Ann Taylor has 50% off most items, with some exclusions, using code MERRY50. Another of my favorites, and the one that caused me to go into Ann Taylor, is the Bow Print Boatneck Sweater.

~ Boiled Wool Skirt, Bright Cherry, 8 Petite ~
~ Bow Print Boatneck Sweater, Medium ~


~ Bow Print Boatneck Sweater, Medium ~

This sweater feels like it’s woven tight. It’s an acrylic/Merino blend so that’s probably why. I would still stay with the Medium. The neckline is boatneck and the sleeves are 3/4-length. The length hits at the hip for me though the lone reviewer stated it was a little cropped on her. It’s currently part of the 50% off, making it $40.


I reviewed the Bow Print Blouse and the print can also be fount in a scarf.


~ Boiled Wool Skirt, Bright Cherry, 8 Petite ~

J Crew does a version of this skirt every year as a mini. This year, they have the Flutter Mini Skirt, which I didn’t see in my store though I wasn’t really looking for it. The Factory has a mini skirt in wool as well. The Ann Taylor version hits me just above the knee in the 8 Petite. The normal size 8 would probably be just at the middle of the knee. The shape is also more A-line instead of straight, like the past J Crew skirts and current Factory skirt. I couldn’t capture the color but this cherry red caught my eye immediately. Since the 8 Petite fit so well I can only assume the size 6 will fit the same.




And here are some other Sweater and Skirt options I like.

Today is the last day to order via Standard Shipping and still receive by Christmas. I surprised myself Saturday and wrapped all the gifts. I finished up shopping at Target, which was super-crazy busy, and grabbed some additional gift cards and stocking-stuffers at Walgreen’s and am D.O.N.E.  I have a few more packages arriving, in the NICK of time – slaps Gigi’s knee. 😉

Ann Taylor sizing is so inconsistent for me. Some seasons I can wear Small/6 and other times it’s Medium/8/8 Petite. The skirts are so off for me that I always have to try them on. Luckily, I can always find what I’m looking for since Ann Taylor brings almost all their items to a store, with the exception of maybe Cashmere and shoes. That is the case with the skirt below. Let’s take a look.

~ Jeweled Wool Tee, Medium ~
~ Bow Print Tie-Neck Blouse, Medium ~
~ Eyelet Full Skirt, size 6 ~

While I was trying on these items, at the last minute I decided to add the Jeweled Wool Tee to the outfit to see how it would look layered. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I like the look with the tie-neck blouse but the two pieces separately I do like.


~ Jeweled Wool Tee, Medium ~

The Medium fit quite well in this felted wool tee. The tee is a loose fit and I could probably size to a Small but I like slouchy and loose for Winter. The jewels are only on the front and not the back or sleeves. There is a drop-shoulder but I don’t mind that too much as you can barely see the seam. I think this is constructed very well and fantastic for the Holidays. It will carry over well into Spring as a date-night option. This light gray is the only color available. It might have been lovely in a Navy. The reviews online are mixed. I didn’t find there to be any shedding with this like one reviewer posted.



~ Bow Print Tie-Neck Blouse, Medium ~

I had this bow tied lower and forgot to snap that pic. Right ow it looks more like a tight choker than a loose bow. The Medium fits ok to a bit loose and long. I would think the Medium Petite will fit better. The sleeves will shorten though I’m worried the shoulders might tighten a little too much. It’s Poly but had this been done in silk I would have strongly considered buying it.



~ Eyelet Full Skirt, size 6 ~

Now, this lovely skirt. I am always trying on pleated skirts like this and usually have to size to an 8 in them. I know I’ve sized to an 8 in various brands and at Ann Taylor as well. There was none to be had in the store so I grabbed the size 6, reasoning that I could at least zip some of it so you had an idea of how it looked on. Well, low-and-behold, it zipped up all the way…with the blouse tucked in too. It does look a little “hippy” in the first pic but it’s really not. It drapes well and the pleats stay down. I could wear the 6 or the 8 Petite and it would fit the same except for the length, which has the lining hitting at the knee and the eyelet overlay just below it. This is not a midi-skirt but would be for me. I like that the overlay is midi-ish on me while the lining that is solid still hits at the knee.



