I was sent a survey from Anthropologie last week and upon completion received a 15% off promo code. MamaBella wanted me to order a dress for her so I decided to check the store to see if there was anything I wanted as well. I grabbed random dresses to try on along with the one MamaBella wanted.

~ Left Coast Ribbed Flare Dress, by Dolan, Navy, Small ~

I really liked this dress. It’s a pullover fit-and-flare dress and of the other colors I saw online (white, red, mint) the navy is the prettiest with the heathered look. The Small was definitely the best fit. The length is a few inches above my knee but I see this as a casual summer dress for outdoor BBQs or food truck park visits.

~ Butterfly Garden Midi Dress by Pankaj & Nidhi, size 10P ~

My store had a Petite size returned so I grabbed that instead of a size 8. Though I didn’t try on the size 8 I liked the fit of the 10P really well. I’m a sucker for butterflies and I love the print. I wish it came in a top too. The neckline is beaded and the midi length is high-low. Because of that, the lining stops around the knee.

~ Semele Shirtdress by Tiny, Small ~

I’ve tried on various versions of this shirtdress by Tiny. I find that the chest and waist fit fine while the upper arms are a little tight. Still I would stay with the Small in this dress. I don’t buy much long-sleeve in Spring unless it’s linen. Had this been offered in Fall, I probably would have been more interested in it.

~ Soha Maxi Dress by Floreat, Small ~

This is the dress MamaBella wanted. I usually find Floreat to run small on me but the reviews were consistent in stating this dress ran big. The Small fit me TTS to a little loose but is pretty comfortable. The maxi length hits just above the floor on me, which I love. Normally maxi dresses are dragging the floor and I don’t even consider them due to the alterations I’ll need to have done. It is a bit of a sack but I don’t think it’s too voluminous. Pockets are an added bonus. I bought MamaBella the Medium.

~ Agueda Shirtdress by Varun Bahl, Pink, Small ~

The color of this dress caught my eye so I took it to the fitting room with me. It looked like it ran a little big so I tried on the Small. Though there are buttons in the front, the only way to put this on is over your head. There isn’t another side zip or back zip to make it a little more accessible to get on or off. I didn’t have an issue putting this on, but taking it off was a completely different matter. No amount of wiggling was getting me out. I finally tugged at the sleeves a little and was finally able to pull the dress off. For me, that’s the only con. I though this dress was really cute. I love the pink over the black and white I saw online. Some reviews don’t like that the shoulders have a little puff but I don’t mind that at all. It gives the dress just a little more subtle character. The sleeves are 3/4-length and the length is just above my knee. I think the Medium Petite would have helped a little in the upper arms but otherwise I liked the Small. Only one other issue I found, for this specific dress, was the neckline seemed really exposed. I then noticed it was missing a button. I guess it popped off when someone else tried it on. I just exchanged it on the floor with one that had all the buttons and brought it home with me. I have no idea if I’ll keep it but I can’t stop looking at it.

Check out a few other of my dress picks.

What did you get over the weekend with your survey code discount?

Sorry for the unexpected break. I hit a bit of a wall as far as blogging and retail in February is always a bit un-inspiring for me. Retailers are trying to rush us out of Winter and into Spring and I’m not done wearing my Cashmere. Husband and I were busy doing a bit of redecorating, painting and overall house cleaning. I have been shopping at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Pottery Barn Outlet instead of my normal clothing stores. I can’t wait to share our “deal of the year” we found at the outlet! I also have some pics of fitting room try-ons from a few weeks ago so I will share those over the next few days.

~ Maeve Cantua Peplum Top, Red, size 8 ~

This reminded me, if only in color, of the HD in Paris Cabana Peplum Top. The stripes on this one are variated and the red and white stripes are saturated in different panels. The size 8 was snug across the chest for me and under the arms cut a little into the skin. I think I would need to size to a 10 Petite for this to fit comfortably. In my pics it looks like the Cantua Peplum Top is cropped but it did hit below the waistline of the Maeve Shorebird Pencil Skirt. The material felt like a sturdy cotton, almost denim-like.


~ Maeve Shorebird Pencil Skirt, size 8 ~

Oh, I loved this pencil skirt. The bottom panel is a nice touch, giving the birds some water but it would have probably been just as nice without it. The size 8 fit me just fine though the length measures 27 inches and hits me at the top of the calf. I think I could fit into the 8 Petite and bring the length up some. The waist is sitting higher on me than probably intended but I don’t mind as it brings the length up.



I would probably wear the AG Stevie Cuffed Jean to go with the Cantua Peplum Top and the Campanula Peplum Top or the Eyelet Sleeveless Blouse to pair with the Shorebird Pencil Skirt.


