To help me with defining my style and continuous closet purging I am starting a new feature of showing how to wear one item 3 ways. I know a lot of you try to also use this idea when making/keeping purchases. These will be items I currently have or have recently purchased and am on the fence about keeping. I will show everything “IRL” so you can see the true items and colors together.

The first piece was part of an outfit I wore last week at home and then to dinner at a Pizza Garden that evening. I find that my outfits consist of three things: a top, bottom and shoes. Very basic and simple because the need for jewelry or other layers doesn’t fit my work-from-home life. I paired the Natasha Blouse in Gardenshade Floral with hemmed Matchsticks and Cece Ballet Flats in Black (but probably should have done the Navy instead). This is a blouse I was sad I missed out on last Spring but happily found it on ebay a few weeks ago.

As the weather cools, I can add a cardigan for inside the house and to run errands. This is the Jackie in Landscape Green and is a great match to the Natasha Blouse. 

I added the Navy Schoolboy for a more polished look, still keeping my three basics, and the Jackie Cardigan. 

For work, I kept the Jackie and changed to the Sterling Skirt in Crimson Maple, that I was able to purchase from a fellow JCA, and my Louboutin’s in Cranberry. A black heel will work as well. A Nude could work but I think a darker heel is best for this outfit. This green and burgundy pairing is beautiful, don’t you think? Buttoning the Jackie at the bottom helps you look more polished and leaner.

And, finally, to edge it up a bit I removed the cardigan and added my new Leather Moto Jacket in Cabernet. It’s amazingly gorgeous IRL and from Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been looking for a leather jacket for a very long time but could never find one I loved. Dark jeans like the Midrise Toothpick Jean in Carbon replace the Sterling Skirt and, again, the Louboutin’s in Cranberry finish this look. I only have gray Moto boots but short Black ones will do as well. I didn’t want to the look to be too edgy and I think the Moto Jacket in a different color suits the style without trying too hard.
So there you have it. The Natasha Blouse styled three ways (ok, maybe that was four). It’s a keeper. 
I hope you enjoyed this feature. If you have any suggestions or want to see an item styled 3 ways please leave a comment or email me. If I have the item or something similar I will be happy to feature it.
Have a Great Sunday!

When I went back to try on the Pixie Pants in Leather Tuxedo Stripe I also re-tried on the Andie Chino’s. I asked for a size 8 & 10. I originally tried on the 8 but thought they were too tight. The 10s were way too big so I asked for more opinions from my VPS and favorite SA and settled on the size 8. It was the right choice as they do stretch some throughout the day.

The temps dropped to the high 80s Monday and I’ve been patiently waiting to wear Fall-ish clothes. So, I rolled my Andie’s, added a tee from Zara and my Cons and pretended it was kind of Fall.

I loved the feel of the Andie’s so much I wore them again this week, this time with the Silk and Sequin Scoopneck Tee and Cece’s.

Here’s Gus again…sniffing these pants to see why I like them so much that I wore them twice in one week. 

And…Bella’s jealous ’cause that’s how she is. Spoiled girl.

Yep, this is as Fall as I am going to get right now. 

Questioning the Swoop Dress in Tropical Guava, I ordered the Turquoise Reef to see the color IRL and choose between the two.

One picture…that’s all I got. This was in the same order the Collection pieces so I was in a hurry to try those items on since I knew how the Swoop Dress fit. I think the color is beautiful and pairs well with my skin-tone. Now, that I’ve seen and tried the Silk Shantung Dress in Navy, I will have to decide which color to keep or to return..

While looking in the Men’s sale section for some more jeans for The Boy (he prefers the Slim-Straight Jean) I came across the Montague Tote Bag.
I have been looking for a Brown Leather Tote for a few months. I’m
being really picky about the size, color, leather type, interior pocket
storage, etc. I want something similar to the Madewell Transport Tote but a little more structured. Online, this Tote looked to have the right color, a pebbled leather, and seems
to be the size I am looking for so I took a chance and ordered it since
it was also on promo plus the additional 30% off.

Sadly, it’s not as structured as I hoped. I know this is not a woman’s bag and there are some features I do like about it. The color is what I’m looking for. I love the leather which is pebbled. The interior has two pockets and it zips on top to close. But it’s not sturdy. I guess I was hoping it would not be so slouchy and that the bottom would stay flat but it doesn’t. The drop is long enough that it does fit over my shoulder but because it has a strap to enclose both handles they don’t stay put for very long. The search continues.

