J Crew Factory is having a flash sale, through June 2, with code CUTESALE. I’ll round up my Factory reviews today, in case you are shopping this sale. There are some hits and miss with tops today. Take a look below.

~ Embroidered Peasant Top, White, Small ~

I recall the retail version just barely. The Small fit surprisingly well so I would say this runs a size large. It’s loose all over, including the shoulders and chest. I didn’t like the square neck, preferring a v- or crew-neck. It’s really boxy with no shape at all. The linen didn’t seem too thin. This also comes in Fiesta Orange, which I think I would have preferred but the Mercantile store was limited/sold out in sizes and colors.


~ Short-Sleeve Linen Sweater, Pozzoli Pink, Small ~

I grabbed this to try on with the various shorts and quite liked it. The Small fit how I would want it, though I could also wear a Medium to have a little more room in the arms. The retail had a cable knit linen sweater several years ago and it was really thin and see-through. The linen seems to be knitted a little tighter and is not as sheer. If I lived in a little cooler climate I would have probably bought this in a few of the four colors, including this pretty pink. It went well with both the Summer Plaid Shorts and the Flamingo Shorts.


~ Linen 3/4 Sleeve Blouse with Lace Hem, Vibrant Lemon, Small ~

I feel really dumpy in this blouse. I like it in the yellow but is very wrinkled from just try-ons and the neckline is elastic. I thought that maybe it could be an off-the-shoulder but it doesn’t look right if you try to stretch it any. The Small was the best size, so it also runs a size large. The 3/4-sleeves are hitting me just above my wrist. The White colorway looked sheer on the hanger.


~ Gingham Shell Top, Bright Red, size 8 ~

I liked this one immediately online and it was just a pretty in person in the Bright Red, which looks more like a dark pink to me. The size 8 was a great fit though I wish it had a little shape to it, even a few darts in the back would be good. I passed on it when I was in the store but it is on my wishlist.


~ Printed Embroidered Tank Top, Neon Seamist, size 8 ~

I can’t remember the colors from the retail version of this top but I really liked the Neon Seamist that the Factory/Mercantile is offering. I could do without the tassels. I originally thought this fit a little loose on me but seeing the image from the front tells me this is a good fit as there is no pulling across the chest. The Reef Blue looks pretty online but it was not available in-store.


~ Scalloped Embroidered Linen Shirt, White, size 8 ~

This was a little more visually interesting with the scalloped hem and sleeves as well as the embroidered front. The size 8 fit good. I wouldn’t size down in this. The linen, especially in white, doesn’t seem too sheer. I know that’s an issue for some. This comes in four colors and with the Sandy Reef having a contrasting thread for the embroidery and scallop detail. Again, I wish there were some darts to give it a little shape.


I didn’t bring any of these home with me though I did like the Gingham Shell Top and the Printed Embroidered Tank Top.

Anything you’re liking here?

I was at the outlets on Saturday and stopped back by the J Crew Factory store. Almost everything was 50% off, sale was 60% off and all long-sleeved shirts, button-downs and pop-overs, were $19.99.

Banana Collector Tee, Small – This as a nice fit and not too low-cut under the arms. I like the sturdier cotton as opposed to the Linen from Retail. The colors are vivid and saturated. I ended up getting this one, even though I have the retail version too.

Tiered Lace Cami, Medium – I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this cami. I think the Medium is a good fit though maybe a little low-cut at the underarms.

Beach Scene Collector Tee, Small – I did not like the retail version of this tee until after it sold out. Then I wanted it. I think the retail version was more brown and not as colored or not as vivid. The Small fit well and came home with me.

Embroidered Peasant Top, Medium – I just grabbed this to try on and the Medium is way too big. Definitely a Small would work if not an XS. The top portion has nice detail. A pass for me, even in the correct size.

Floral Panel Tee, Small – This was another pleasant surprise when I tried it on. Though the panel is Polyester, the tee itself is a very comfortable jersey. I really liked this but passed on it as it it not my currect wardrobe wear. This also comes in Solid.

I reviewed dresses {here}. Online also has a sale of 30% off the current price. I hope to get one more post up before the end of the retail day in case any of you are thinking of heading to the Factory store.

Happy Shopping!

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Quite a few of my favorite purchases are currently on sale, plus the 30% 40% off Sale can be applied at checkout. There are some great deals to be had and all not Final Sale…yet!

Gold Stripe Mini Skirt, Size 8, $99
Cashmere Tee, Medium, Black (not on sale but 30%)

Mini-Bows Sweatshirt, Medium, $79.99 – Easily dressed up or down, I’m tempted to get another as a back-up.

