You saw that last week I reviewed the Silk Crepe Maxidress in both Brilliant Blueberry and Black. I did purchase both of them as I loved the feel of them on, they looked good as a single dress or layered and they were on promo with another % off. I wore both this week, layered. They are touted as Beach Cover-ups which I will use them for this Summer but I also found some great slips that work well for both.

I Monday I wore the Maxidress in Brilliant Blueberry with my old GAP Denim jacket (JC, GAP, ON, Levi’s)    and the J Crew Tybee Metallic Sandals. The Grotto Pendant Necklace would look great with this dress. I felt comfortable and super chic all day.

On Thursday I decided to wear the Black Maxidress. This time I wore the Metallic V-Neck Sweater over the dress. I folded it under a few times and tied a knot in the back and had myself a cropped sweater with very little effort and no exposed skin! I added my lovely Dorado Necklace and the Canvas Espadrilles in Dark Ebony for a cool, casual vibe. I am a consistent size 7/37 but took a 38 in these. I find that flat espadrilles like these I have to size up one Euro size to accommodate the width of my foot. It’s a little tight in the 37.

To make sure I wasn’t exposed as these dresses can be sheer in specific lighting I found some Calvin Klein slips at Nordstrom. I bought both the Bare/Nude and the Black in Medium. The fit was great and the short length was perfect to prevent the dress from being see-through. 
Have a Great Weekend! 

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We had a chilly but sunny Thanksgiving and I’ve been waiting to wear my Leather Pocket Mini-Dress from Madewell. I paired it with a Light Gray Tissue Turtleneck Tee from a few years ago since my Black color looked dingy. I added Black Assets Leggings and my lovely Harper Leather Boots. I was comfortable all day and had plenty of room to hide the Thanksgiving Food Baby.

The Boy and I goofing around. 
Friday evening we went out as a family to celebrate Husband’s birthday. He had been sick all week, including his birthday and even missed out on Thanksgiving. I have on my J Crew Sample Cashmere Pants, a Cashmere Tee in Olive, Martina Wedges I purchased from a JCA, and my jumping-on-the-bandwagon/better-late-than-never Lexington Blazer in Ivory. I have been slowly finding the Lexington Blazers in the solid and tipped and I think I now have every color I want. I have also been able to find two Wool Oxford Blazers that are gorgeous! I wish these two would come back. I added my Dorado Necklace at the last minute and it paired wonderfully with the outfit.

I did stop at the J Crew Factory store on my way home on Thanksgiving since it opened at 6 p.m.!! It wasn’t busy at all since everyone was at Kate Spade and Coach on that side of the mall. I didn’t venture out on Black Friday as there are just too many people out-and-about. Unfortunately, one of those people was in a little bit of a hurry and pulled out in front of The Boy. He wasn’t hurt, Thank The Lord! but the truck his grand-father gave him is a total loss. We are sad only because the truck is sentimental to us but we know dad was looking down on his Grandson that day to keep him safe.

Even though I’m one of the first in line when there’s a sale or new arrivals, in the end it’s all just stuff. Nothing is more important than the time we have here on Earth with our loved ones. And, now, because The Boy has no vehicle, I get to dust off that black Chauffeur Hat and spend a little more time during the day with him than I normally would. Woo Hoo!! Which is great for me (and him but he won’t admit it) because he’ll be off to College in 6 months and then I’ll be really sad! (J Crew better have a great Fall 2014 to cheer me up!)

Have a Great Evening!

I am in some serious love with the Dorado Necklace. I was able to find it while in California and cannot stop wearing it. It truly goes with almost everything. It probably helps that I have been wearing darker neutral colors but I’m sure I’d figure out a way to wear this necklace with bright colors too.

I wore this last week to work and then the salon for highlights and a cut. The Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic is so easy to put on and go. I have Black and Ivory and was able to score the Navy on sale. The Ankle Toothpick Jeans in Dolphin Gray are another favorite and serious workhorse in my closet. The booties are Christian Louboutin Melisa and were something I’ve been saving up to add to my closet. They have a hidden wedge and slight platform making them comfortable for all day, and night, wear. I finished this look with my Kate Spade and C. Wonder bracelets and my Kate Spade Ring. The ring is something I’ve been putting on every time I leave the house.

