We have been experiencing some wondrous Spring-like weather since the weekend. While some of you are covered in snow, we hit the low 80s on Tuesday. Don’t worry, we’ll be cold and rainy again by the weekend. 
Since it’s been gorgeous outside, I wanted to take advantage and wear my new Tory Burch Lou Tee. I wasn’t expecting to put this on until March. It pairs so well with last year’s Factory Keating Boy Blazer in Chambray (Land’s End). And to think I almost put it in the “for sale” pile. This tee needs no jewelry since it’s embellished at the neckline and hem. 
I chose my Cleos (Factory Cara) over my Metallic Martinas and my trusty Cropped Skinny Jeans. I will definitely re-create this look but with white jeans and sandals once it gets warmer.
This is one of my favorite looks this year! 

Have a Great Day!

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Just a little outfit post from my Vegas Vacation. Each time I go the experience is a little different whether it’s different restaurants, always a different hotel, different shows, etc. This time we stayed in two hotels, the Flamingo and then moved to the Mandarin Oriental. The latter is a beautiful, albeit pricey, hotel. If I could afford it I would stay there each time. There’s something to be said about not having a casino in the same hotel you are staying. The pool was gorgeous and everyone has a padded lounge chair. No stalking or reserving any like the other hotels. There was nothing wrong with our room at the Flamingo. We stayed in the remodeled “Go Rooms” and it’s perfect for a quick stay.

This was Travel Day 1. The Silk Crepe Maxidress was perfect. I am always chilly on planes and the Metallic V-Neck Sweater was just enough to keep me warm. One drawback to the sweater though. It almost caused me to get a pat-down by TSA due to the metallic threading in the sweater. I was about to go on my way and the TSA Agent said, “Hold on. I may have to check your sweater.” I was like “Say what?” Luckily I passed on through. I used my Amalie Sandals more than I thought I would. They were very comfortable all day. I usually like to take a small purse, like a cross-body for trips but I loved carrying the Kerrington Tote around. The interior zipped pouch kept my phone and wallet secure.

I had my cross-body bag, jewelry boxes and my Keating Boy Blazer in Chambray all tucked in my Tote bag.

I am in love with the Chrome Green color of the Factory Scalloped Shift Dress. I wore this the first night out with the Grande Crystal Drops Necklace and Martina Metallic Wedges. Husband and I went to the Mandarin Bar to celebrate our anniversary.

Day 2 had Husband finishing up a poker tournament and me on my own for a little while. My London Blouse with white Pleated Shorts and Amalie Sandals were perfect for the morning and afternoon. I chose these shorts instead of the Bermudas since they were a little dressier.

I kept the London Blouse on and changed into the Fluted Skirt in Double-Crepe. My Cleo Metallic Loafers and Kate Spade Clutch helped polish me up for the evening.

And this was the show Husband picked for that night. If you are ever in Vegas, a fan of Prince or not, you MUST MUST go see this show! It was simply amazing, complete with Morris Day, Jerome & the Time, and all the requisite banter. I would definitely go see this show again and again.

We moved hotels on Day 3 and I wore my new purchase from the Tory Burch store, the Mia Slim Boot Jean with the matching-in-color Lidia Polo and my Cece Ballet Flats. I loved this outfit. Husband thought the jeans were a little wacky but he lived with it.

We spent most of the afternoon at the pool and when we came back to our room a little treat was waiting for us.

On the flight home, I wore the Silk Crepe Maxidress in Brilliant Blueberry and topped it with the Jackie Cardigan in Black.

One thing that was really annoying this time were all the “get a free show but sit in this time-share/not time-share meeting for a few hours”. This is the first time I’ve experienced this in Vegas. It was truly annoying as the people dressed similar to the hotel employees so asking a question may have gotten you a spiel. Some were also really really agressive. This did not happen at the Mandarin. I hated to be rude but it was really bad to be on the lookout for them and take a long walk around them.
Other than that, we had a great time and a wonderful anniversary.
Have a Great Day!

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This outfit is actually a repeat from last year but I never published it anywhere. I wore this to what was to be the last Soccer playoff game of the season. The boys tried their best but we lost in the end. It was a great season and they should all be proud of their accomplishments and how far they did get in the playoffs!

Stripe Linen Tunic, J Crew ~
~ Pleated Cotton Short, J Crew (currentFactory) ~
I changed shoes for the evening to the Seville Espadrille in Chambray

Have a Great Day! 

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I was not looking for another pair of Metallic shoes but these were interesting and on sale. They are different from my other Metallic shoes I have (Martina, Lillian, Sadie). Though I am a bigger fan of the Darby, which the Cleo is replacing, these are comfortable.

There was a lone size 7 up high on a shelf. I didn’t climb it, thought about it, but used another shoe to grab them instead. Us shorties have to get a little creative for those hard-to-reach items.

I went from 1 pair of Metallic/Silver shoes to 5! I have the Tybee Sandals as well that I purchased last year. Those are too small so I’ll need to repurchase a size 7 1/2. 
I should be done with my Metallic shoe collection so if you see me posting a pair on Insta, stop me! There can’t be another style that I would love, right? 
Happy Shoes-day!

More Metallic Loafer options…The Sole Society pair is a great dupe! (Invite)

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