Searching For: Bodysuits

Well bodysuits are trending these days. I owned one or two back in the 90s and like the versatility of them. The ones I owned had snap-buttons on the bottom. This time I would rule out anything with lace, mesh, long-sleeve and white. If it had some visual interest like being a faux-wrap style or a print that might be nice.

I like this slouchy tee option from TopShop with the bodysuit bottom. This Eva Mendes Collection bodysuit has a very feminine style and comes in three colors: white, red and pink – all perfect for Valentine’s Day. I really like cap-sleeves of the J.Crew Cashmere bodysuit but that’s just seem too high of a price for a bodysuit. My store didn’t have any in stock for me to try so I’ll have to head to Gap or Madewell to try them on and see if I really want to invest in this trend again.

What do you think of the bodysuit trend? Are you in or out?


  1. Tati
    February 1, 2017 / 10:16 am

    Out, definitely out. I can’t even get on board with the whole Romper/jumper thing since I don’t have the patience to undress every time i want to use the loo. (And if you’re wearing a bodysuit with pants, you’d have to pull the top all the way to your knees, pants down to your ankle, etc. Too fussy!) I actually saw the JC cashmere ones at a Collection store yesterday — they had the pink color and it was a pretty shade, but yeah, no. (I can’t imagine wearing cashmere, of all fabrics, in this style with pants…..seems like they would make you hot/sweaty quickly?) Just not for me. 🙂

    • audreybella
      February 1, 2017 / 10:20 am

      Haha Tati! You’re so funny! I would only get it if it buttoned underneath, like a baby onesie. 😉 I agree with you and wouldn’t mess with pulling it down each time either.

      • Tati
        February 1, 2017 / 4:42 pm

        AB, i was looking at the Crew’s Cap-sleeve bodysuit in Italian featherweight cashmere
        Item G2896 and I can’t tell for sure, but I swear, it doesn’t seem to take the Snap Onesies approach!! :-O Which means….if you wear it under a skirt and gasp, have to use the bathroom….??!! I dunno, I’m sure there are other ways around it, but I’m envisioning a bunch of Cirque du Soleil action going on in the stall. All in the name of a blessed wee! :-p FWIW, there are already two reviews up and they are both praising the 90s and this bodysuit! So what do I know?! 🙂