I went to the mall because my uncle gave me an Express gift card for Christmas. They had their “Shop the Box” sale where they put most of their sale items (tees, tanks, scarves, belts, etc.) in boxes by size. I didn’t find anything on sale and didn’t need any new pants (love the Editor’s) or skirts. I’ll have to wait to see what their Spring collection brings.

I headed over to Anthropologie where they were having a SALE. I love their sales. You know, the ones where the racks are out in the store as opposed to the little room in the back. They also had some Spring items in.

Snowscape Tank-on sale
Elevenses Short-Sleeved Cardi Jacket – on sale (Not sure of the real name b/c it’s not online any longer.)
Emerald Cascade Blouse by Odille
Buds & Stripes Top – I wouldn’t have noticed or looked for this if someone hadn’t done a post on the new arrivals. Love it and the back is too cute.

Leaves of Grass Purse – I found this purse/clutch at an Anthropologie-esque store called Francesca’s Collections. I really like this boutique. They have an online store and also B&M’s throughout the U.S. I first found it when I lived in Knoxville and was excited when they opened one here.

I’m sure all the northerners are laughing at us southerners who can’t handle this freaking cold streak we’re having. We don’t like below freezing. Especially for 3+ days in a row. How can you handle it?

So, I went out to the mall looking like the Bumble. But I was warm!
Stay warm!

I wandered into the other J Crew store in town last night and saw this.

Now, I had been eyeing it online for about two weeks in this exact color, Dark Pewter. I almost bought it with the 30% off but decided on Cashmere instead (glad I did…Love my Jalapeno Cashmere Shawl Popover Sweater!). Online it is $159.99, down from $268. It’s a great neutral color and has a fold-over flap to close the bag. I love my Mini Campo bag but sometimes I just don’t like having my purse open all the time.

Anyway, I walked into the store and saw this and several other purses, all store returns from online purchases. I knew I would be paying $159.99 but that was much better than paying $268. I checked the tag inside the bag to find out it was not that price. It was less…much less…half-off-the-sale-price-less.  Yep, $79.99 was the price on the tag. That sealed the deal for me and now it’s mine.

But here’s what I don’t understand J Crew. Why are you not consistent with the prices? I understand if it was less online than the store return but to be less in the store than online…huh? The only thing I can figure out is that it was purchased when it came out online, immediately returned and has been sitting in the store for quite a while.

I guess I don’t really need to understand it because it’s mine, mine, mine, for $79.99.

I “introduced” my mom to J Crew today. It was a last minute stop after our afternoon “Black Friday” shopping (I don’t do 4 a.m./early morning shopping).

Here’s what I bought her.
Merino Rose Corsage Cardigan in Light Berry (looks more like muted Hot Pink)
Slub Cotton Faded Floral Tee in Dark Charcoal
There were a few other tees and cardis she liked but they didn’t have her size. I also bought her some “hip” jeans (GAP Sexy Boot in Dark Wash) and a Plaid shirt (from the GAP too).

It was a great afternoon with mom but I’m exhausted. I “lost” her, like, 20 times. But we had fun and got some great deals!

And HBD to my hubby who’s now 40!

This is more just pictures than a review. I am usually a Medium in tops but in J Crew tees I’m having to size to a Small due to the fit and length.

The Reindeer Tee (looks like most of you bought this. I like the “porcelain” color on me than the “Glazed Hazelnut”.
The receipt call this one the Vintage Slub Elk Tee. Not sure if there are other colors.

I purchased this sweater online in the Olive Ivory color. I tend to wear no color in the winter so I bought this color instead of the pewter. It’s pretty and it’s soft. When I took it out of the package it looked itchy but it’s not. I ordered a Medium, but it runs big all over, including the sleeve length.

I love the boatneck style and I am hoping my store has these and that the Small is more fitted like the website states. Otherwise back it goes too.