Been by Anthro a few times and tried on a bunch of stuff. So here goes the “promised many times” Anthropologie Mega Post.

Dazzler Top – Corey Lynn Calter beautiful blue beaded blouse.

Odille Floral Wrap Blouse – Not sure of the actual name of this but for $9.95 and in my size (6) I couldn’t pass it up.

Bargello Tank, S, Orange Motif – Very comfortable and flowy. There are some gray panels that are very sheer so either some strategic tucking/belting or a tank under should be worn.

Garden Party Dress, 6 – Cute print but no shape.

Belted…a little better.

Pom Flower Shift – Size 8 – Love this and the fit was amazing…Pray it makes it to sale.

Martagon Sketch Halter Dress – Size 6 – Tight fit in the chest and waist. I’d size up to an 8 if I got it.

Magnified Corolla Dress – Size 6 – This was just odd on me. The side ruching and the uneven hem just threw me off.

Refined Rugby Dress – Size M – A shirtdress that was just meh…

Gull Wing Dress – Size 6 – I’m showing this even though “the girls” are prominent. If it wasn’t for the halter tie I would have gotten this. AMAZING!

Corey Lynn Calter Fluttering Obi Dress – Size 4 – At the time I tried this on the belt was sown to the dress. I had to take a seam ripper to it and carefully remove it to wear it like the picture. (see here)

Sing Sweetly Party Dress – Size 6 – I couldn’t get this zipped up the back. I would need an 8 but I stay away from strapless anyway. Cute print.

Glanz Dress – Size 8 – LOVE THIS DRESS!!! It’s a perfect fit!

Counting Angles Dress – Size S – A gorgeous linen dress that won’t look bad even when it get wrinkled. The fit was great.

Spring-Ready Dress – Size M – Very cute and also comes in green.

Emerald Wicklow Dress – Size M – So pretty and soft and comfy but too long for me.

Tuilieries Dress – Size 6 – The was a perfect fit at the chest. If I had a summer wedding shower this would be the dress to wear. Such a beautiful silk print.

Fountain of Youth – Size 6 – A beautiful fit and husband liked this one. The best part was a hook between the top two buttons so there was no gaping.

Fantastic Field Skirt – Size 8 – And the one thing I have been waiting to see and try on. It was o.k. once I tried it on. I didn’t love it like I did when I first saw it online. I’ll wait ’til a sale.

So there it is…finally. My Anthro try-ons. My wishlist is now full of other dresses, tops and skirts I need to search out and try-on.

Have a great evening.

I’ve been trying to figure out a new title for post for my OOTD’s other than “Quick Post” or “Today’s OOTD”. Please forgive my Spanish as I am not fluent. I certainly understand a lot more than I can speak and am try to re-learn it so I can help The Boy with his classes in the next few years. “Que Bella”, I have found, translates to “How beautiful”. I really wanted to have the word “bella” in it if I could so that’s what I’ve come up with. We’ll see how it goes.

Here’s what I wore Thursday and Friday. Thursday was quite a beautiful day. Gorgeous blue sky and sun everywhere. This is the Fluttering Obi Dress by Corey Lynn Calter from Anthropologie, size 4. When I tried on the dress the belt was stitched in the back so I had to take a seam ripper to it so that I could wear the belt the way it shows in the picture on the Anthro size. The only thing I don’t like about this dress is the sleeve. It is elastic and so if I push them up they are tight on my arm. I really loathe elastic on the arms but sometimes you have to suffer for fashion, right? The print is too pretty and did I mention it’s a size 4! I love when I can fit into my 20’s size! These are worn with my Steve Madden Inragee boots.

Friday was an equally gorgeous day – very Spring-like – and 75 degrees with a slight breeze. For me that meant a cardigan and for Husband that meant shorts and a t-shirt. I’m wearing J Crew Cashmere Cardigan in Cobblestone, J Crew Silk and Sequin Scoopneck Tee in Dark Plum (see the Almond color on Gigi here), GAP Essential Jeans and Prada Leopard flats. I had a salon appointment yesterday and, because I’m trying to grow out my hair, it’s not as short as I would probably like. But I’ll get there. Not sure where “there” is but I’ll figure it out soon enough.

So, can you tell where I’ve taken this picture? No? Well, I’m in a dressing room…at the J Crew Factory Store. I was able to swing by after my salon appointment and tried on a few things. I really wanted to see the Neapolitan skirt and shorts IRL and they did not disappoint. I’ll post pics later this weekend.

Have a great day!