All the items below are included in the BIGSALE promo of 30% off.

~ Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Bodysuit, Ocean Ivory, Medium ~
~ Ruffle Wrap Skirt in Cotton Poplin, Bright Peri, size 6 ~

This is the Medium in the Bodysuit. I really did find the fit almost the same as the small. There is a good amount of stretch in this bodysuit and I do like the stripes on this one. The skirt is one we saw from Fashion Week and I thought it would be a little more Cha-Cha-Cha than this. I have on a size 6 which is a good fit. The waistband has two sets of button holes so you can adjust the sizing a little. I believe I had mine to make it a little more snug so it could be loosened if needed. There’s too much fabric and it’s too long for me. I did expect the price to be about $50 higher than it is, pre-promo, so it is a good price IMO. I just don’t know if you want all that fabric for Summer.

~ Eyelet Shirtdress, Navy, size 6 ~

My store received all three colors in this shirtdress and the Warm Clover was sold out except for a 2 on the mannequin. I was disappointed in the fit on this. I should have lightened the photo but the skirt is too full for me and the top is a little loose. I think it runs a little big and maybe an 8P would be a better fit. I did find a few other shirtdresses in my closet I haven’t worn so I am all stocked up on them and don’t need another. If you can get your right fit this will be really cute in the White with some fun sandals. The length is long so try a Petite size if you want it shorter.

The lining is sown into the dress and not a separate piece. That is fantastic! And it still has bra keeps!

~ One-Shoulder Dress in Eyelet, Black, size 6 ~

Just like the One-Shoulder Eyelet Top, this dress runs big. I finally got the size right in the top (size 4) but it then became a little too cropped and short in length. I originally ordered a size 8P in this dress, and failed to get pics. That fit well in the top portion with no gaping but was crazy short, just like the 8P in the Fringe Dress that I ordered. The length in the size 6 on this one-shoulder dress was great but the top portion was loose. I am holding the dress up on the side with my arm. It gaps about 3 inches and you can see that a little bit in the side photo.

Also, one thing to note, is though this dress is lined, it’s not fully lined.See those little holes/eyelets all in a row. That’s not lining underneath it, but my hand. The row of eyelets go all the way up the dress and are at the waist.

So it was a bit of a strike out on all these items. I don’t have a need for any dresses but I did find one that happened to be a returned that I absolutely loved! More to come on Sunday!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Again, making returns to the retail store I checked out some of the March/April new arrivals. I was returning the Schoolboy Blazer in Tipped Linen {review} because I scored it on promo plus 40% off, making it $99! So I ordered the White one as well. Review coming soon!

Eyelet Shirtdress, Navy in size 6 and Neon Kiwi in Size 8 – I like the idea of a shirtdress but prefer those that have a defined waist of some kind. The Eyelet Shirtdress is a straight shift silhouette and is cute. The size 6 is the better fit but I love the Neon Kiwi color. I’m a little confused by J Crew as to why eyelet, seersucker, and lace are being introduced in Spring and not Summer. I’m not inclined to buy it now, which I guess is a good thing because when Summer weather does roll around this will be on sale.

I’m sure you could belt this and not be worried about the length. Your bra-straps will show at the shoulders but if you wear a nude bra then it will hardly be noticed. I take a 6 or 8 depending on the style of dress. I’m a 6 in shift and straight silhouettes, like the ones in this post, and an 8 in structured, waist-defining shapes, like the Scallop Crepe Dress or the Split-Neck Dress. To me this dress fits TTS. If you are like me and vary with two sizes then take the smaller size. Others who are consistent should stay in their normal size.

Pink Geo Shirtdress, size 6 – My VPS said this is an “Audrey Dress”. I’d have to agree. I love the pattern, multi-color and shape. The length hits just above the knee but might be a little more fun a few inches shorter. It was very comfortable on and I could see myself wearing it until the hot temps came along. That poly lining would be horrendous at 100 degrees outside. The print also comes in a Shirt and Skirt, neither of which I’m a fan of, at a glance. The shirt looks big and boxy and the skirt is Poly. See the dress and shirt on my Fit Twin!

Silk Crepe Maxidress, size Small – This dress was a completely unexpected LOVE! This comes in black, Brilliant Blueberry and Neon Papaya. I never would have noticed this if it weren’t in-store as it is in the Beach Cover-Up section online. The Small is a great fit and I almost considered trying an XS if it weren’t for my belly pouching out just a little. The length is perfect; no hemming needed. It is a bit sheer, since it’s meant to be a cover-up but a light cotton slip or nude lingerie should help with that. I like that the straps are wider and not spaghetti skinny. There are bra keeps as well. The back does dip a lower than my bra but again, this is being sold as a cover-up not a DressDress. 

Here are two styling options I came up with in the dressing room for both colors of the dress. The first top is the Perfect Shirt in Crosshatch Linen in Lemon Pulp and the second is the Metallic Linen V-Neck Sweater.

Have a Great Day!

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