These are three pieces that could easily make it into my closet. Use code MERRY50 to take 50% off the Jeweled Wool Tee and Bow Blouse. The Eyelet Full Skirt is excluded from this promo. I think because it’s more of a Resort or Spring item.

While I was out trying to finish my Christmas shopping Wednesday night, this Bow Sweater caught my eye in the window of Ann Taylor. It’s navy with white little bows all over. Not quite similar as my Bow Sweatshirt but I think it’s close enough to satisfy those who can’t find the J Crew version. Once in the store, the other item that caught my eye as being similar to another popular J Crew item was the Jeweled Wool Tee. If you missed out on the Chandelier Sweatshirt I think this boiled wool tee is a great option.

The Placed Stripe Sweater caught my eye as I was leaving the store as 1) it looks very Spring-like and 2) it is similar to a recent Tory Burch Sweater. There’s a matching skirt as well. The Lace Flare Dress is the same color as the Lace Shift Dress I was able to find on sale a few months ago. And the Refined Windowpane Pants are in Navy with white. They are beautiful IRL and there’s also a skirt option.

I’ll have reviews starting tomorrow but if you’re interested, the Bow Sweater runs TTS. I tried on a Medium. The knit is woven a little tight so it’s not going to be a loose fit. Also, the Jeweled Wool Tee runs loose to TTS. I tried on a Medium but over another blouse. I would stay with the Medium. I was a little worried because it looked cropped on the hanger but did hit me a little above the hip.

Use code MERRY50 to take 50% off most items, including the Jeweled Wool Tee and Bow Sweater.

I didn’t want to just grab random clothes to try on at Ann Taylor. I tried to take items into the fitting room at Ann Taylor that were things I would actually wear or consider wearing. The skirt below is not only what I might wear to the office but also something Husband would like.

~ Lacy Cap Sleeve Blouse, Dark Ruby, Small ~
This looked flowy on the hanger so I brought a Small with me to the fitting room. It fits loose, even in the Small, though I wouldn’t size down to a Medium. The lace detail at the neckline extends around the back. The smaller lace detail down the front is see-through so I would consider a cami underneath, especially if wearing this to the office. The material is 100% Polyester and the care states to hand-wash and lay flat to dry. My guess is because of the lace detail at the neckline, and still a pain to do, especially with Poly.
~ Etched Rosette Full Skirt, size 6 ~

I really didn’t expect this to fit in the size 6 as the waist looked tiny. But I was able to fully zip it up and it wasn’t tight or uncomfortable once I had it on. The length, at 22 1/2 inches, hits me below the knee. The Petite length is 20 1/2 inches so I think the Petite Medium would be just the right length and fit for me.

The rosette is a nice pattern though, with the lace mixed in, seems like too much is going on. I do like that the other color on the ivory background is gray. You could go from light to dark gray on top to pair with the skirt.

~ Lace Tee, Warm Twilight, Medium ~
I didn’t like this blouse on the hanger but wanted to try on a few things that might go with jeans so I took it with me to the fitting room. Once I had it on though, I really liked it. The color is very nice and I like the nude underlay. The Black top has a black underlay.

I thought this fit me really well in the Medium and not snug anywhere. I also like that it gives a little shape in the waist. I could definitely wear this for anything, day or night. I like how I still looked put together, even in my jeans.

~ Paisley Top, Small ~
This fits exactly like the Paisley Mosaic Flare Dress so the Small is pretty snug in the sleeves on me and tight across the chest. The sleeves are a little longer, hitting at the elbow, on this top. They are short-sleeve on the dress. The length also looks cropped and it did hit me at the waistband on my jeans. And, of course, it’s 100% Polyester.
~ Tipped City Shorts, White, size 8 ~
I’m always looking for dressier shorts and these were great. They are cotton with some stretch and tipped in what looks like Navy Blue at the waist and side-seam. The inseam is 4 inches and also comes in Dark Sky which is Navy. The material is pique’ cotton so not a smooth feel but it still looks nice. The size 8 is the best fit, as is most shorts on me.
I ended up not making it back to the store to get the Lace Tee or Lace Shift Dress. I’m still trying to clear out some items in my closet so I have a better idea of what I’d like to replace things with. I’m also trying to stay away from Polyester, if at all possible.

