What a weekend! Very glad that is behind me. Paintball was a lot of fun but I am so sore from running, twisting, falling, squatting, oh, and getting shot at. I have a bruise on my thigh that is the size of a softball. All from one little bitty paintball. That will be there for a few weeks so no mini skirts until it’s healed.

The boys ate everything! Even some of hubby’s “low-cal/diet” food. They were raiding the pantry at midnight for food and drinks. They all had a lot of fun and hopefully were really tired yesterday. I know The Boy was.

Here’s what I wore to the office last week. It was raining a lot so I wore the Riley’s there and changed shoes

Blazer – J Crew Eden
Cardigan – J Crew Scalloped Zipper Cardigan
Cami – J Crew Trevi Shell
Necklace – J Crew Simple Pearl & Box Chain Necklace (I don’t see it online.)
Jeans – Gap Essential (Love these jeans!)
Boots – Kate Spade Riley Rain Boots
Heels – Manolo Blahnik Black Campari

Here’s Friday’s OOTD that I wore running around getting the food the boys ate.

Tees – J Crew Perfect Fit V-Neck, J Crew Elk Tee
Jeans – Gap Curvy
Flats – J Crew

And here’s what I’m wearing today.

Cardigan – TJ Maxx
Cami – Anthropologie Buds & Stripes Top
Jeans – Gap Curvy
Flats – J Crew

This top was styled at Anthro with the Field Game Cardigan. I found this cardi at TJ Maxx (pre-ban) for $12.99. I used the tie from the top to belt the cardi.

We are having rainy weather this week and it’s so easy to put on lounge wear. But, I’ll try to post my OOTDs daily since I’m “shopping my closet”.

Here’s my OOTD for today. It’s different from my original Polyvore I created for today because the rain stopped and the sun came out, even though it’s still cold…and windy.

Sweater: J Crew Dolce Shawl Popover in Light Pewter
Tee: J Crew Rosette in Light Pewter
L/S Tee: J Crew F/S in White
Jeans: J Crew Denim Minnie Pant
Boots: Nine West Jemonia (2007)
I forgot how much I like these boots and I couldn’t wait to wear these Denim Minnies!

Promise…Here’s my OOTD with the new Printed Ripstop Pull On Kate Skirt (receipt name).

Skirt: JC Printed Ripstop Pull On Kate Skirt
Tee: JC Chiffon Rose
Cardigan: JC Long Cardi
Belt: Old Navy Bow Belt in Pewter
Shoes: Cole Haan

Some necklaces…
Fireball Fringe Necklace – $55

Nouveau Gem Necklace – $115

Simple Pearl & Box Chain Necklace – $58

Spring Time Flower Sash – Pink/Olive/Cream & Blue/Black

Reusable Canvas Tote – $10 – This is only one of the 3 designs.

There were some cute necklaces and bracelets. The other two designs (colors too I think) of the totes were really cute too.

The only new arrival I picked out was the Indigo Demin Skirt. I’ve been wanting to wear it since I bought it but I have had no where to go. So here’s my work-from-home OOTD.
Trying on my new wedges. *Hi Sammy!
Close-up of the skirt (and Gus-He was feeling left out not being on the blog.)

Maybe a little poufy but it’s really cute. It also has front pockets. I was a bit hesitant on getting this because of the length since the website said it was 15 inches (too short!) but I was able to try this on in the B&M and the size 6 measures 17 inches from the top of the waist to the hem (much better).Also, I changed the shirt once I saw the pics. It didn’t really go. (I’ve got a tank and cardi on now.) I would love to get the Brodie leather ankle booties this is styled with but I’m realizing that…um…3+ inch heels are not an all day shoe for me anymore. I’m sure if the bootie goes on sale I’ll forget all about that though.

I went to the mall because my uncle gave me an Express gift card for Christmas. They had their “Shop the Box” sale where they put most of their sale items (tees, tanks, scarves, belts, etc.) in boxes by size. I didn’t find anything on sale and didn’t need any new pants (love the Editor’s) or skirts. I’ll have to wait to see what their Spring collection brings.

I headed over to Anthropologie where they were having a SALE. I love their sales. You know, the ones where the racks are out in the store as opposed to the little room in the back. They also had some Spring items in.

Snowscape Tank-on sale
Elevenses Short-Sleeved Cardi Jacket – on sale (Not sure of the real name b/c it’s not online any longer.)
Emerald Cascade Blouse by Odille
Buds & Stripes Top – I wouldn’t have noticed or looked for this if someone hadn’t done a post on the new arrivals. Love it and the back is too cute.

Leaves of Grass Purse – I found this purse/clutch at an Anthropologie-esque store called Francesca’s Collections. I really like this boutique. They have an online store and also B&M’s throughout the U.S. I first found it when I lived in Knoxville and was excited when they opened one here.

I’m sure all the northerners are laughing at us southerners who can’t handle this freaking cold streak we’re having. We don’t like below freezing. Especially for 3+ days in a row. How can you handle it?

So, I went out to the mall looking like the Bumble. But I was warm!
Stay warm!