The Frost Foulard Short-Sleeve Shirt looked interesting and cute so I decided to give it a try.
It wasn’t in my store so I had to order it. I tell ya, my Brown Sancho
is getting a work-out walking down my long driveway this week.

This is a size 8 and is quite boxy. I’m not sure where the “tailored slim and trim” part is. It feels great on, very comfortable. I was not expecting this to be blue though the color is Frost BLUE (duh AudreyBella). The online image looked more green with tan. It has white piping all around it including on the pocket and sleeves. The shirt is very cute but I’m not a pajama-style person so this will be going back.

Lastly, the Cece Suede Ballet Flat in Vivid Aqua is currently on sale. With minty colors on the brain when ordering the Frost Foulard Shirt I added these in my cart as well. This pic is a true to the real color. I’ve not met a Cece I didn’t like.

Decisions. Decisions. Such is the life of a Fashionista, right ladies?

As promised, here are the rest of my reviews, just in case you are needing a push over the edge to make a purchase before the promo ends.

Cafe’ Trouser in Cotton, Petite 8 – I am so happy I listened to WFF. The fit of these pants is amazing. The Petite 8 is the perfect fit, though I will need to have them hemmed. These are apparently a 30 inch inseam but I think they are probably a little longer. I’m wearing my highest platform heels with these pants and still they come exactly right to the ground.

Yep, das my booty…(I despise booty shots.)
These are a definite LOVE! Though they are now back-ordered until July, I ended up ordering the Black and Navy today. I should have ordered another pair in Desert to have them shortened to wear with flats.
Silk-Wool Punk Floral Skirt, 8 – Loved this skirt when I received it yesterday and even when I originally tried it on and look in the mirror. Now that I see it on, in pictures, I will sadly have to return it. It’s way too poofy though the length is perfect. I probably could have sized to a 6 in this and worn it at my natural waist. The 8 sits just above my hips. The silk-to-wool ratio is more wool than silk as compared to the Deco Shirred Skirt I have which is more silk than wool. The more wool makes the skirt a little thicker but not overly heavy.
Swoop Dress in Tropical Guava, 6 – I really am digging the Swoop Dress, though I’m on the fence about this color. I do think it’s great for Summer. The fit is perfect. This also comes in Petite and Tall, if you are questioning the length at all. I ended up ordering the Turquoise Reef to see if I like that color more than this one.
Lastly is the Cece Suede Ballet Flat, 7, in Bright Pomegranate. Hands down the Cece Ballet Flats are my favorites; even over the TB Revas! Yes, I said it. These are a bright orange but I love them! Looks like I’ve just added another colorway to my growing Collection.
Now I need to decide what I am really going to keep and what needs to be returned. Like I said earlier this morning, I am a huge fan of this roll-out and prefer the late Spring and Summer offerings for most all retailers.
Have a Great Evening!

Here’s are two recent Que Bella’s for you with the Pleated Short in Stripe and Cotton.

It was just a regular work-from-home day. This was effortless to put
together but I still felt dressed and ready to run errands if needed. Everything is J Crew: Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt (8), Pleated Short in Nautical Stripe (8) and Cece Leather Ballet Flats in Burnt Sienna (7). I have the Cece Ballet Flats in several colors in the leather and suede and have done a Shoesday
review on them before. I was able to get the Navy and the Burnt Sienna
during the last 30% off. You can see it is a very neutral shoe for me,
blending with my skin tone fairly well.

The shirt is my normal top size for button-downs. I have another Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt from a few seasons ago but this one is a little darker and has the Peter Pan/rounded collar. I am having a little issue with the button right at the chest popping open. Anyone have a way to fix that? It’s almost like the button-hole is a little to big for the button to stay put. As you can see the shirt is not pulling across the chest so it’s not a sizing issue.

Next, is the Pleated Short in Structured Cotton in White. While the other colors are not lined, the white one is, which makes is a nicer dressy short. I added one of my new Factory Pique Polo Shirts, in mint and my Louboutin Puglia Snake-Embossed Espadrille. I wore this on my Anniversary as I wanted to feel a little more dressy that day while working from home.

I love how pairing the Structured shorts with heels not only makes the outfit a little more dressy but elongates my legs. Love the look of being taller.

And now the shorts are offered in Seersucker. Not sure if I’ll be able to pass those up either.

Anything here work for you? And how do I fix that button?