I really like the style of the J Crew Celosia cardigan and kick myself for not buying more in the Fall. So when I saw this cardigan available for Spring my only decision was on which color or colors to get. Out of them all I liked the Wild Plum the best. The color looked so beautiful and saturated.

I was going through my closet to see all the things I would wear it with. I was really excited about this color! And then it arrived in the mail yesterday.

See the difference. The picture is the best I could take with my camera and get the best color. It’s dull and faded, like I accidentally washed it in the machine and then dried it on Super Hot. I know companies have all the fancy lighting and cameras and make their goods appealing so you’ll buy them but this truly is not the same color. So it’s going back.

Here are my other purchases.
Perfect-Fit Cascade Tee in Sheer Lilac, size Small oops, I mean Medium.
I like this. The “ruffles” are little more tame than the Tissue Garland Tank.
Linen Cotton Overstitch Tank in Heather Stone, size Small
I bought it to go with the Scalloped Zipper Cardigan but I realize that I have other things that go with it just fine. It’s going back too.

And, of course, the Vintage Bateau Top in Dark Pewter, size Small. It’s now on back-order until 6/15 in this color and the Pale Camel. I have the navy and bright pink from a few seasons ago.

So that’s it. Two are going back. I’m still so sad about the Wild Plum. Maybe if I take a picture outside it will look better?

I meant to post this last week about the “Mauve” Carnation Cluster Tee and the “Pumpkin” Merino Swirly Ruffle Cardigan.

Carnation Cluster Tee – Apparently the “Mauve”/Pink-y color is only in stores. I tossed the tag so I don’t have the actual color or style #. I will say that I bought a size Small as opposed to a Medium. The Medium ran really long, almost tunic-like, but the Small did fit better and wasn’t tight like most Small’s are on me.

I bought the Navy also but I’m returning it. I like this color, and really, how many similar tees do I need?

Merino Swirly Ruffle Cardigan – This is not online and the tag says HO 09 (Holiday 09). It’s 100% Merino Wool and comes in black and some other colors that I can’t remember. This color says CSP and retails for $98. I can’t find this color on Gigi’s list so it must be new. It’s pumpkin to me and such a fall color. I love it.

I tried it on with the Kelsey ruffle top, which I do not like. But I like the purple and pumpkin color combination.

J Crew says I have less than $100 to get a reward card. I’ve been eyeing these items.
Cashmere Bouquet Cardigan – $250 (I don’t know why but this is so pretty to me. I’m sure I’ll get sick of the “bouquets”.)
Mini Patent Campo Bag in Black Plum – $228 (Love this color!)
Terra Paisley Mini – $98 (Practical and will work well with tights and some of the boots I have.)

I have until Wednesday to decide.