I was trying to pass the time and days while my guys were still on vacation so I made plenty of window-shopping/try-on trips to the mall. Anthropologie, of course, is always a stop when I’m at the mall so I grabbed some full-price and sale items to try on.

Vegan Leather Fox Tee, Size 8 ~ 

This blouse made it to my wishlist when it showed up online. I was never able to try it on until it went to the sale section. There was a lone size 8 waiting for me on the rack. The vegan leather felt very comfortable and not stiff. The shirt is perforated all over so it could use a came underneath, depending on where you wear this. Overall, I ended up passing on it as it was a little to cutesy.

Noyo Tee, Small, Ivory, by Akemi + Kin ~ 

This looked really cute on the hanger but I knew it would be really full and blousey, even sizing down. It’s meant to be swingy and full but that a little much for me. I’d want to cover it up with a cardi and belt it. It’s probably meant more for those with a smaller chest than me.

Cartography Buttondown, Size 10, by Maeve ~ 

At the time, the size 6 & 8 were in the dressing room with other ladies. I can see why. Even with the size 10, I loved the fit, feel and the map print of this blouse. I originally thought it was a silk blend but turns out it’s made of rayon. I would size to a 6.

Astoria Tank, Medium, by Dolan ~ 

This looked interesting on the rack in the sale section but I wasn’t a fan once I tried it on. I would need to size to a Small for a better fit. The back is draped and open and would need a low-back bra. A pass for me but I’d love to try this brand again.

Shawl Moto Jacket, Medium, by Saturday/Sunday ~ 
Online reviews stated to size down in this jacket but the Medium fit me just fine. A Small would have been snug in the arms. Overall a pass for me.
Obi Wanita Kenobi
I have a few more pieces tomorrow, some dresses and jeans. It’s mid-Summer and Fall items are slowly arriving. I usually prefer Spring and Summer arrivals to Fall and Winter at Anthropologie. I just wear those items more. 

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