Merino Fair Isle Sweater, Medium, Black/Natural, $79.99
Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Check, 8, $79.50
Matchstick Cord, 29, Sunwashed Sand, $69.99 (other colors are varied in price)

Embroidered Peasant Top in Green Plaid, 8P, $79.99

Italian Silk Secretary Blouse in Tapestry Print, 8, $199.99 – I don’t regret this full-price (with a discount) purchase but lucky you who will get this at sale price and 30% off, with no Final Sale.

Medallion Tie-Silk Skirt, 8, $99.99
Cece Leather Ballet Flats, 7, Black, $89.99 – Another item I’m considering ordering as a back-up. I wear flats so much and black flats are a necessary item in anyone’s closet.

Schoolboy Blazer in English Tweed, 10, $219.99
Ruffled Rhinestone Top, 6, White, $79.99

Silk Gingham Top, 6, $79.99 – Don’t accidentally put this in the wash as the silk will shrink and the Polyester lining will not. Not that I might have done that. Just giving you a little tip.

Collection Embroidered Neon Floral Skirt, 8, $169.99 – I cannot wait for Spring to wear this again. I thought about a Black Cashmere Tee but that seemed a little harsh against the neon bottom. If I figure out a way to wear this for Winter I’ll post the Que Bella.

And finally, this is not on sale but I am SO HAPPY I purchased the Tuxedo Topcoat!
Those are my “no regrets” sale items. Just a few of my favorite things this year.
Happy Shopping!

In case you missed these on Instagram here are a few outfits I’ve been wearing but never fully photographed.

Embroidered Peasant Top, 8 Petite
Loft Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, 6/28
Converse Shoreline in Black, 7 – I have to give some mad love to these shoes. These are not your regular laced low-top Classic Converse. These have a little elastic in the back at the heel so you can slip them on. Or step on them and wear them as mules if you need to be quick out the door. Also, the laces are short and already tied in a knot so they won’t come un-done. If you’re tired of ballet flats and want some Sneaks GET THESE!!

I bought a White pair towards the end of the Summer and they were on my feet non-stop. Yes, they got dirty but were (and are) so easy to just throw in the wash to whiten them back up. Then I found out there was a Gray color and I searched high-and-low for them but never could find my size. So I settled on the Black color. That was until I received a F&F coupon to Converse and found out you can MAKE.YOUR.OWN! For only $70!!! My coupon was 30% off and usually those don’t apply to the Custom or Nike ID but it did this time. (Are you reading this S?) So now I have my Gray pair. I regret it now but did not add an ID to it. You can customize the entire shoe down to the interior lining (I added little black polka dots) and laces (gray instead of white). (Shout out to Ema too who loves her laced Converse. I know you were complaining about your laces.)

Here are they Gray ones I created along with a pair of The Boy’s many Nikes.

My Bundled Bella post was just the start of several days of bundling. Here are the other two days, one blue, one black.
Perfect Shirt in Navy Check, 8 (current one in Striped)
Tippi Sweater in Houndstooth, Medium
Cashmere Plaid Scarf in Blue/Gray Plaid
I was wearing my Matchstick Cords in Sea Salt which I wore again the next day. (Nobody saw me.)

Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Check, 8
Merino Fair Isle Sweater in Black, Medium
Cashmere Double-Faced Plaid Scarf
Excursion Vest in Black (last year), Small

Yup, the Matchstick in Sea Salt and my Harper Leather Boots. The purse is Michael Kors I found at TJ Maxx. It’s small enough but big enough, YKWIM?

I have a few more Insta-Outfits coming soon.

Have a Great Day!

One of my favorite tops to wear is a peasant blouse. The looseness and flowiness make it so easy to throw on over jeans, skirt or shorts, depending on the weather. So when I saw the Embroidered Peasant Top in Green Plaid show up with the new arrivals two weeks ago I ordered it, even though the 25% promo was pulled early.

I ordered the 8 Petite in the Green Plaid which is perfect for Christmas and the Holidays. It has bracelet sleeves and a hook-and-eye closure at the collar. The material feels gauzy and is on the thin side though not completely see through. I liked the fit and would probably be a good fit in the size 6 as well so I would say this is TTS.

In a sea of Dry Clean only, this top is machine washable.

Is it worth the $110? No. I think this should have been under $100 at original price. Luckily, this top was added to the Winter Favorite this week so I was able to get a price adjustment. There’s only one or two other items from the new arrivals I have my eye on but I’ll wait for a promo, which I would hope happen this week for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, as it did last year.

Have you tried this Peasant Top or the one in Stripe? There’s also a matching Green Plaid one for little Girls.