And, of course, I had a pretty good hair day, the day of the salon. I added a little product and let it air dry. Apparently, this is the natural wave my stylist keeps mentioning to me.

An HOA meeting on Monday was enough for me to put on something else besides a tee and boyfriend jeans. I debated on getting another pair of the Gray Toothpick Jeans but after trying on the Toothpick Ankle Jean in Coated Denim I decided on those. With my Drapey Crepe Tunics in the laundry I settled on the Tippi Sweater in Apple Print from a few seasons ago. I topped it with my Schoolboy Blazer in Black (10 Petite is the perfect fit for me) and put the Darby Loafers in Calf-Hair on my feet. 

The Dorado Necklace looks really good against the Apple Print, don’t you think?

This is such a great necklace. I hope it isn’t just an in-store only because it would be great if all of you could have one too!

Have a Great Day!

After a quick stop to the room to drop off my bag, I settled on El Jardin Tequila Bar & Restaurant for lunch. The weather was gorgeous and perfect for outdoor seating (all they have). Mango was the fruit choice of the day as I ordered a yummy Chile Mango Margarita and the Baja Fish Tacos with a Mango Salsa and Avocado Sauce.

 The real deal…no Photoshopping these images.

I was so tempted to order another Margarita but you would have had to pick me up off the floor. Delicious with a nice kick to it, due to the Chile, but, hello Tequila.

After lunch I stopped by J Crew in Westfield Valley Fair Mall across the street and picked up this versatile necklace.

 I cannot stop wearing it. It just seems to go with everything, even my Apple Print Tippi Sweater I wore yesterday. It’s almost becoming second nature to grab this necklace to wear with whatever I have on. The receipt stated this was the Dorado Necklace. I have no idea if this will show up online Wednesday or if this is in-store only. My VPS said they had it for about two seconds before they were sold out.

Then I was off to Anthropologie, as Husband and I had stopped in Kate Spade the day before. I was able to find a few items to try on. They had quite a few party dresses and items out already.

Guimauve Top, Sz Medium – This fit well but I’d like to try a Small to be sure. This was really cozy on and would look great with some dark jeans and heels. Wishlisted.

Beaded Poeme Top, Sz 6, Ivory – A great little top for Holiday parties but definitely needs a cami underneath. It also comes in Pink. It’s also a little heavy due to the beading. I vary between a 6 and 8 in tops and felt this was a great fit. Wishlisted

Emperor Kiss Sweater, Medium – Oh this is such a super cute sweater. I doubt it will make it to sale. This would fit in well with all the black and gray I’ve been wearing lately. Wishlisted

Joyeux Dress, Sz 6 – This was a perfect fit and beautiful for the upcoming Holidays. I don’t have a need for it but would love to find one. Wishlisted

Violante Dress, Sz Medium – This is another dress that would be great for any Holiday dinners. The Medium fit a little loose in the bust so if I were to get this I would like to try a Small or Medium Petite to see if that works any better. Wishlisted

Emerald Founce Skirt, Sz 8 – I was excited to try this skirt on as I loved the color. Sadly this skirt was all kinds of wrong. The waist was a little loose, the hips were really tight and the flounce I just didn’t like on me.  Pass

Odette Skirt, Medium/Small Petite/XS – This skirt was right in front of the store on a display. I walked around twice before I actually found it and grabbed a Medium to try on. That is the larger pic of the three and it was loose in the hips and too long. The back is pleated on this sweater skirt with a felted wool swan. I asked the SA for a Small and she brought a Small Petite. It’s still a little big on me so I sized to an Xtra Small. Though I was Spanxing it that day, the XS was the best fit. I can’t explain why. This was also after lunch too.

 I purchased the Odette Skirt but may return it as I don’t really have a great need for it. I do have plenty of Cashmere sweaters in various colors to go with the skirt as well as plenty of shoe options but it doesn’t fit in to my day-to-day life.
What do you think of these items? Anything catch your eye?
Have a Great Day!