I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I truly believe in the Spirit of Christmas and hope each and every one of you receive wonderful blessings over the next few days. Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you next week!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day. We have been traveling north and south of my home the past three days seeing family for Christmas. I think everyone received what they asked for plus a little bit extra. I received some Talbots, Anthro, Philosophy and a little J Crew.

I was at my parents on Christmas Day and before leaving town I ran into my cousin, who’s in from NYC. As you can see, I have a fashionable family. It was quite amusing to everyone, seeing us in the same print. I was able to find the dress on ebay after seeing Dina in it. I quite love it too and went with grays instead of blacks. My cousin did black and brown and I think she was wearing the MacAlister Wedge Boot in either Mink or Nut, or at least something similar looking.

On Fashionable Cousin #1: Black Turtleneck, Brown Belt, Brownish Booties, J Crew Flair Skirt in Floating Rose
On Fashionable Cousin #2: All J Crew-Tissue Turtleneck, Winsome Dress in Blurry Rose (6), Super Opaque Tights, Perry Peep-Toe Booties

I quite love this dress and can’t wait to wear it again. And luckily, the next time I see my cousin she’ll be getting married so there’s no way we’ll be wearing the same thing, although she suspects I will be in J Crew.

Have a Great Day!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I’m exhausted and am looking forward to a week off from work. I haven’t taken a full week off in a long time and it’s well-deserving. I have lists and lists of things to do but I’m not going to worry if they don’t all get done.

Everyone in the AudreyBella house received everything they asked for and then some. I received the cookware I asked for (dishwasher safe..YAY!) along with a WII! I squealed like a kid when I opened the gift. Husband sure did surprise me.

It was all about J Crew for Christmas. The Boy received some J Crew merino sweaters, a button-down and boxers. MamaBella received a beautiful beaded cardigan that was only in-stores. She saw it when they first brought it in back in September. I saw it on sale a few weeks ago and scooped it right up for her. I bought my grandmother her first piece of J Crew jewelry along with my aunts and first-cousins. They were ooohing and aaahing over their necklaces. And, PapaBella received two long-sleeved tees from J Crew which he really liked, and asked for more! I felt a little like Oprah…”You get J Crew. You get J Crew. You get J Crew.” Haha…

Here’s my Christmas Day outfit, all J Crew, except for the necklace. (pic taken at end of long day = no make-up)

Even though it was quite chilly on Christmas Day, it was pretty warm inside. I’m glad I layered the cardigan and blazer because I was able to be comfortable in just the tee while eating dinner.

I was told last week a small roll-out for Resort/Spring will happen this week at J Crew with a bigger one mid-January. This is probably why they are still having their 30% off on-line and in-stores. My store still had a lot of sale items when I last checked on Thursday. That’s when I bought the blazer. As soon as I saw it go on sale online I went straight there to grab my size. And the 30% off promo was still going on.

I’m staying inside today and not braving the shoppers. Are you checking out the sales today or making returns?