I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I truly believe in the Spirit of Christmas and hope each and every one of you receive wonderful blessings over the next few days. Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you next week!

One place I love to browse online is a little sister of Anthropologie, Terrain. If you are looking for cute antique-y, farmhouse-style items you can find it at Terrain. I’ve ordered a few things from there and always love their Christmas items each year. They rarely have promos. Even free shipping is rare. But today only, you can take 15% off your purchase with code GIFT15OFF.

I’ve purchased the Farmgirl Fresh Bouquet for MamaBella last Mother’s Day. She loved it and it was nice to find something other than standard flower shop bouquets. I have a medium sized tree that’s very slim. I don’t want to overwhelm it with chunky ornaments so the miniature bulb set is perfect. I have the Neutral colors. One of my favorite wreaths is the Lavender Fields Wreath. Take a look at a few of my other picks.

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend the Gift Guide. You’ll find something for everyone on your list, including yourself. And don’t forget, today only, use code GIFT15OFF for 15% off your purchase at Terrain.

Of course, with my new training regimen, I HAD to get new shoes. I had a random email telling me about 25% off the clearance section at Nike. I clicked on through and found so many shoes it was hard to narrow the choices down. Eventually, I ended up with the Free TR Focus Flyknit in Midnight Turquoise/Electric Green/White. I ordered my normal size, though suggestions said to size up a half size. The shoe Gods must have been watching me because my order was cancelled. My size had sold out. I quickly ordered another pair, this time half a size up in 7 1/2. That was the right size and great fit, especially since some of my athletic socks are little thicker. And these ladies make an entrance. Wow are they green!

I also realized a lot of my workout clothes, particularly sports bras, did not fit. I went to Target and found the Champion line to be really reasonable and fit well. I loved the vent Tee as it has a zip pocket on the right side big enough to fit my keys or gym card in. I also prefer longer tanks with support and this Fitted Tank Top fits well in my normal size Medium. And whether or not you exercise I highly recommend these cozy joggers. I don’t want to take them off.

Everything I’ve purchased from Target so far has held up well in the wash. Also, through tonight, all clothing is 25% off, including activewear. AND…use STYLE10 or STYLE25 to take $10 or $25 off your clothing purchase. STYLE10 must have a purchase over $50 and STYLE25 is $100. If you are in the store use the Cartwheel app to get those promos. I know there’s a text you can send but I can’t recall what that is.

Happy Shopping!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

J.Crew has a little promo going on through Sunday. Take 30% off your purchase or 40% off over $200 with code PRESENTS. I made some purchases over Black Friday and then when I returned the Taffeta Skirt in Stewart Plaid.

~ Oversized Striped Turtleneck, Navy/Camel, Small ~

I really wanted this turtleneck. I liked the colors and the over-sized look of it and the neck isn’t all that tight. I took a Small as this is really big. It’s pretty reasonably priced if you can get your shopping cart to $200. That’s not hard for JCAs! Of course, there’s a similar navy/camel cashmere option.

~ Knit leggings in Zebra, Medium ~

Not that I needed another pair of lounge pants but these looked too cute and cozy to pass up. I have various colored sweaters to wear these with on the weekends or to bed. I also bought the striped leggings, in a Small. Those really stretch out so be sure to size down one. And those have a matching top.

~ Chup Santa Socks ~

I bought these during the Black Friday sale and they are also included in the current promo. They are in the men’s section and I absolutely recommend getting these. I have last year’s version in red and they kept my feet so cozy and warm. These are actually a gift for MamaBella’s stocking, so shhhhhh.

~ Elsie Pave’ Pumps in Snakeskin, size 7 ~

Wow! These shoes are gorgeous. I have other Elsie Pumps, clearly they are some of my favorites, but these are stunning. I can take a 6 1/2 or 7 in Elsie and I chose the 7 this time due to the non-adjustable strap in the front, where the pave’ “button” is. I though it would fit a little more snug there with that extra piece, and I was right. Though there’s a gap at the heel I don’t walk out of these. Unfortunately, these and the Blackwatch heel are sold out online but check the stores.

Here are a few more picks.

This is a pretty decent promo. I would love to shop for presents but everyone has asked for gift cards. I guess I’ll just have to shop this promo for me!

Don’t forget to use Ebates before placing your order. Every little order adds up.

Happy Shopping!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is doing well. Sorry for the extra long break but I realized it was something I needed. I had been feeling really sad/frustrated/disappointed/confused, etc. in most every aspect of my life; from shopping, my marriage, food, exercise, this blog and everything else in between. I knew I needed to change something so I started with the obvious…weight.

I’ve been pretty unhappy with the way my clothes, new and old, have been fitting and it’s because of the weight I’ve gained in the last 2 years or so. My peak was 160 and that was before and after Thanksgiving. My arms aren’t fitting into shirts that fit me well everywhere else. Skirts and pants are fitting better in a size up, which I know is a combination of weight gain and vanity sizing. Even my engagement ring doesn’t fit any longer. (That one really bugs me.) The first thing I did was join a StepBet and DietBet. You pay money to walk a certain amount of steps a day for 6 weeks or to lose 4% of your weight. Those are going well. I have been walking about 4 miles every day. The weather has chilled so it’s harder to get the steps in and that’s where my next action comes in .

Right before Thanksgiving I visited a few gyms in the area and eventually found the one that I felt would be right for me, Lifetime Fitness. They had a few extra perks with membership as part of their Black Friday offer so it was hard to pass up. And to go all in, I also hired a trainer twice a week for the next two months. I wanted to get an handle on weight, exercise and food during the holiday parties and through Christmas. I didn’t want to gain another 5 lbs in December. I didn’t want to start a gym as a New Year’s Resolution in January, when everyone else would. I knew if I put this off I would never start. I knew if I didn’t pre-pay for my trainer for that time period I would never go. I knew the change had to be now because I would never start later.

And I’m so glad I did. I already feel better. I have more energy and my head is much clearer. I haven’t been tired or lethargic through the day and I’ve only just yesterday modified my eating habits. And that’s just making sure I each breakfast and lunch. I would almost always skip breakfast, just having a cup of coffee. And lunch would be a quick run to one of the 7 fast food places 5 minutes from me, or Chick-Fil-A that is 10 minutes away. YUM! Who knew eating three meals a day with sensible snacks would make you feel better? Oh yeah, my Health teacher knew. Sesame Street knew. Mr. Green Jeans knew.

Lastly, we did lose a family member last week. Dear Sweet (in his own way) Sammy, the original Grumpy Cat, passed away last week. He was diagnosed with a kidney disease in late August so it was only a matter of time before he would go. We had him for 17 years and Husband and I were pretty sad, which is a little funny because he wasn’t all that affectionate, especially with me and I have so many scars from scratches he gave me. And he HATED my mom! Not funny but really funny! We also realized he held us hostage in so many ways. We had to keep all doors closed and clothes put away, out of sight, or he would find it and bring it to us. If the closet was left open he would find something on the shelf and bring it to us. He fetched us things on his own, when the mood struck him, even if it was 3 in the morning. One day we caught him taking a small blanket up the stairs. Had the thing in his mouth and he was meowing all the way up. Crazy cat! We are happy he’s no longer suffering.

I hope you are all doing well and have all your Christmas and Holiday shopping complete! (I know. I know. You’re not even close, just like me.)

Much love to you!