “What an interesting dress?” But it’s actually the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley and the Talia Top in Royal Paisley (either that or a sweater in the print that hasn’t reached online yet.)

Have you ever dressed in the same print, as separates, top and bottom? 

I am thoroughly enjoying my summer despite the 100 degree weather. Hence the lack of posting. But I’ve been taking pictures and here they are.

Skirt: J Crew Garden Skirt, Sage, 6
Espadrilles: Christian Louboutin

Dress: J Crew Silk Serenade Dress, Deep Lagoon, 6
Cardigan: J Crew Jackie, Bavarian Blue, S
Shoes: J Crew Joley Flat, Pink, 6 1/2 (ebay!)

Jeans: Gap, 6 (similar)
Shoes: J Crew Ballet Flat Cocodrillo, 7 (ebay!!)

Complete outfit remix from here

Shoes: Old Navy Denim Espadrilles

Blouse: Ann Taylor Twist Knot Front Top, Fruit Punch, S
Shoes: J Crew Capri, Pink Ombre, 7
Hope you’re having a great week! I’m on “stay-cation” and I’ve been super-busy. I’ll need a real vacation when I’m done. I haven’t stopped moving. Just this morning I drove 75 miles in my truck taking The Boy to Driver’s Ed, picking up a friend and dropping her off at my house, picking up The Boy and dropping him off at his strength and conditioning work-out, running errands while he’s doing that and then picking him up and going home. I am exhausted and it’s pretty much non-stop the rest of the week. It’s my birthday on Thursday and we’ll be going to my favorite restaurant with my whole (immediate) family. My brother is visiting from Singapore and my other brother and his family will be joining us as well. Then, on Saturday, we’ll have a birthday/hello-goodbye Brother/4th of July party. We try to have our 4th party on the Saturday before just so people are not travelling home so late on the 4th. Especially if they have to work the next day, which is the case this year. 
Have a great day!