One new arrival I was looking forward to was the Floral Sweatshirt in Sea Green Gray. I tried both this one and the Navy Navy on and liked this one more. It seemed a little more versatile to me. The Navy ran small on me. I tried on a Small and it ran tight across the chest, while the Gray in Small was a good fit. The Medium in Navy was a better fit but not as slouchy as the Gray in Medium. The front material of the Navy is silk while the Gray is Brocade. I felt I would snag the Navy so I brought the Gray in a Small home with me.

Now, let’s see how well I like it after putting it through the “1 Item, 3 Ways” test.

First, I paired it with the Andie Chino’s in Fatigue and the Frye Anna Leather Oxford. I think I can do better on the shoe with this one but the Floral Sweatshirt does pair nicely with the Andie Chino’s. It will also look great with the Navy and the Tuxedo Stripe. (I’m guessing the Gray Andie’s will work as well but I didn’t purchase those.) 

Next, I paired the Sweatshirt with the Cafe’ Capri’s in Iced Lilac from a season or two ago and my Gray Bronson Booties in Suede. This looks really good with the light purple and this color is one I would never have thought of if I hadn’t been trying be creative with this Sweatshirt. 

Lastly, is my favorite outfit with the Floral Sweatshirt. I have it on with the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Viridian Green and my Kate Spade Kiki Suede Wedges. The skirt brings out the smaller green pieces in the Sweatshirt. They are almost an identical match in color.
Of course, the Floral Sweatshirt will look great with any type of jean, so I stayed away from using that as one of my items.
Tell me, what would you pair this Sweatshirt with?

When I went back to try on the Pixie Pants in Leather Tuxedo Stripe I also re-tried on the Andie Chino’s. I asked for a size 8 & 10. I originally tried on the 8 but thought they were too tight. The 10s were way too big so I asked for more opinions from my VPS and favorite SA and settled on the size 8. It was the right choice as they do stretch some throughout the day.

The temps dropped to the high 80s Monday and I’ve been patiently waiting to wear Fall-ish clothes. So, I rolled my Andie’s, added a tee from Zara and my Cons and pretended it was kind of Fall.

I loved the feel of the Andie’s so much I wore them again this week, this time with the Silk and Sequin Scoopneck Tee and Cece’s.

Here’s Gus again…sniffing these pants to see why I like them so much that I wore them twice in one week. 

And…Bella’s jealous ’cause that’s how she is. Spoiled girl.

Yep, this is as Fall as I am going to get right now. 

Here are a few more items I was able to try on from the J Crew Fall roll-out.

See my other two posts here and here on some Fall items. 
Half-Placket Dress – It’s Viscose not silk and certainly not fitted at waist as CFS states. Fit well in a size 6 but needs a good belt and necklace to jazz it up some.  Pass

Silk Gingham Top – Fits great in a size 6. I was worried it would be tight in the chest but it’s perfect. I originally thought this was Black but it’s Navy. Purchase 

Silk Skirt in Beanstalk Stripe – One of my favorite pairings is Navy and Green. This skirt is super cute. I have on a size 6; Great fit, good length (17 1/2 in). Wishlist

Andie Chino with Tuxedo Stripe – Ummm, yeah…so I know lots of people love these but not so much for me. The whole fitted through hip and thigh is not a good look for me. I’ll stick with the Cafe Capri’s. I have on a size 8 and would probably size to a 10 so it’s not so booty-hugging. Love the Tuxedo Stripe. I had the Scout Chino’s like this before but it had no belt loops. I like that the Andie has a wide waistband with belt loops. Pass

You can see the pockets are opened. They would not lay flat which means I would definitely have to size up.

Schoolboy Blazer in Black – Love the black and the “new” length didn’t really seem to affect me too much. I have on a size 8 and it fits just like my Navy Schoolboy that I snagged during the Instant Gratification sale. As Navy goes with more in my closet I’ll keep that and pass on the Black. I sure do love it though.


Jeweled Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt – The jewels around the collar and sleeves certainly jazz up this sweatshirt. I sized down to a Small. MamaBella also bought this in the Athletic Gray. Purchase

Keeper Chambray Shirtdress – I tried this on at the request of my dear friend S. This is apparently selling out as my store didn’t have my normal sizes (6 / 8). This is a 4 and I was surprised at how well it fit in that size and how much I loved it. I would size to a 6 to have a touch more length and room in the arms.  Wishlisted

Jeweled Sweater Tee – Another surprise try-on for me. They seemed to have replaced ruffles with be-dazzling. I am wearing a Medium and though it’s a good slouchy fit, I would size down to a Small for a slimmer fit. The whole outfit made me feel dumpy due to the baggy and slouchiness. (Not sure why I am sizing down lately. I am maintaining my current weight but it may be distributing elsewhere.) Wishlisted

Vintage Straight Jeans – I know these aren’t the cropped because the sizing on the inside said 29 Regular. I definitely need to size down in these, as one of my wonderful SAs suggested. I have always loved the fit of the Vintage Straight Jeans. I don’t need a new pair of jeans but I’ve already Wishlisted these.

Scalloped Dress – I tried this on in the Navy (see 2nd pic below) when it originally came out in the Spring but never posted the image. I didn’t care for the fit at that time for some reason. But I love the Black version this Fall. I also think the cut might be a little curvier and not so straight. I also need a new LBD. This one is perfect. Purchase

Silk Tonal Paisley Dress – I am such a sucker for Shift dresses (because they leave room for the food-baby). This one is gorgeous and feels wonderful on. I have on a 6 and it’s perfect. It has a paisley pattern on it so it’s not just a basic Navy Shift. MamaBella was with me when I tried it on and she loved it on me too! Wishlisted

Merino Tippi Sweater in Foulard Dot – I didn’t give this sweater a second look when it came out with the new arrivals but after it went on promo and there was 30% I ordered the Navy Ivory colorway in a Medium. Now, IRL, I’m not so sure I made the right choice on color. I like that the Sweet Guava Black is tipped. Purchased but may exchange.
Silk Keyhole Top in Foulard – Foulard seems to be invading my closet lately. I ordered this as well in a size 8. Not a fan of the halter neckline nor the boxy shape. This would look pretty as a Pencil Skirt. Return

High Line Watercolor Map Tee – What a wonderful way to capture one of my favorites spots in NYC. Had the weather cooperated I would have grabbed a book and sat on a bench for hours enjoying this beautiful Park in the Sky. This tee is sold out but there are a few other items still available. I am eyeing the men’s sweatshirt now. Purchase
Have you tried any of these items yet? Get anything from the High Line section?