I was in my Anthropologie store making some returns and saw the Off-the-Tie-Rack blouse styled with a sweater. I absolutely loved it. I’ve been wanting to wear the blouse but the weather is just not co-operating. Now, of course, you are thinking “A sweater would be nice over it during the Spring.” but it was the WAY it was styled. Just watch…

Here’s the Polyvore.

2.26.2010 OOTD
2.26.2010 OOTD by audreybella featuring J Crew & Anthropologie

Here is how it is online. I wrapped the sash around one more time so the bow is smaller on me.

Here is how the SA told me to tie the bow. Just a simple knot.

Here is the way it was styled yesterday.

They used a shawl cardigan but since I already had a long J Crew cardi I saw no need (yay!) to buy the one they used – as tempting as it was.

Since it is a bit windy I added the Eden blazer. They are very convenient for layering and grabbing at the last minute when you’re going out the door. I would get another but I have the Ecole in the Brown and my Wool Schoolboy in Redwood should be coming today.

I had some success yesterday with the boy. I bought him “adult” jeans at American Eagle and not only did they fit but he liked the style and wash! AND…today I got him to wear a belt. He has this pair, his favorite, that he has been wearing EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! He washes them at least once during the week but he walked out of the house yesterday with his “pants on the ground”. And, of course, the bus was just about to show up so it was either 1) Get after him and make him change which would mean he would miss the bus and I’d have to take him or 2) Let it go for one more day. I let it go. He’s taller than me and has a deep voice now so I pick my battles. ;o)

Have a great day!


Just a really quick post of my Wednesday OOTD. I had to go into my office today and was there as the sun was rising and left when it was setting. I haven’t had one of THOSE days in a very long time. I’m still exhausted.

Shirt: Express 3/4 sleeve Button down from years ago
Sweater: J Crew Silk/Linen V-Neck from last year, I think. I don’t remember the exact color name but it was YELLOW. You saw me coming.
Jeans: Gap Curvy (best jeans ever for those of us with hips, IMO)
Shoes: (not shown) Cole Haan Brown Patent Penny Loafer

Stress is my trigger for shopping and yesterday was really stressful. So I stopped at the Crewlet, instead of waving as I drove by. And I broke my shopping ban. BUT I got some goodies. They received a shipment of new arrivals Tuesday and I found so many cute things. I’ll post later today or tomorrow on what I purchased. I have to say that sizing was WAY off. I tried on a lot of size Smalls and 4s and I’m normally a Medium and a 6.

Have a great day!

I didn’t realize it until I was getting dressed, after I had picked out these colors that today is Mardi Gras.

So here’s my Mardi Gras outfit of the day.

 Purple T-neck: TJ Maxx
Green T-Neck Sweater: Anthropologie Lia Molly
Skirt: J Crew Indigo Skirt
Tights: Random
Purple Mary Janes: Suede Cole Haan Nike Air
Necklace: J Crew Multi-Strand Fireball Necklace
I was comfy all day in my heels. Gotta love that Nike Air Technology in the soles and heels.

Friday we finally had some sunshine, even though it was still cold. I was so tired of wearing jeans and fleece and thick sweaters and sweatshirts. So I saw the sun shining and the blue skies and decided to dress up for the day.

Here’s the Polyvore

Here’s the IRL.

And here’s what I really wore.

Um…yeah…I have my gray tee on backwards. It went over my head the right way. Not sure what happened.

So I didn’t like the way the Elizabeth felt with the tee over it. I think maybe a Perfect Fit tee would have been better or no tee at all. Also, since I wore tights the skirt kept bunching and riding up. I should have worn a slip so it would lay better.

I did go by J Crew to return/exchange two pieces of jewelry and they loved that I was wearing all J Crew, including two new arrivals and using the canvas tote bag. I also went in to try on the Unagi, the Neapolitan and the Double-Stretch Serge Pencil Skirt. OMG! I loved them all. I did get the Unagi which is a great fit in my normal size 6. I tried them all in a 6 and I think I probably could have sized down in the Serge to a 4.

One of the managers/SAs saw me pulling items to try on and said, “We got a new skirt in. You’re going to love it.” And he ran to the back to get it. Apparently they were still pulling things out of boxes. He brought it out and it is this gorgeous lime/yellow/green and in a linen/silk blend.

It’s a Linen blend and the tag says FCI for the color…Something Citron?? I tried on the 6 and loved it. It fits like the Terra Paisley or Deco Shirred Skirts. I’m thinking a white button down, with rolled sleeves and this scarf (or something similar).

So I ended up exchanging the two necklaces for the two skirts. I didn’t even ask when the rest of the new arrivals would be out. I was too excited about my skirts.

The pieces I have from J Crew are so great for layering. Especially when it’s chilly outside and you just want to stay cozy inside.

Here’s the Polyvore.

2/9/2010 OOTD
2/9/2010 OOTD by audreybella featuring J Crew 

Shirt: J Crew Vintage Bateau
Turtleneck: J Crew Tissue Turtleneck
Pants: J Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Ballerina in Camo
Vest: J Crew Sherpa
Here’s what I’m wearing.
I changed out the shoes from my Polyvore set. These are some cool Nike Blazers that are suede (brown areas) and tweed. The soles are a light purple.
I received my order yesterday (which had the Vintage Bateau top in it) and am disappointed in the Celosia Cardigan in Wild Plum. I’ll post my thoughts and IRLs later today or tomorrow.