J.Crew Ruffle-NeckTop in Ponte, Double-Pleated Midi Skirt in Brushstroke, Sailor Skirt in Ponte, Tie-Neck Secretary Top

The print of the month is the Brushstroke that also includes a dress. I like all the vibrant colors in the print and should pair with a lot of solid colors.

~ Ruffle-Neck Top in Ponte, Ivory, Medium ~
~ Double-Pleated Midi Skirt in Brushstroke, size 6 ~


~ Ruffle-Neck Top in Ponte, Ivory, Medium ~

I had high hopes for this top due to the ruffle collar but I did not like the fit at all. I would stay with your normal size but it felt really snug on top and then it loosened up on bottom. There’s a little button in back that I had a hard time closing. This ponte top is getting good reviews online but they seem to be coming from those who wear smaller sizes. I’m glad it is flattering to some.


~ Double-Pleated Midi Skirt in Brushstroke, size 6 ~

I gotta love my VPS who thinks I’m smaller than I really am. I was able to zip up this size 6 skirt but would feel way more comfortable in the size 8. It’s already really long on me so the right size would probably lengthen the skirt some more. The Tall size 8 might actually be a true maxi skirt for me. Because of the flat waistband, the pleats don’t seem to add any fullness to the skirt.


~ Tie-Neck Secretary Top in Retro Chainlink, size 6 ~
~ Sailor Skirt in Ponte, Navy, size 6 ~
~ Sadie Flats in Snakeskin Printed Leather, size 7 ~

This ponte skirt was really cute IRL. I took a size 6 in the Ponte Pants and the skirt was a nice fit in the size 6. The length isn’t too bad on me but I wish it came in Petite sizing so I could have a little shorter length. At the $80 price it’s worth it to me to have it hemmed to my liking. The sailor-style buttons in front are for show. There is a zipper in back.


~ Tie-Neck Secretary Top in Retro Chainlink, size 6 ~

I loved this top. I thought I would need a size 8 but the 6 fit very well. I will probably end up getting this top next time I’m in-store. I know I’ll wear it throughout the Fall. I liked the entire outfit, including the Sadie Snakeskin Flats. The top also goes with my new Kate Spade cross-body bag.


Have you tried the Sailor Skirt in Ponte? I love my Ponte Pants and that they have a skirt option available now.