J Crew Factory currently has 50% off on almost everything, both online and in-stores. Prices are already marked so there’s no code needed. I had placed a few orders as well as visited our brand new J Crew Mercantile located in the Quarry Market. I’ll share my thoughts of the store at the end.

~ Linen-Cotton Pocket Skirt, size 10 ~

I really liked the Chevron Dress from retail last year so I was happy to see the print in a mini skirt. I seem to have jumped a size from an 8 to a 10 for Factory bottoms, so I’ll say that it runs TTS. The two pockets in front have pleats under them but it doesn’t add any weight or width to the hips. This is still true to an A-line shape, even with the pleats. I really liked this skirt but am debating on whether or not to keep it. I’ve been wearing dresses and linen shorts lately so I don’t know how often I’ll wear this skirt.



~ 5″ Summer Plaid Short, size 8 ~

I really liked the colors and patchwork of these shorts but the size 8 was pretty snug in the hips and butt. The size is the only reason I didn’t keep them. If I can find them in the Factory store in a size 10 I’ll get them. I don’t really need them so I won’t order them from online.


~ 3″ Summer Plaid Short, size 10 ~

I really liked the colors of this plaid short. When I saw these online I debated between ordering these and the Flamingo Shorts. I chose the Flamingo Shorts but really like these too. The size 10 fit well, so TTS. I like variety of pink on these plaid shorts with a little olive mixed in. Super cute!


~ 3″ Eyelet Short, size 10 ~

I didn’t originally notice these online but they are really nice IRL. The eyelet is black diamond-shaped. These are a nice alternative to the plaid and solid shorts the Factory/Mercantile is offering.


~ 3″ Flamingo Short, size 10 ~

These are the shorts I ended up getting, out of all the cute ones I tried above. I think it was a mix of the color and the flamingos scattered on the shorts. They were just too cute to pass up.


The J Crew Mercantile Store had men, women and crewcuts clothing. The store is much smaller than my Factory store in San Marcos. I wasn’t all that impressed by it. I would prefer to drive the hour to the larger Factory store than 20 minutes to the Mercantile store. There were a lot of sizes sold out and no help anywhere. I only saw one SA on the floor and no one in the dressing room or at the register. I’ll give it another shot in a few weeks but I don’t have high hopes.

It’s been awhile. I’m still here but I just couldn’t do the remix any longer for a few reasons. I have to say it is an amazing challenge but I should have been a bit more thoughtful in my selections. Also, the weather changed significantly on Thanksgiving Day. And, I am just not much of an accessorizer, which is a major part of this challenge. I have lots of them – scarves, rings, necklaces, but I rarely wear them. Maybe if shoes were not included but used as an accessory I could have stuck with it.

BUT…to you other remixers out there – keep it going. I love seeing your outfits!

Here are days 12, 13 & 14 as promised last week.

And here’s today’s outfit. I thought I’d pick a different setting for my pics today so I grabbed the tri-pod and went out to my front yard.

Sweater, Skirt, Belt, Tights: All J Crew
Boots: Steve Madden

And I had an audience. All does, no bucks.

Have a great day everyone. I am enjoying our cooler temps and happy to finally be able to wear my sweaters, tights and boots!

And a little boring. And I have a confession.

I broke the shopping ban that’s part of the remix. I’m still trying to stay true to the rest of the remix but when I put on one of the items (usually a top and usually a tee) I see a cardigan or skirt that would go well with it I almost cave and break the remix.

So here’s what I broke the ban on. J Crew, of course. I couldn’t stay away from the extra 30% off. I just went in to do some returns and came out with this.

I have no will power but it was too good of a deal to pass up. It was in-store on sale for $159.99. There’s still a size 8 in the camel at that price. I wish that color would have fit. (J Crew La Cantera, San Antonio, TX if you’re interested.) Then it was 30% off on top of that. I quickly did the math. I’m not stupid, maybe crazy and have no will-power. A fantastic gorgeous coat for $125 (w/tax) that I will wear only a handful of times a year but it’s a classic. Ugh, if only it had been in the camel in a 6.

And then…yes there’s more…I went in again to do another return (stupid 30 day return policy) and The Boy had grease on his shirt (!?!?!) from lunch. He actually asked if he could go find another shirt to buy, WHILE IN J CREW. WITH URBAN OUTFITTERS ACROSS THE ROAD!!! I was so proud of my guy. He found a black Jaspe polo all my himself. And it was only $14.99.

I have days 12, 13, 14 outfits coming up.

I’m still here and still remixing. I have had a busy week but have been trying to stay loyal to the remix. I did make a change/swap. Someone turned on the A/C in South Texas so I wasn’t well prepared with any long-sleeved casual wear (i.e.-tees).

Day 7…So I traded out the J Crew Fox Tee for a J Crew Perfect Fit Tee in Navy. We had a front blow through and it was a bit chilly.

Tee: J Crew Perfect Fit Tee
Boots: Steve Madden Inragee
Day 8…Office Visit
Sweater: JC Cashmere Cody
Jeans: GAP Curvy
Belt: JC
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pump in Porcini (similar here)
Necklace: JC

Day 9…Office Visit (I didn’t feel comfortable in this outfit. I was very self-conscious about these pants/my legs/butt.)

Shirt: JC Factory Perfect Shirt
Pants: JC Bi-stretch Wool Minnie
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Necklace: JC Factory Pearls

Day 10…I forgot to take a picture but it was nothing to write about. It was the JC Imperial Tee with my Gap Boyfriend Jeans and my Wicked Good slippers. I just wanted comfort.

Day 11…Ladies Luncheon

Sweater: JC Cashmere Cody
Boots: Steve Madden Inragee
Tights & Belt: JC

I have 6 items have I yet to wear in my remix.

Have great day!

The Cashmere Cody Cardigan that is.

We are having a family date day to celebrate The Boy’s Straight AAAAA’s. He’s been begging to go to this Brazilian steakhouse so we’ll be doing that after an afternoon movie. I’ve decided I may not want to put myself in a “meat coma” like I did on our anniversary two years ago so I may stick with the awesome salad bar and sneak a little piece here and there from Husband. The smell of beef made me nauseous for days.

Here’s Day 6…

Tee: J Crew Vintage Cotton Sequin Henley (Size S – A little snug in this size. I should have gotten the Medium.)
Caridgan: J Crew Cashmere Cody in Matisse Blue (Isn’t this color gorgeous?)
Jeans: GAP Curvy
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Pump

I am not a nail person. I get pedi’s all the time but I have always had a bad habit of biting my nails. After I saw this gorgeous purple color by Chanel (Paradoxal), I had to have it. And my nails are thanking me for it. They are growing and I am not biting them. I broke on on the other hand so as soon as it grows a little longer I’ll get a manicure. I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend!