Last Saturday, I attended a family wedding. I specifically picked the Scalloped Dress to wear. I originally reviewed it here and loved it this time around as opposed to the Spring. I added my Etta Printed Cap Toe and my Pave’ Link Bracelet and Necklace.

Me and my Baby Brother
This was the first time I wore my Etta’s and had not planned on standing for 2 hours straight. That put a little more strain on my feet than I had anticipated and they were off as soon as I got in the car. I was good in them, standing, walking around and sitting, for about 3 1/2 hours so I think they will handle an 8 hour work day since I don’t stand all day. 
I love my new little LBD but I do have to be careful not to bend over. It’s a bit short, or so Husband tells me. Yikes!
Do you have a favorite LBD? 

I want to say “Thank You” all so much for your comments, prayers, and emails for my dad. He passed on 2/27 at 4:40 a.m. with my mother by his side. Cancer is an awful beast but he fought it with stubbornness and Faith for 7 years. 

Thank you again for keeping our Family in your thoughts and prayers.

It has been a tough week for my family. After attending a beautiful family wedding, my dad was rushed to the hospital a week later. He has been fighting Cancer since 2006 and just doesn’t have the strength anymore. After starting with Stage 4 Colo-Rectal Cancer, spreading to his Liver 3 times and on to his lungs it has now spread further into his lungs and his brain. He has pneumonia now. He agreed to a ventilator but only for a week. We believe he is waiting for my middle brother to arrive.
My son saw him Saturday and that was the hardest thing to see. He was the only grandson/child for so long and they are very close. This is very upsetting for him but he is a strong young man.
Hospital chic is not very glamorous but thank goodness for J Crew Jackie’s and embellished tees. 😉
I’ll be dark for a while but will keep busy reading all of your posts. 

Hi everyone! Are you settled in to 2012 yet? I think I am except for this last part below.

I haven’t made resolutions in a long time. I usually break them within the first week or two so I stopped doing it. But this year is different. This year, in 6 months/179 days, I will have a birthday ending in a “0”…”Lordy, Lordy”. It feels like I have been in my 30s forever, especially these last few years. As fast as the days and months have gone by, the actual years up to 40 have been going by slow, if that makes any sense.

So, this year, I’m going to set some goals for myself. The Boy will be getting his license soon and be out and about enjoying his new freedom. So, I need something to keep myself busy.

-Lose 25 pounds – In 2011, I reached my heaviest weight ever. It isn’t pretty and I don’t feel good about it at all. Gaining twenty pounds in two years isn’t pretty and I’m going to do something about it. Besides, I want to fit into this damn, expensive corset again! It cost too much to have worn only once.

Anthropologie Leifsdottir Eyelash Corset

I hope to have lost half of this weight by my birthday. To do this I’ll be eating better, doing The Shred and drinking a lot more water. Husband will be on a trip for work overseas in a few weeks so that will help with the eating better part. He usually wants to eat all protein, a la Atkins and I prefer a less red meat…a lighter breakfast (yogurt w/granola and a piece of fruit), salad for lunch and a light dinner (fish, chicken, small steak).

-Eat out less. Cook dinner in more.
We, as a family, are very bad about picking something up to eat instead of taking the time to make dinner. I have some great cookware and I plan on taking some cooking classes and trying some new recipes this year.

-One in, Two out
Honestly, since I work from home I really do not need all that I have in my closet. Like pencil skirts…when will I wear these? Silk blouses…Like I would check the mail in one. I started purging in 2011 but will be more aggressive about it in 2012. I want well made, classic pieces with a little “fun” thrown in. I won’t say I will stop shopping altogether or have a splurge every once in a while but for the most part I will consume less. Look for frequent updates on my Closet Blog.

-Spend that “saved” clothing money on me, in a different way.
In 2011, I have noticed my complexion has been awful. I have always had very good complexion but this year I have had continuous breakouts on my cheeks. I know this is from stress, the foods I eat and the make-up I’m using. I can’t figure out which one it is but I’ve tossed them all and am starting fresh. I will also get a facial more frequently. And drink more water.

-Go on a family vacation. This one is already in the planning stages. Husband has been researching, since before Christmas, a trip to Europe. He was originally thinking March, during Spring Break, but he has a conference he forgot about that he needs to attend. So, it will be in June or July. Right now, the itinerary is either Paris and Italy or Italy and Spain. Most of our time will be spent in Italy. I’ve already been planning my outfits and will be asking for advice and suggestions once I know when and where we will be going.

-Brush up/Learn Spanish – I know a little to get by in Mexico when I’m on a beach vacation but Spain/Italy will be a lot different. Since I know a little Spanish I’ll stick with that as opposed to trying to learn Italian. If I have time I will work on a few conversational basics in Italian.

So that about wraps up my goals for the year, prepping for the big Four-Oh!. Do you have any goals for 2012? Any milestones you’d like to accomplish?

I guess I should add brushing up on my technology and blogger skills too. This should have posted today and not Dec. 27.

So I’m going to start with little baby steps for this remix. After posting my 30 items last night I went to bed thinking “I need more shoes!” “I don’t have any dresses.” “I have too many jeans.” But I really thought about all those items and tried to mix in some newer items I have that I’ve either not worn or rarely worn.

So here’s my first outfit. Very simple and basic.

Boots: Steve Madden Inragee (similar here – Intyce)

I like the sequin detail on the shoulders. As you can see from my picks I am a fan of Olive Green.

To be honest I was in my fabulous, comfy Wicked Good slippers most of the day until The Boy called saying he missed the bus. Then I put on my boots. But I work from home so no one saw me.

I have to show you what it’s like getting my family together for a group photo. Right when the picture is taken someone else wants to join or we see someone else to join in. So basically, they are all outtakes. These are from a family wedding this past weekend.

Whoops…looking at different cameras.

Wait! The bride wants in.

CRAZY PEOPLE! All family.
What I’m wearing…
J Crew Frances Cami
J Crew Constellation Cardigan
J Crew Marvelle Mini (LOVE THIS SKIRT! I didn’t notice but under the taffeta is a layer of tulle and then a silk lining. When I sat down the taffeta came up but then the tulle layer showed.)
Merona Tights
Christian Louboutin Wallis Mary Janes
My Dancing Shoes were the Toe-Tapping Flats (Anthropologie).
Have a great evening!