While in Vegas we walked through the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. It’s become a must-stop for me each time I go. A wallet caught MamaBella’s eye so we went inside. I was immediately drawn to the jewelry section in the middle of the store. Yes, instead of looking at the bags I went straight to jewelry. Which is odd because I remember Coach being brightly colored bags, or lovely vachetta leather, with heavy hardware or the Legacy Striped Lining. Let’s not forget the “Signature” Double-C on some of the styles.

I had a beautiful Teal bag called the Francine {Polyvore}. It was a domed patent satchel bag with a cross-body strap and heavy hardware. I bought it for myself as a birthday gift and I loved it! But, that girl was heavy. All the brass hardware and even the cross-body was wearing me down. I just loved looking at it but when I would want to wear it my shoulder ached. Eventually, I sold it.

My preferences for bags have changed. I don’t want what everyone else has or is noticeable right-away; like a Louis or quilted Chanel or even a double-C Signature Coach bag. So I was surprised to see a new version of Coach after looking at the jewelry. Have you taken a look at Coach lately? She’s “all groweds up”…and edgy. She must be dating a rocker or bad boy right now. Feathers and grommets and cool leather necklace straps pepper the collection. Let’s take a look at my picks from the Fall Collection.

The Cameo Pendant Necklace was the first piece I saw. It wasn’t very heavy and the leather strap was soft. I loved it. I’ve added it to my Bella Wants Pinterest Board and will ask for it for Christmas, if it lasts that long. The Feather Pendant Necklace was equally stunning with the same leather strap. The Rhyder 33 Satchel In Soft Grain Leather is so gorgeous in person. The leather is supple and the hardware and studs don’t add weight to the bag. It’s on the top of my Christmas wishlist but will probably also me my anniversary gift too.

The Multi Feather Earrings are cute in person. I rarely wear earrings any more but these are some I would consider. I didn’t see the Grommet Round Hem Skirt in the store but while perusing the website. I would wear this skirt every chance I got. There is a also a beautiful silk Ruffle Shirt I have added to my wishlist as well.

I did see the Mini Studs Coach Taxi Tote 24 In Leather in person and if you are a fan of studding I definitely recommend this bag. Beautiful! I couldn’t decide between the Feather Cuff or the Studded Cuff. Both were just so cool and edgy. I would use the Rivets Large Folio In Leather as an oversized clutch. It’s not padded so it won’t protect your tablet or iPad. The Dakotah Fringe Flap Crossbody In Whiplash Leather was a bag the SA brought to show me as she was describing the new collection. I love the fringe!

And the reason for all this cool edgy upgrade? Coach brought in a new Creative Director, Stuart Vevers, who has Calvin, Louis, and Loewe all under his designer belt. And don’t fret if you think you’ll miss the old Coach. There are still some styles of the past in the Collection like the Bleecker Mini Duffle and the Edie Shoulder Bag in Signature Jacquard.

Yes, Coach, you have my attention. I cannot wait to see what you do for Spring!

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I was doing some last minute Prom purchases (dark socks, t-shirt, small card wallet, etc) and headed to Nordstrom Rack for those little things. I grabbed them first and then headed over to the Shoe section. There are always lots of new lovelies to check out.

I first spotted the Coach Juanita Flip-Flops {pin} which are very casual and super comfortable. They have extra padding in the heel and ball of the foot. I get Coach shoes here and there but showing off the “Signature” always seemed weird to me. This time it’s very subtle compared to an all-over print on a loafer or flat. They were $40 and seemed like a good price for something I’ll wear around the house or slip on last minute to run to the grocery store. They’ll get lots of use this Summer and hopefully beyond if they are as comfortable as they look for long periods of time.

I saw a few Tory Burch shoes I liked but not any in my size 7. That is, until I was leaving the store and saw a separate display of just TB shoes. There, I found the Alexa Flat Sandal. I had my eye on them last Summer but was never able to purchase them. There was not a size 7 available so I tried a 6 1/2 to see if I needed to size up or not. I ended up sizing to a 7 1/2 and probably should have gotten the 8. The strap is really short and I could only buckle it on the last hole. I may need to punch one more in for them to be a little more comfortable. I read a review on the Saks website that spoke of the short strap so this shoe wasn’t an exception. 
Last year they were offered in a tan/brown as well as the Navy. Nordstrom Rack only had the Navy available for purchase. They just buckle and are not uncomfortable or tight but I’m hoping the strap stretches just a bit. 

My store had lots of Winter Clearance available but I find that very frustrating to sort through even though there are some great deals to be had. Plus it was a Saturday so the store was a little crazy.

Have a Great Day!

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Husband received a gift card and a shirt he didn’t like for Christmas so we went to the mall so he could find something he did like. He’s not a shopper so I decided to make sure I gave him my undivided attention. I only wandered off once. Not bad right? He actually found quite a bit of clothes for work.

Here’s what I wore. It was pretty cold today so layers were appropriate.

Blazer: J Crew Ecole
Sweater: J Crew Cashmere V-Neck
Tee: J Crew Perfect Fit
Skirt: J Crew Donegal Tweed Atlee
Leggings worn as tights: J Crew
Boots: Steve Madden
Scarf: unknown
Purse: Coach


Have a great evening!