Did you find anything from the Ann Taylor Friends & Family event? Or, are you waiting for the Labor Day sales instead?

Ann Taylor Friends and Family ends tonight. Use code FRIENDS40 if you are shopping online. In-store they will automatically apply the code. I tried on several items but think dresses might be useful to most of you. For sizing reference, I am usually a 6 or 8 Petite/Small or Petite Medium in Ann Taylor.

I’ve seen this dress in the window display of the store. I really like the print but knew it would be too long for me. Still, I wanted to try it on to see if it was worth the purchase on sale and to hem it to just below the knee. The size 6 was a nice fit and still loose and flowy all over. The length was Midi and too long for me, hitting a few inches above the ankle on me. The lace trim makes a “T” in front and then is down the sleeve and on the the sleeve hem as well. The dress is made from 100% Polyester and is still $159. I don’t love it enough to pay that much, even at 40% off for Polyester. I’ve been wearing some silk sleeveless blouses lately (in this 100 degree heat) and still felt much cooler than I would have in a sleeveless Poly blouse or dress.
I like the print and might have considered it had it been on a skirt but overall, I think the dress is too “prairie” for me. The length and material confirm this dress is a pass for me.
~ Lace Shift Dress, Dark Ruby, size 6 ~
I didn’t originally purchase this dress because I already have a few party and occasion dresses for some upcoming Holiday events and a February family wedding. But, I loved this dress and am considering the purchase of it anyway. I wish the lighting in the Ann Taylor fitting rooms was better. The color online is very true to IRL, as is the Fresh Ink (Royal Blue). The size 6 was a great fit still showing off a little curve at the waist. And there’s still some wiggle room for a food-baby! The length for me hits about an inch above the knee it will be a little shorter for you taller ladies. The sleeve and hem are scalloped. The material is a Cotton-Nylon blend.
This was the dress I ended up purchasing. I chose this over the Lace Shift Dress due to how often I would probably wear it. The size 6 fit really well and I compared it to the size 8 Petite in the Diamond Foulard print (below). The length hits just at the knee in the size 6. The wrap covers the chest nicely without any need for a safety pin or Fashion Tape.
The description says the sleeves are 3/4-length but they are bracelet-sleeve on me. I would probably pull them up some, like in pic below. One of the best parts is that this dress doesn’t call for any Spanx! I would probably still wear the Shaper Shorts if I was leaving the house just to smooth the bottom. I chose this print over the Geo Foulard and Diamond Foulard.
The fit was a little more snug in the 8 Petite. The length came up above the knee as well. I don’t usually mind that but since this is a wrap dress I was thinking of when I sit down how well the skirt would stay shut. The navy print is nice though I like the Tile Print a little more.
I liked the paisley print at the neckline and hem but the pink background wasn’t anything special for me. The Medium fit good through the body and just so in the shoulders and arms. I might have tried a Petite Medium if I was really considering this dress as a purchase. The shift silhouette has just a slight curve at the chest but then A-lines to the hem, which hits me just above the knee.
~ Paisley Mosaic Floral Dress, Dark Sky, size 6 ~
I thought the dress looked really nice on the mannequin and I think it looks ok on me. I wish the hem was hitting the knee and think the 8 Petite would accomplish that. I liked the mix of the two prints as well. The dress is 100% Polyester so, though sleeveless, will be warm to wear through the Fall. With a little cardigan this is a nice office-wear dress.

So tell me, what did you purchase from the Ann Taylor Friends & Family event? I honestly don’t need a whole lot and am really really trying to be thoughtful in my purchases. But sometimes, you just can’t get something off your mind. I see you Lace Tee and Lace Shift Dress.