So I saw this on M&M’s Mommy’s polyvore and forgot all about posting an IRL. So here it is…

Full pic…

Can I be a J Crew model? I’m rockin’ the socks w/heels.

Full ruffled collar…Mandarin collar…

I kind of actually like this. I have a few other v-neck/boyfriend tees and it’s certainly similar to using a V-Neck sweater/cardi with the Frances (or Victoria). What do you think?

I saw this blouse the other day when I was in Anthropologie and immediately knew I could re-create it with what I already had.

Gelateria Blouse – $98

Very easy to re-create don’t you think? Everyone has a button-down white shirt (even a different colored solid shirt would probably work.)

I used the J Crew Slim Stretch Shirt in White and a black sash from a dress I had. I’m partial to navy blue so I think I’ll go by the hobby store and grab some satin ribbon. I also had to double-bow the sash I had.

Bow in front

Bow on the sideI love this. Of course the J Crew Bouquet Sash Belts will work. I also found this one on Etsy.

Navy Blue Magnolia Silk Flower Belt by carolinabean $48

I think it gives the classic white shirt a little update.

I work from home so my daily attire is shorts and t-shirts. About once a month or so I go in to my corporate office. That’s when I get to dress up and wear “real” clothes.

Here’s what I wore Wednesday.

J Crew Imperial Tee
J Crew Coccodrillo Pencil Skirt
Manolo Blahnik Campari-Black Patent

I love this skirt!

Yay! Not only are the J Crew Fall arrivals now in store but I received my rewards card today too!

Below are pictures…I’ll post better ones of the purchases later and add more comments but I wanted to get these out here.

Silk Frances Cami-Deep Rose Sz 6 (a little snug around the arms for me, got an 8)
Stretch Twill Minnie Pant – Black Sz 8 (very bunchy around the crotch and ankles & too big in waist, got a 6)

Merino Wool Evening Primrose Sweater – Burnished Olive Sz M (not online, think only B&M)
Wearing over Frances Cami


With Velvet Eden Blazer – Iris Sz 8

Stretch Wool Schoolboy Blazer -Heather Carbon, Sz 6 (I think)
with Frances Cami

with Slub Cotton Imperial Tee (purchased but I’ll have a better pic later) & Evening Primrose Sweater

Silk Frances Cami – Dark Slate, Sz 8 (fits me much better)
w/Merino (?) Chiffon detail sweater, Sz M

Close-up of Sweater, in a light purple

Textured Jersey Boatneck Painter Tee – Mars (?) This is more orange than red. Sz M (I didn’t like the fit on me at all.)

Cotton tuxedo shirt

w/Ecole blazer
What I wore…Olive Slub Twisted V-Neck, Deco Dots mini, leather belt, leopard flip-flops.

I’ll post better pics of what I purchased along with prices later this evening.

So I’ve already broken my ban (thanks ebay sellers) but I found the most wonderful shoe I had to have it! More on those in a minutes.

I’ve not been anywhere since hubby’s been home on short-term leave due to his injury. No great outfits to post. Just shorts and tees and tanks and bathing suits. BUT today he had a doctor’s appt and I got to wear real clothes! I got ready in 20 minutes, including shower and light makeup. Pretty speedy and all before coffee.

Here’s what I wore:
J Crew Slub Twisted V-Neck in Olive Green
GAP distressed jeans
J Crew Leopard flip-flops
J Crew Grasshopper necklace
Lucky Brand belt

I love this Tee. It’s so comfy and my favorite color is green. I found the grasshopper necklace on ebay after I lost it in my shopping cart on J Crew. The jeans are a recent purchase from the GAP. I have a pair of the J Crew Vintage Slim distressed that I had altered shorter but they just don’t fit right on me. None of the J Crew jeans do.

I so wanted a pair of the Toothpick but I have my father’s legs and they were built for sports not jeans. I can’t buy normal boots. My calves are almost 15 inches and I always have to try them on to make sure they zip! Zip up past my calf! I’ve broken plenty of zippers. And my thighs, well we won’t even talk about them. They look great when toned but I can’t fit into a pair of “skinny” or “straight-leg” jeans to save my life without going 2 or more sizes up.

So, unfortunately, J Crew jeans are not my thing. But these GAP jeans (size 6A) are perfect. I love them. Most GAP jeans fit well on me but their Ankle size is almost always 2 inches longer than I need for flats. These were not and look great rolled up. I bought two pair. Yippee!

Now on to my next favorite purchase that helped break my ban on shopping. Shoes of course. Christian Louboutin to be exact. Love the guy. Love the shoes the guy makes and these are gorgeous and practical!

Mary Jane Peep-Toe FLAT! In Navy Blue

Oh I love these and can’t wait to wear them out. I think they look good with the rolled up jean too! The color is hard to find as well as this particular shoe style. Mary Jane shoes are a weakness for me and combine that with Christian Louboutin, well, just take my wallet, I give.

Find a pair of shoes you love and buy two!