J.Crew has had 5 days of different promos, with today’s being 40% off all Final Sale items, with code FRIDAY. I’ve been waiting for a better percentage off of sale items, though I wish it wasn’t F/S, to make a few purchases. I bought the Marine Salt color of the Collection Gazebo Pants. I love the black and can see wearing this color with a black cashmere tee and these strappy flats or these gorgeous t-strap flats. Out of all the Fall heels I’ve seen offered at J.Crew I think the pink tweed Elsie Pumps are the most fun! I may also be able to pull them off with the Gazebo Pants.

There are lots of items on sale right now. It looks some I bought on promo are now in the sale section like this silk blouse and the Sammie Pants in Polka Dot. I have yet to wear them but that’s only because I had them in a box of clothes I’m getting rid of. Luckily I double-checked that box before sending it out.

Are you shopping this final promo of the week? Did you shop any of the others during the week? Anything I missed that you think I’d love?

During my last vacation, my Missoni for Target carry-on finally bit the dust. It was able to hold together through the whole vacation but I noticed it had started to come apart at a seam that couldn’t be repaired. It made me really sad as it went everywhere with me – Italy, New York, Vegas many times, San Diego, San Francisco and SE Asia. It was always easy to spot among the sea of black and gray.

Thus began my search for a new travel buddy. I have always wanted a leather weekender and originally considered the Transport Weekender. But I also wanted something that could be rolled around instead of being carried everywhere. Because of that, I turned my focus to an actual suitcase. I knew I wanted something chic and I love the look of the old vintage style steamer trunks and cases. That took me to Steamline and Globe-Trotter, which would be fabulous to have, but I just couldn’t justify the price. I know they are well made but for most of the year, it would be in a closet, unseen.

I finally found something that is so chic and that I absolutely love from Amazon. I bought the Vanity Case and the Small Carry-on. Against my better judgement, I chose the white with dark brown accents and straps. I just couldn’t resist the white over the other colors, knowing full well it will get dirty. There are some covers for them but even though that would keep them clean I wouldn’t be able to show them off.


They items came from Japan and took about a week, which was quicker than I expected. The material is PVC/PU and the brown does look a little cheap. The small trunk is a carry-on size and so lightweight, especially compared to my last bag. I could have used it in place of a kettle ball for workouts.


The vanity case can sit on top of the small trunk and there is a little strap that you can hook around the handle so nothing falls off.




The inside of the small trunk. There’s a small pocket on the top. The bottom has a cover, with another zip pocket, so that everything looks nice and neat.


So there is one thing bothers me about this trunk. The poles for the pull-out handle take up a little room inside the trunk. You don’t start out with a flat bottom. Now, I haven’t seen, or even been able to find, pictures of the inside of the Steamline or Globetrotter trunks so I don’t know if they have the same issue. For the price, I doubt it. If you roll your clothes then you can work with this issue. Sometimes I roll, sometimes I use additional inserts.


I’m all packed! I have six outfits in here including pants, shorts, a dress and tops. They are all Summer items so the material is thinner than a sweater, but everything fit comfortably. The leather straps that you see buckle and there are two key locks on either side.


The vanity case has two pockets on one side but no cover on the other. Since there is no pull-out handle, the bottom is flat. I have some additional shoes underneath my toiletries and make-up bags. The leather straps snap to the case and there is a combination lock for the case. I’ve actually used this case for weekend trips to see our friends in Dallas.


The wheels on the small trunk spin and the handle is easy to pull out. The proportion is good for me and not overwhelming. I always hate to see people struggling with such large bags. I think I’d rather have two small trunks than one large suitcase to manage.


In addition to the small strap to connect around the handles, the vanity case also comes with an over-the-shoulder strap.


I am contemplating ordering the Medium size, with a cover, so that it would be more useful traveling during Winter or for longer trips, when I need more clothes. Of course, I also hate checking a bag so I may just get another small trunk. I did use this a few weeks ago traveling to Vegas. I was forced to check the small trunk on the way there and it did get dirty and a little scuffed up. When I got home I got a little baking soda and water and made a little paste and all the dark scuffs and dirt came right off. I did choose fashion over function with these two bags but I’m really pleased with my purchases.

Starting today at Tory Burch, you can take 30% off your purchase of $250 or more with code FALL16. I love this promo which is different from the tiered promos in the past. With the tiered promo you had to spend $700+ to take 30% off.

The collection this Fall has pretty florals on a black background, a horse & chariot print and the Gemini Link Collection found on bags, shoes and clothes. Here are just a few of my picks. I can tell you the Gemini Link Tortoise Loafers are beautiful IRL. For me, it is hard to choose between those and the Gigi Pump. Then the Blossom collection is so gorgeous. I have seen the Ballerina Flat and the leather applique flowers are so lovely on the flat.

Nordstrom is honoring the 30% off on a few items; shoes from what I can tell. And cardholders get Triple Points right now. I was in the store last weekend and tried on a few items. I’ll share those with you tomorrow.

Happy Shopping!

If you are an Anthropologie card holder, starting today you can take 20% off your purchase, sale or full price items. There are items I want both in-store and online only so I will probably place an order online and pay the shipping. At the top of my list are the Melange Lace Pencil Dress and the Rosewood Lace Top. I know I’ll get more use out of the blouse but I really love the lace dress.



And these are the other items currently sitting in my cart. I’ll whittle them down to one or two more items. I’m leaning towards these embroidered jeans and these colorblock booties in the Navy.

If you are shopping in-store, show your Anthro card or give them your phone number to look up your account. If you are shopping online you can use code FALLPERK.

I am back from my mini-vacation just in time to see all the new cherry print items J.Crew rolled out for October. We had a little sneak preview when the Flutter-Sleeve Top (review) was put out in stores at the end of August. Now it’s truly rolled out along with all the other items in the print, but with a black background and red cherries. I was at the store Wednesday and tried on every piece I could find. Those reviews are coming soon.

I liked the Tippi Sweater but since I haven’t had the opportunity to wear my Embellished Bee Tippi I probably won’t buy it. I love the ruffle bottom of the wrap dress but the top is a little low-cut. A short block heel is on the Ankle-Wrap Heels and you can choose a necklace or bracelet with cherries. Finishing up the accessories are a pretty little silk scarf or socks.

I sure do wish J.Crew allowed more than 100 items in a wishlist. Or at least allowed you to create separate categories under your account. Mine is completely full and I’ll have to start making more purchases if I want to add anything from the November and Holiday rollouts coming in the next few months.

Have you tried any of the cherry print items? What is your favorite?