Through Monday you can take 20% off your purchase of $100+ or 30% off $200+ at Madewell with code NOJOKE. I was in the store recently looking for the Alma Peasant Blouse or the Embroidered Peasant Dress. I found both and tried on the blouse.

~ Alma Peasant Blouse, White, Small~

This looked like it ran big on the hanger so I grabbed a Small. I like the drape in the sleeves and the fit through the body, below the chest but the chest is a mess. The pleats don’t allow the blouse to drape and flow over the chest but hug tightly instead. The Medium would have fit in the chest and been way too big every where else. The dress has the same pleating below the embroidery so it would have fit the same way. I really liked the look of the Dark Plum color online too.


~ Central Shirt in Stripe, Small ~

The Central Shirt in Stripe looked really cool and stylish on the display in-store, which prompted me to try it on. Yeah, not so cool and stylish on me. I would tend to wear this un-tucked and this requires at least one of those cool partial tucks cool people can do. You can see the Small is pretty oversized but the XS probably wouldn’t do anything but make it look slightly less cool on me. I did like it thought and could make an effort to style it so it looked effortless. That’s what the goal would be anyway.


~ Beachweight Cape Scarf ~

I recall Gigi trying on a cape scarf and making it look really cool but for me, it has that word ‘cape’ in it and those armholes make me uncomfortable. I did think it would make a great traveling scarf, especially for the plane, since it covers the arms. You would need a sweater or cardigan. This one is pretty lightweight as well.


~ Maldives Cover-Up Pants, Black, Small ~
I briefly entertained the idea of taking some linen pants with me on my trip for the evenings/night but Thailand and Singapore will be pretty hot and humid. I am way more comfortable in shorts and dresses during the Summer heat. These pants are very lightweight and the Small was a great fit. Though “cover-up” is in the name, I didn’t find these to be very see-through so I think they would work a regular pants and not just cover-ups. I would have needed them hemmed but otherwise, for a different climate, these are perfect. They also come in a print and they are both on sale.


~ Slim Boyjean in Hatfield Wash, size 29 ~

I wasn’t specifically looking for jeans but I did need something to try on with the tops so I grabbed two different styles. I’ve tried on the Slim Boyjean before and liked them then too. The 29 was a good fit but after trying on the next pair, passed on these.


~ Cruiser Straight Crop Jeans, Preston Wash, size 30 ~

These are supposed to be cropped but they are perfect as regular length jeans for me. I really loved they were just a little more baggy than the Slim Boyjean. They are 100% cotton. NO stretch in them so the size 30 were the best fit. They are the best alternative I’ve found off-the-rack, no alterations needed, in a long time. The Preston Wash is more of a darker wash than the online image depicts. I think if I had seen the online image I would have passed as they look too light for me. I prefer a medium and dark wash. I’ve worn these several times already and just love them. I can roll the cuff a few times to make them cropped or just wear them normal. I would get another pair and have them hemmed to be cropped but my Wide-Leg Jeans are still holding up after all the wash-and-wear I’ve done.


A few other things that caught my eye on the website. I did buy the Whisper Cotton Tee in Halden Stripe as well as solid White and Heather Indigo. They run big so I sized to a Small and they are super soft and comfortable. Don’t forget to use code NOJOKE for 20% off $100 or 30% off $200, both in-store and online.