This next set from Madewell include some random tops.

I like the look of this hoodie on the hanger but on me I thinks it’s a mess. I didn’t feel like me or very comfortable. It has too many things going on with it. The hoodie, which I forgot all about; the front pouch pocket; the short zipper in front along with the flap you can bring up and button. Not to mention the dropped shoulders that at least have the Fair Isle pattern matching with.

I liked the fit of this flannel shirt along with the gray and blue check pattern. It was just your standard fit, TTS. I’m not really into flannel shirts and currently don’t own any but I thinks it’s a good one to get. 

Linen for Fall is still weird to me. Both Madewell and J Crew are doing it and I’m not sure why. If not cared for properly the linen will shrink to doll-size. I should know as I’ve done it plenty of times. This shirt was just ok for me in general. As far as fit, you can see how tight the arms are but they are plenty long. I’d say this runs small but then sizing up one more would make the length and arms longer. The Linen Curveball Tee is meant for someone who’s not built like me.
~ Noir Sweatshirt, size??? ~
I forgot to take a picture of the tag but I want to say this is a Small. These looked pretty oversized on the hanger. I liked not only the comfort of this sweatshirt but the price. The dark gray is a nice color too. The “Noir” I think was faux leather but I wasn’t paying attention. sorry   Adding faux leather to the collar would have been a nice touch but probably would have jacked up the price about $30. 

Currently online only, Madewell is having a 25% off  “Wear Now” styles. Of the items I’ve reviewed, only the Boulevard Skirt is included in the promo. The Charley Boot in Night Vision is that navy boot I’ve been searching for. I also like the Texturework Cardigan in Marled Black as well as The Stockholm Tour Crop Sweatshirt. Lastly, I’d add the Silk Spotlight Shirt in Warm Bluegrass to my closet. I like quick and easy tops to wear alone or under cardis or sweaters. 

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