~ Akemi + Kim Walking Tour Tee, Navy, Medium ~
~ Leifsdottir Regatta Skirt, size 8 ~

This tee was sitting on the table with the skirt so I grabbed it as an easy try-on with it. The tee is comfortable and the Medium fits fine but you can certainly find a similar tee anywhere, from your favorite brand.

The skirt is what really caught my eye when I walked in the door. It’s very Mod with a cute little, for-looks-only, criss-cross ribbon in the back and sailor-style buttons in front. This is a mini skirt and hit be about two inches above the knee. The material is a poly-blend, reminiscent of the poly texture used back in 60s fashion.



~ Maeve Wynwood Buttondown, White, size 8 ~

The blouse is something Maeve does every season. This is cute in the umbrella print but was a little tight in the arms. Usually the 8 in this style fits me just fine so I may have had a mis-sized item.


~ Holding Horses Pieced Denim Skirt, size 8 ~

I knew this skirt would be long on me since it is supposed to be midi-length but the waist was pretty tight too. Though I’ve gained some weight, it’s in different areas and a little in my belly but I’m still fitting into my normal sizes. I would still say this runs small in the waist. I have found that Holding Horses tends to run a little small on me so I usually avoid their items. The skirt is an a-line shape and the denim is mid-weight.



I hope you all had a good February and get a good start to March.

Have a Great Day!

I was in Anthropologie getting a quick wedding gift (this, this and this) and saw the HD in Paris Laila Linen Shirtdress out of the corner of my eye. I had no time that day but went back a few days later to try it, and a few other items on.

~ Maeve Au Revoir Dress, size 8 ~

This is a dress that looked much better on the hanger than it did on me. I think it’s the pattern that makes me look wide. The size 8 fits tight across the chest as well as the hips so sizing to a 10 would make it look even more like a sack. The material is a viscose blend with a poly lining. A cropped jacket on top, like a denim jacket, might give this dress some hope, but overall, it’s a pass for me.


~ HD in Paris Enid Swing Dress, Ivory, Medium ~

I thought this was a very pretty lace dress and was surprised by how well it fit, especially in the arms. The lace is a bit stretchy there. The lace is varying in pattern on each panel. The high-neck isn’t as bothersome or uncomfortable as I imagined. This comes in Black and Slate as well, which looks more blue online.



~ Cynthia Rowley Padua Dress, size 12 ~

I could have chosen a 6 or a 12 to try on in this dress. I chose the 12 since I knew I would not be able to zip up the 6. Based on the 12, I think I would size to a 10. The dress is very structured and shaped with a defined waist. There’s no give whatsoever but I wouldn’t want that in a party dress like this. I loved the pattern and colors on it and it a different option from your LBD. Be warned that this dress starts out short, hitting me in the size 12 about two inches above the knee.


~ HD in Paris Laila Linen Shirtdress, Red, size 8 ~

This dress gets me excited for Spring. It’s my style and fits into my daily-wear well. The size 8 fits very well and the belt at the waist is adjustable. The skirt is pleated and the dress starts out short, above the knee. I usually get Petite sizing when the length is longer but I would stay in my normal size in this dress. There is a cotton slip in the same matching color. I ended up buying this in both the red and white.

The only con I have is that I would prefer this to be short-sleeve or sleeveless so I may alter this at some point. I’ll get tired of rolling up my sleeves every time I wear it.


~ Maeve Evangeline Sheath, Red, size 8 ~

Flattering. Sexy. On sale. Those are the only things you really need to know about this dress. Oh, and it comes in black too. I saw this dress on the hanger and knew it would be flattering. This is a poly-blend but I feel that is needed to have the slim silhouette. The size 8 fit quite well. I would add some Spanx for the mid-section.


The back is nice but you will need to find a low-back bra to wear with this since the strap across the back sits above a regular bra strap.


~ HD in Paris Picotage Sheath, size 2 ~

I grabbed the wrong size. I just noticed that now, looking back at my pictures. I didn’t even look at the price tag but the tag on the dress. The UK size is first, then the US size. So, not a bad fit if I’m being honest. But I would definitely go up to at least a size 6.

This was the first dress I tried on and loved it immediately. This dress is meant to be form-fitting and the material is a spandex-sweater type; maybe a little ponte. No Spanx needed in this dress. It’s going to hug and fit in all the right places. I’m even more amazed now at how well it fit.


I would love to add the Maeve Evangeline Sheath in black to my closet and may return the HD in Paris Laila Linen Shirtdress in White. I have a white dress already in cotton.

What do you think of these dresses?