J Crew Factory currently has 50% off on almost everything, both online and in-stores. Prices are already marked so there’s no code needed. I had placed a few orders as well as visited our brand new J Crew Mercantile located in the Quarry Market. I’ll share my thoughts of the store at the end.

~ Linen-Cotton Pocket Skirt, size 10 ~

I really liked the Chevron Dress from retail last year so I was happy to see the print in a mini skirt. I seem to have jumped a size from an 8 to a 10 for Factory bottoms, so I’ll say that it runs TTS. The two pockets in front have pleats under them but it doesn’t add any weight or width to the hips. This is still true to an A-line shape, even with the pleats. I really liked this skirt but am debating on whether or not to keep it. I’ve been wearing dresses and linen shorts lately so I don’t know how often I’ll wear this skirt.



~ 5″ Summer Plaid Short, size 8 ~

I really liked the colors and patchwork of these shorts but the size 8 was pretty snug in the hips and butt. The size is the only reason I didn’t keep them. If I can find them in the Factory store in a size 10 I’ll get them. I don’t really need them so I won’t order them from online.


~ 3″ Summer Plaid Short, size 10 ~

I really liked the colors of this plaid short. When I saw these online I debated between ordering these and the Flamingo Shorts. I chose the Flamingo Shorts but really like these too. The size 10 fit well, so TTS. I like variety of pink on these plaid shorts with a little olive mixed in. Super cute!


~ 3″ Eyelet Short, size 10 ~

I didn’t originally notice these online but they are really nice IRL. The eyelet is black diamond-shaped. These are a nice alternative to the plaid and solid shorts the Factory/Mercantile is offering.


~ 3″ Flamingo Short, size 10 ~

These are the shorts I ended up getting, out of all the cute ones I tried above. I think it was a mix of the color and the flamingos scattered on the shorts. They were just too cute to pass up.


The J Crew Mercantile Store had men, women and crewcuts clothing. The store is much smaller than my Factory store in San Marcos. I wasn’t all that impressed by it. I would prefer to drive the hour to the larger Factory store than 20 minutes to the Mercantile store. There were a lot of sizes sold out and no help anywhere. I only saw one SA on the floor and no one in the dressing room or at the register. I’ll give it another shot in a few weeks but I don’t have high hopes.

J Crew June arrivals are here and they have not disappointed me. In particular is this Gallabia Peru Mini Dress. My little boho heart is beating fast.

The description states it is a slim fit but I don’t see where; maybe through the body? The arms and shoulders look loose enough. I ordered a Small so we will see how it actually fits. There’s also a New York Mini Dress and Striped Oversized Tee. Shopbop also carries the brand. The white blouse is probably my favorite of the three.

I’ll share the rest of my picks from J Crew June as soon as I have my coffee!

Happy December! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had great week with a huge surprise. My brother flew in from Singapore to surprise MamaBella for Thanksgiving. Of course I knew since I had to pick him up from the airport. The shock on her face was priceless.

The Thursday before Thanksgiving I was invited to attend the Holiday Fashion Show at Anthropologie. I love these events and this was the first Holiday show for my store. Here are a few looks.

Goodies! They served a yummy Apple Cider Champagne Cocktail.


The backdrop for the runway.



~ Scooped Sweater Dress, Navy, Moth ~
~ Solstice Scarf ~


~ First Snow Infinity Scarf ~
~ High-Low Turtleneck, Ivory, Moth ~
~ Chevron Sweater Skirt, Moth ~


~ Fringe Stripe Tank, Gold, Sunday in Brooklyn ~
~ Pretty Polly Pouch, Miss Albright ~
~ Tartan Charlie Trouser, Cartonnier ~


~ Faux Fur Cowl, White, Marta ~
~ Silviculture Pouch ~


~ Embroidered Brocade Dress, Byron Lars ~


~ Marlow Gown, Eliza J ~

Thanks for coming along with me to the Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show!

~ Vintage Scarf Dress, size 6 ~

Wow! This dress sold out quickly. I can see why too. It’s very lovely on and fits well. The size 6 is good and I wouldn’t go up to an 8 in this. In Petites, I would take an 8P. I thought the print looked a little old-fashioned online but in-person it’s very pretty. The dress feels light and airy and it certainly is one I would wear a lot in the Spring in Summer. I have a few this Summer that are in constant rotation but they are cotton. This silk dress still looks casual enough to wear as a work-from-home outfit. I can tell you that it also works with the Downtown Field Jacket in Deep Burgundy, so it would transition well into Fall.


This looks like the same style as the Vintage Scarf Dress, right? One difference is the zipper. The Vintage Scarf Dress has a back-zip while this dress has a side-zip. That is what gave me trouble and made me size to an 8 from the original 6 I had in the dressing room with me. The material and print are nice but I still feel a little snug at the waistband. The shoulders and chest fit well. The material not tight or pulling. The length is just above the knee.

The dress is lined but the lining is partially sown on the dress. The bodice of the slip, particularly the straps are loose and so there are bra keeps to help them stay put.

I really do like the print and colors. I think they all mix very well together. 
I really wanted the Chiffon Dress in Marble Print to work out. I’m not committed enough to being uncomfortable at the waist right now to get it and make it work. And I would probably need to size to a 10 Petite to make that fit but then I feel it will be too loose up top. 

Oh well, there will be others!

Have a Great Day!

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Currently, the Iridescent Sequin Shift Dress has been marked down to $99.99 plus 30% off with COOLSALE. My store has 50% 40% off sale so I would try getting a price match in-store plus the in-store sale promo. 
I really like the olive dress against my skin-tone. It’s one of my favorite colors to wear for Fall. The dress is pretty and I can see adding a jean jacket to it to dress down for a casual date night or lined blazer. A cardigan will snag on the sequins, that are all-over the dress. As long as it’s not one of your favorites I suppose a cardigan is ok to wear. Of course, this looks great with the Collette Heels. I have on a size 6 and it fits perfectly. The length is a little more than an inch above the knee.

There’s a back-zip and the dress cuts in a little so a racerback bra will be necessary. The overall shape is a little more curvy than the Linen Sundress in Iridescent Sequin. I like the v-neckline better on the other dress. I bought that one and returned since I didn’t end up wearing it right away. I think it would have just sat in my closet.

I loved this dress and I love the look of it with the Collette Heels. The mix of the tweed with the animal print as well as purple-blue with brown looks very pleasant and not shocking or distracting. I am always an 8 in Sheath dresses since they fit so close to the body. This one is no exception, fitting exactly perfect.
The tweed is very nice and not overly thick. I wouldn’t normally think tweed for Summer but it works with the pattern and dress style. The length is a modest length, hitting just below the knee on me. 

It’s really hard to resist buying the Italian Tweed Sheath Dress. I think the style, pattern and colors are something that will transition over the seasons. But, even with dressier items that I’ll only wear occasionally, I always think about cost-per-wear. If I worked in an actual office I’d buy this in an heartbeat.

What do you think of these dresses? Have you tried either of them on yet?

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