I didn’t want to let the week end and not show you how I styled the rest of my “Old School Crew” items for my Week 5 Capsule Remix. By far, my favorite of the week was the Delfine Pencil Skirt.

I felt a little exposed in the Campo di Fiori Dress. I’m not sure my girls are meant for the top of this dress. Still, it’s a gorgeous print and I’m lucky to have found it. It does run small. I found it in a size 8 originally but was able to trade it for a 10 with the lovely JCA, JCrewJD. A brown belt and shoes finished the look.

Next time I would probably tie a Chambray Shirt at the Empire Waist. Cardigans are always an option too. I’d probably go with a cropped one since the waist is so high.
~ Campo di Fiori Dress, J Crew ~
~ Burnished Leather Belt, J Crew (one, two) ~
Nori Wedge, Tory Burch ~

I found the Hugo Guinness Tee for $20, after discount. As you can see it’s very sheer. I have on a nude bra which shows right through. The Ischia Mini Skirt has so many colors to choose from, including a Chambray Top or the Linen Perfect Shirt in Lemon Pulp.

~ Ischia Print Mini Skirt, J Crew ~
Amalie Sandal, Tory Burch ~

I’ve worn this pairing before {here}. The blues match just perfectly together. This is one of my favorite prints from J Crew. The blues and browns together are so pretty. It also looks great with White Denim.

~ Silk Indigo Floral Blouse, J Crew (Anthropologie) ~
~ Double-Serge Mini Skirt, J Crew (styled hereAsos) ~
Amalie Sandal, Tory Burch ~

So, that’s how I styled my “Old School Crew”. How do you style yours?


These planned remixes are really helping me figure out what I wear the most and what I need to get rid of from my closet. This week I am going with an “Old School Crew” theme, pulling some of my older J Crew items.

~ Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt, J Crew (Factory) ~
~ Silk Indigo Floral Blouse, J Crew (Anthropologie) ~
~ Linen Top, Zara ~
~ Double-Serge Mini Skirt, J Crew (styled here, Asos) ~
~ Delfine Pencil Skirt, J Crew (styled here, Gianni Bini, Joan Vass) ~
~ Campo di Fiori Dress, J Crew ~
~ Ischia Print Mini Skirt, J Crew ~
~ Sydney Sandals, J Crew (styled here) ~
~ Nori Wedge, Tory Burch ~
~ Amalie Sandal, Tory Burch ~
Have you worn your “OSC” lately?
Happy Monday!


Lately I’ve been in my standard summer uniform – jersey skirt, tee or tank and flip-flops. It’s comfortable and cool for these hot summer days, and nights. But I did leave the house twice during the week and left the uniform at home.

On Tuesday, The Boy and I had a mother-son dinner date to a restaurant he’s been dying to try. So I put on my Double-Serge Mini in Brilliant Blue, the Silk Indigo Floral Blouse and my new Sydney Patent Sandals in Casablanca Blue.
How perfect does all of this match! The blue in the blouse and the skirt are exact even though they are a few years apart. I have the skirt in this print as well and it is divine.
On Wednesday, I had to visit my local office for the day. The visit was very last minute so I was lucky I had this beautiful old-school-Crew Wild Daisy Dress in Husband’s closet as I didn’t have time to even run upstairs to find an outfit in mine. Alexis featured this in May on the JCA blog as a J Crew of Season’s Past post. I was lucky enough to find it on the JCA blog in a size 8. It’s a beautiful print and a perfect fit! I added my new Sydney Patent Sandals in Neon Azalea. I guess now I have to keep them. I appreciate all the suggestions on how to wear these bright shoes.

Have a Great Day!

I had a fabulous birthday this past Saturday and enjoyed celebrating it with some dear friends. For lunch, Husband, The Boy and I went to La Gloria in downtown San Antonio at the Pearl Brewery. It’s the third year in a row that we’ve gone and so now it’s a tradition. I love their yummy food and the beer is ice cold.

Husband didn’t like this outfit but only because he said I looked too dressy so I kept the shirt untucked to make it “more casual” in his eyes. I loved the colors and was happy to wear my little frog bracelet.
J Crew Grenada Palm Cami
J Crew Double-Serge Mini Skirt
Stuart Weitzman Wedges
J Crew Frog Bracelet
Gorgeous colors!
Later that evening, after a little nap, Husband and I met some friends at a little hotel lounge that was very Cuban and so cool. I had a Grapefruit Daquiri that was so yummy that I might have had two more. And this dress…WOW! Thanks Bailey 44 for making this dress and Anthropologie for selling it. I. LOVE. IT! I’m wearing my J Crew Arene’ Sandals that were quite comfortable all night.
At the end of the night, my friends sang “Happy Birthday”! I couldn’t have ended it better.
Have a Great Evening! Anthro Sale post tomorrow!

Here are a few remaining items I have tried on in May so far. It will probably be my last try-on until after my trip.

May part 3

I thought the Sequin Anchor Tank, Sz S, would be like the Sequin Stripe Tank, with more sequins and a tighter fit, but this is meant to be loose and drapey and has less sequins than I expected. I like it that much more now but not for $98, so off to the wish-list it goes. The other unexpected item was the Jardin Maxi Skirt, Sz 6. I had to size to an 8 in the midi-Jardin skirt and I actually need a 4 in the maxi-Jardin. The Morning Aqua color is gorgeous. 
The Tropical Cove color is just a pretty. I’m wearing the Size 4 in it and it fits great in the waist and hits about 2 inches above the ground. This is definitely something I want in either the 4 or 6 Petite in the Morning Aqua, but I will wait until after my trip to 1) see if it has gone on sale 2) I want it after I come back. 
My mini mini skirt has a name…Classic mini in Double-Serge Cotton. I decided to try on the Brilliant Blue color, Sz 8, to see if I liked it on. If it makes it to sale I would get it in this color. It’s super-cute and I love my Mint color. 
Poppy Scarf – Not online but so cute. Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the tag.
I originally couldn’t wait to see the Tippi Sweater in Linen Stripe and then when I did I was really disappointed. I thought this was navy and white but it’s a lot darker than expected. I have on a Medium, which is my normal sweater size, and it fits great. I like that it’s lighweight but I prefer the Linen Cable-Knit Sweaters over the Linen Tippi Sweaters.
I was not expecting to like the Silk Bow Cami, Sz 6, but it’s a great little top. This was the only size 6 left in any of the colors or patterns in my store. It’s selling out quickly. The was not tight across the chest and there was enough material to make a nice big bow.
The Tessa Top in Linen, Sz 6, is another item selling quickly. I really wanted to try this in Chili but both the 6 and 8 were already sold out. This is a comfortable top and fits well across the chest and shoulders (my problem area usually causing me to size to an 8). 
The Size-Down-Two-to-Three-Sizes Peasant Blouse Whisper Gauze Peasant Blouse, Sz Small, is huge on me. And it’s selling like hotcakes. I would really need to size to an XS or even a XXS. And I really liked the Chili color too. 🙁
So, that’s it on the May roll-out for me. I am soooo ready for my trip and will be posting my final packing list in the next few days. 
Have a Great Day!!